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  1. A magician in need ... and his thanks
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Rated: E · Interactive · Fantasy · #1921744
You are given magical choices for your future, as a result of helping someone.
Chapter 1

A magician in need ... and his thanks

    by: fat_hiker   More by this author
Summer vacation has finally started.

You are heading towards the park to join your friends when you notice a guy across the street from you. He's carrying far too many books. You also see three local bullies bearing down on him on their skateboards. Before you can shout out a warning or even move, they've knocked the guy down. His books are scattered on the ground.

You run across the street to help the guy - you've been a victim of those three before. When the last of his books are picked up, the guy smiles at you. You notice that he looks different - his eyes are an odd yellow-green and his brown hair has odd, darker stripes in it.

"Thank you so much," he says, in a voice that is almost a purr. Suddenly his books disappear, and he seems bigger. You feel confused...

"Yes," says the man, reading your mind, "I am a magical practitioner. You deserve a reward for helping me like that."

In his hands appear two grey objects. One looks like a lump of artist's clay, and the other has polished facets as if it were a very dull gemstone.

"This" he says, holding up the clay mass "will let you get as big, as fat as you desire. No limits, no health problems. And this" he says, holding the gem, "will allow you to become as muscular as you want, more than you have ever dreamed, stronger than anyone else. You can even have them both, but I should warn you, that there may be side effects to your use of them."

Totally big? As fat as you can imagine? Or more muscular than your dreams? Boy, have your dreams come true?

What could the side effects be?

And do you even care?
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