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Katara from ATLA gets transformed and it's up to you to decide into what
Chapter 1

The beginning

    by: adust   More by this author
Katara found herself alone at a creek outside of the camp where she left Aang, Sokka and toph so she could have some alone time. It wasn't unusual for Katara to have some time for herself and she wasn't mad at them or anything. She just felt like having some time for herself.

While at the stream she tried some bending, it went quite well and she managed to cause the creek to flow into the opposite direction. When suddenly a weird numbing yet calming sensation rushed thru her body. Causing her to lose her concentration on her bending.

"What, happened?" Katara thought as she looked at how the creek now streamed back into its former direction. What she didn't know was that this creek was being guarded by a spirit. One of bending forms and realities as it watched from the other side of the creek with a grin as it decided to transform Katara into...
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