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A pregnancy causing coin in the hands of everyday people. New Chapters! 80,000 Views!

A pregnancy causing coin in the hands of everyday people. New Chapters! 80,000 Views!

This is an interactive story. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
What if legend spoke of a coin? A coin forged by the devious hand of a being with a twisted sense of humor. A coin, that when flipped, caused a pregnancy in whomever was unlucky enough to be looked at by the person flipping the coin? What if this coin, this bizarre practical joke by some twisted mind, was lost among time, after leaving a wake of expanded bellies in it's path?

And what if this coin was accidentally found? And what if it landed in the hands of an everyday person?

Heads or Tails?


Yeah, it's been a while hasn't it? Welcome to Versions 2.0 of Heads or Tails!

So what's new?

I've cut-down on some of the plots that were dead-ends or went nowhere. I've reduced some of the characters, updated the thanks, and....

Added a new Holiday path!

This is something that I've always wanted to do since the inception of 1.0, but didn't have the time or desire. With everything going on right now, this seemed like the time to do something about it.

So what happens now?

I've added a branch that allows you access to new characters, new locations based around holidays! So far we've got Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day and USA 4th of July. There will be plenty of time to add more holidays as this work of fiction matures.

OVER 80,000 VIEWS! WOW! THANKS EVERYONE! Over 720 Chapters! I don't know what to say other than thank you!

Huge props to NotABot for the continued work on Jack Jr's storyline, as well as Nicole's storyline. Keep up the great work!

Also huge thanks go to Blast Hardcheese for his work on the "Jade" storyline.

Also, a huge Thank You goes out to kamenrider for his work throughout the story! Keep up the great work!

I would like to officially name "a" as the offical co-author of this story for his work on the Samantha storyline.

Also, I'm going to add "Ghan" as an official co-author of this story for his work on Erica's storyline, with thanks to "a" on Erica's story as well.

Our contributors. Seriously, thank you everyone. Keep up the writing!

a. tomlinson
randomosity *Heart* RAOK
clark wayne

If I'm forgetting someone please, please please let me know.

Keep up the great work everyone!

New Character Options Added! Four new character await you on "More Characters". So get adding!


It's come to my attention that there may be people out there with great ideas for the story, who may not want to write chapters. So, send me your ideas and I'll do my best to translate them into chapters for you!

GP given for reviews and decent added chapters! Feel free to add!

The Rules:

Welcome to my interactive story! Let's put do some ground rules:

I. Pregnancy/MPREG.
II. No Characters Under The Age Of 18.
III. Keep It PG-13. You can get a little crazy with this, but come on, use some common sense.
IV: Always keep two story paths open. Can't think of another option? Just write "Something Else"
V: No one-line adds. Add at least a paragraph, even if it isn't a great paragraph.
VI: Any chapter can be edited by story creator if fails to meet any of the story guidelines, (I will contact you first)
VII: Don't worry about spelling and grammar. We all make mistakes, just try your best!
VIII: Multiple POV's allowed AND ENCOURAGED. Let's see other people's thought on the goings-on from their frame of mind.
IX: The ability to rewrite reality affects the person affected, and the people around them, not the coin holder.
X: Pregnancies are caused by flipping a coin (on purpose or inadvertently) and looking at a person (male or female) when the coin lands.
NOTE: If a character catches sight of themselves in a mirror or reflection and flip the coin, they WILL become pregnant.

Rules Of The Coin:

The coin works two ways: (Your choice)
It can either create a brand-new FAST PREGNANCY:
- A FAST PREGNANCY lasts 9 days, each day being a month of pregnancy. (Be sure to include symptoms! Morning sickness, cravings, weight gain)
It can expand a person to a certain month of pregnancy, bypassing the other months and getting right to a specific month of pregnancy, and having the pregnancy continue on as normal.

Additionally, and the reason why it's called HEADS or TAILS;
HEADS; (as depicted on the coin a pregnant man and woman with a smile on their face) REWRITES reality, so that the person affected by the pregnancy either accepts the pregnancy, always thinks they were pregnant, etc.
TAILS: (as depicted on the coin a pregnant man and woman with a panic look on their face) does NOT REWRITE reality, meaning that the person affected by the pregnancy, will truly be surprised, and probably a little panicked.

Oh yeah, did I mention the fact that I'm giving out a lot of GP for new chapters! Get writing!

So, pull a chair, have a seat, and get reading (and adding)!
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