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They say the 3 Little Pegs is an innocent fairy tale. Not so innocent any more!
Chapter 1

The Beginning

    by: LuigiaRocks765   More by this author
Once upon a time, there were three very sexy little pigs. The youngest, Paige Pig, the middle pig, Petunia Pig, and the oldest, Penellope Pig. Their mother knew it was time to let them go out and see the world, so she told them, "Oh, my three little daughters. Please go out and see the world, for I cannot take care of you any more. You must build your houses, one for each of you, and stay safe. Watch out for the Big Bad Wolf too! He preys on young female pigs like you!" They all nodded, "Okay mother!" And set out into the forest. Paige Pig made a house out of straw, Petunia pig made a house out of sticks, and Penellope made one of bricks.

Little did they know, around the corner in the forest was the Big Bad Wolf. He sniffed the air and smiled, licking his muzzle. "Oooh, I smell tasty little female pigs. A great meal for me." He could feel his huge cock erecting. He thought, "Hmmm.... which one should I go hunt first?"
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