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We have a giant monster, but it's looks human, and is very cute. Please add.

We have a giant monster, but it's looks human, and is very cute. Please add.

This is an interactive story containing 113 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Thinking back on Korina was kinda bad for me as I kinda gotten myself into a rut with the stories, and seeing that my story wasn't all that a hit, I decided to get rid of Korina, so now in it's place is Soyaka: The Cute Kaiju Giantess.

Kaiju is the term for giant monsters, and for this case, a 200ft-300ft tall giantess with superpowers. However, she is incredibility cute, and this story is all about here that's for sure. She is actually an alien known as the Gonina, and she has came to Earth for one reason only, to conquer us with her incredible beautiful looks and abilites, however... you be hard pressed to find a scary monster unless you choose a different route, because she is all about looks, cuteness, etc... and everything else... that will come to you.

Here is Soyaka's looks.


Soyaka: She is a 13-14 year old alien that looks completely like a human, and even is a human if you have to explain that somehow. Her long plurish blue hair with a green bowtie on it, pale skin, sharp body, green eyes, and C-Cup (maybe D or F) breasts sure make her attractive and a joy to behold. She is around 200ft-300ft tall (you can decide the specifics) and she has the abilites of being able to breath fire, shoot hyper beams from her mouth or hands, shoot out lasers from her eyes, can do sealth, and lastly... she has a very unique power that seperates her from the crowd on my other stories. She wears a light blue two piece bikini suit.

She can actually mutate into different forms and go back to human at her very own will. She has alot of forms, but I am going to go over 3 of them right now. She can also do mixed forms, where it gives her some of the monsters features, but other than that, she is mostly human in look.

Godzilla Soyaka: The Godzilla form of Soyaka... she takes a very similar look to the Giant Lizard (head is not mutated at all and is pale) and her powers are increased, but she has less control and is more easily going to destroy. She gains a new tail, mutates, etc.

Mixed Dragon Soyaka: Soyaka gains a mixed form where dragon wings and a dragon tail appear on her, and she uses this for flight.

Robot Soyaka: This is the third of her forms, in this one... Soyaka turns into a robot (technology) and she can let others use her, etc... you get the point.

How you use her... is up to you.


1. No Nudity, she will be clothed somehow regardless, and no heavy sexual stuff.
2. Vore is fine (if she is evil)
3. Chapters must be at least a paragraph or 2 long.
4. No Male Giants
5. They can be more than one Giantess in the story
6. No Scat or Tiolet Crap
7. No Gay or Lesiban stuff
8. Do have fun

Since you got that down, here we go!

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NOTE: UltraGTS created this and is allowing me to have it! Thank you, UltraGTS! :)))))))))))))))))))))))))
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