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  1. Clash of the Nicktoons
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Read as your favorite nicktoons beat each other up in this exciting story.
Chapter 1

Clash of the Nicktoons

    by: rockysavannah   More by this author
King Julien
Spongebob Squarepants
Patrick Star
Sandy Cheeks
Jenny (XJ-9)
Jimmy Neutron
Timmy Turner
Danny Phantom
Boss 1
Boss 2
Boss 3
Boss 4
Boss 5
Boss 6
Boss 7
Boss 8
Part 1
On an unknown place, in an unknown universe, a tournament between a multiverse of great heroes and villains takes place where the winner takes his or her crown as the King (or Queen) of the Nicktoons. The story starts now.
"Hello, fellow Nicktoons. Now, I know I'm the best king that the Nicktoons ever had, but today I challenge you. We have gathered here to fight in a tournament to decide who is better than the rest. Whoever wins gets to take home my crown." King Julien said.
"So, how does this competition work, Ringtail?" Skipper asked.
"Didn't I just say that?"
"I think he means what are the rules." Aang said.
"Oh. Well, the rules are simple. All of you fight in tag-team matches in any one of our dimensions. Whoever wins goes to the next round until one is left. That one person will fight me."
"Okay, then. Let's get it on. I got a surprise for all of you." Spongebob exclaimed.
"Yeah, bring it." Timmy said.
"Now, pick your teams and head over to the teleporting machines so you can go to the other worlds." King Julien said.
Our heroes pick their teams and head towards the teleporting machine and in up in different locations, but in one universe. Zuko & Misty, and Skipper & Rico are in the Central Park Zoo; Jimmy & Timmy, and Spongebob & Patrick are at the Krusty Krab; Sandy & Private, and Danny & Aang are in Amity Park; Sokka & Toph, and Jenny & Vega are at the wastelands; Leonardo & Donatello, and Raphael & Michelangelo are on the New York Rooftops.
"Now that the teams and rules have been set, the fights can begin. Put on a good show for me, will you?" King Julien said.
"So that idiot fry cook is competing as well, eh?" a familiar voice said.
"Yes, and the peng-yoo-ins have joined in this 'Super Brawl'." Said another certain evil scientist.
"The plan has fallen into place."
"And once the most powerful nicktoon is revealed, we defeat him or her along with the other weakened heroes that are going to be eliminated, and conquer the multiverse."
Which fight do we follow?
Where will this interactive story go?

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5.   Fight 5

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