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  1. In the beginning
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The re-imagined adventures of Breath of the Wild with the ditzy Heroine: Linkle
Chapter 1

In the beginning

    by: Awesomeanator   More by this author

A soft voice cuts through the oppressive darnkess of the void, like a golden ray of light shining in the abyss.

Linkle you have to wake up. Hyrule needs you.

Her soft words bring life. Life that has grown stagnant for decades.

I need you.

Suddenly, Linkle’s eye shoot open as she opens her mouth to take in a greedy gasp of air. The darkness is no more, and as her lungs heave in new precious oxygen, the young woman’s eyes scan around her surroundings.

She’s cold, confused.... and very wet. Sitting up, the small blue pool splashes lightly, yet coming to a dead stillness in only a moment.

With a groan, Linkle heaves her bare legs over the railing of her strange metal container, and pulls herself up onto her shaky feet. Looking down at herself, she notices how truly little she has on: a pair of bright pink panties with large pink frilly trimming around the legholes and waistband. Looking behind her, she sees that there’s even an adorable golden triforce printed boldly on her rump, that seems to shine dimly even in the dark room she’s in.

Taking small baby steps around the room, getting used to walking again. She stumbles and holds herself up on a small pedestal near the end of the room, which she hears the golden voice again.

That device is a Sheikah Slate. Take it, it will help you on your journey.

The pedestal whirs to life, making the blonde flinch as a small rectangular slate pops up. Gently, she takes in her hands, looking down on the small screen and poking it a few times with a curious finger. Satisfied, she places it on her hip, which the device seems to magically holster to her side.

Feeling more confident with her pale legs, she moves to the doorway of the chamber, and finds two large chests. With a curious grin, Linkle walks up to them and quickly opens them up, discovering something that will change her journey forever...

(Each clothing option changes the narrative direction of the story. Want the classic Zelda adventure? Choose the linen set. Want a silly exhibitionist journey where she finds only panty themed gear? Choose the utterly undies!)
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