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This is an alternate version of Soshi Niji and his Giant SSBBW Girls.

This is an alternate version of Soshi Niji and his Giant SSBBW Girls.

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14 yr old Soshi Niji is the only boy in an all girls' academy and this one is a very special academy for very unique and super-sized girls.

Main Characters:

Soshi Niji (14 yrs old, looks younger though, 3'11, 108lbs): He is kind,smart, loving, and extremely shy around girls, he is the lover of the biggest and most powerful girl at the academy and is the only boy there.

Karin Tepes (18 yrs old, 14'1, 15,900lbs): the biggest girl at the Super Obese Monster Girls' Academy, she adores her little boyfriend/lover Soshi and will kill anyone who hurts him or even looks at him wrong.

Chishio Tepes (16 yrs old, 9'11, 10,800lbs): Karin's younger sister, she too adores her sister's boyfriend and Karin has promised to share him with her. Second biggest girl in the academy.

Naomi: (18 yrs old, 9'6, 7,900 lbs): A Nine-Tailed Fox who Soshi has known since freshman year. She loves him too.

Sara: (18 yrs old, 9'5, 7,900 lbs): A Harpy who also is a friend and love interest of Soshi's.

Yui: (17 yrs old, 9'5 7,800 lbs): A Snow Woman who has deep feelings for Soshi.

Kiko (17 yrs, 9'4, 7,700 lbs): A Siren who has feelings for Soshi but is too shy to admit them.

Kunia: (17 Yrs, 9'1, 7,600 lbs) A Cat-Girl who loves Soshi too. She is ver playful as expected of her species.

Soshi's family:

Lucretia Niji (39 yrs old, 15'6, 17,500lbs): Soshi's mother, she is a stay at home mom and loves her son deeply, she often sends him letters asking how he's doing

Aiko Niji (26 yrs old 13'1, 9,980 lbs): Lucretia's eldest child and Soshi's eldest sister she often makes her little brother's food for him to take to school with him.

Akemi Niji (20 yrs 13', 9,500 lbs): Second eldest sister, loves to dress and undress in front of Soshi.

Ai Niji (18 yrs 12'10, 9,300 Ibs): Youngest of the elder Niji girls loves to sneak into Soshi's room and cuddle with him at night.

Mizuki Niji (9 yrs old 12'5, 8,800 lbs): Soshi's little sister she adores her big brother and often worries about him.

Megumi Niji: (8 yrs old 10'5, 8,800 lbs): The youngest of Lucretia's children, like her older sisters she loves her big brother very much
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