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Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Sci-fi · #1938539
The crew of the Normandy gets into some shenanigans with the help of some new equipment.

The crew of the Normandy gets into some shenanigans with the help of some new equipment.

This is an interactive story containing 89 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Under one of the latest skirmishes against a Cerberus base, Shepard and his/her team uncovered a treasure trove of experimental technology, ranging from gigantic plasma weaponry that could probably tear a hole through any imaginable alloy to tiny technological "toys" with odd but incredibly unique features. As it turns out, one of these small "toys" ended up on the Normandy, in the hands of one Commander Shepard. He/She wasn't quite sure how he/she had actually managed to carry it with them (the tech they actually barged was air-lifted, not touched by any existing extremities), but somehow a finicky piece of tech had practically attached itself to his/her armor.

As she/he was completely alone in their cozy little room, she decided to play around with the thing by himself/herself. After a bit of looking for any kind of button or lock or anything at all to indicate the item was something on its own, she/he finally made the thing emit a faint buzzing sound, and what looked like a barely visible dot appeared on his/her wall, with no obvious effects whatsoever.

Playing around with it some more opened up a hologram of the items instructions; apparently, the apparatus was the "ultimate disguise tool"; it transforms any living being into a hollow suit, that can be worn to transform the wearer into the creature or individual the suit originally was. Putting on and removing the suit would be enabled by a tiny zipper that appeared on the back and/or front of one's new body, depending on the anatomy of said creature. This zipper would only appear if the user wills it, making it incredibly easy to hide. One would also be able to get every single detail and powers the being inhibited; non-biotics could become biotics and vice versa, among other things. The device also had a unfinished feature, which would let the user partially explore most of the beings mind, allowing the user to pass off as the being much easier. The device also transforms the user completely into the being down to the DNA once the suit is sealed, but the user is able to return to their original form once the suit is removed. The user retains full control over themselves, even when tapping into the suits mind and personality. The user always stays in control, and never loses it.

While completely shocked at first, Shepard soon started to realize the potential this thing had...


As you can see in the rather brief backstory, this is a interactive story about characters in the Mass Effect universe. First of all, please expect spoilers! While this story is placed in an alternative universe where every crewmember in the entire series are collected upon the Normandy, and everyone is alive (including both Virmire survivors). This is to make it much easier to just get into the story, rather than dwell on tiny decisions (like if you want to do ME3 or ME2). However for characters that are NOT part of the Normandys crew, all is fair game (these can be killed off or not depending on your choice, that is entirely up to you).

The main idea of the interactive part is that the story always goes in two directions, following the spirit of the games: you either go the Paragon-route, or you go the Renegade-route (or Paragon-Renegade-Paragon or whatever, do what you want with it). The main concept is that the routes split into these two directions, and then things continue from there. Also important to note is that the Paragon-choice always starts with a capital P (P: Do this thing!), and Renegade-choice with a capital R (R: Do this thing but in a badass way!)

Rules for this story:
* Paragon or Renegade-choice (explanation how that works above) only!
* Sex of all forms is okay! (Rape however, is out of the question) Descriptive sexual scenes are also a-okay, but try to keep it a bit classy!
* Anybody could romance whoever! (So yes, you can totally pair Jack and Grunt together by some miracle)
* PLEASE proofread your stuff before you post!
* On another note, please don't write one single sentence (or two-three) and pass it off as an entry. I know it's often a very arduous task to actually come up with a lengthy and good entry, but please try your best!
* Do not copy any other entry and pass it off as your own. Entries that are blatantly copied from other entries will be removed.
* Even if this story is limited to one fandom, please try to let your imagination flow! I'm very sure you can come up with some great entries that way!
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