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You can be either a boy or a girl who finds out you're an alien being with super powers!

You can be either a boy or a girl who finds out you're an alien being with super powers!

This is an interactive story. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
You're an average boy or girl who, up till now, has lived the life of an average kid until one day you wake up and your super powers begin to develop one-by-one!

You first discover that you possess super-hearing. The following day, you realize that you can see through walls. A few hours later, you discover you can fly! A few days later, you realize you have super strength. The following week, you discover you have heat vision and super speed! One-by-one, your powers begin to develop. It almost becomes hard NOT to use them! You're just too "super"! How do you adjust to normal life at home and at school, as a super-kid?

First, you cautiously tell your parents you've been experiencing strange feelings. Then, you find out you were an alien! How do you take that? Then, you must cope with "being normal" at school. How do you adjust to being a "super-kid" among "normal" students? Do you tell anyone? Do you show off to your best friend? What happens when you get bullied in school? what do you do, when you start seeing and hearing everything that happens around you?

Finally, do you decide to become a super hero? How do you pick a costume? Or, do you remain undercover? This is your chance to create a new super hero character!

Story Rules:

Please: NO sex, no vore, no killing off anyone, no curse words, no one-line chapters, or the like. I will delete and/or edit chapters as I see needed.

You may add as many powers to your hero or heroine as you like. Make it fun and interesting. What I'm looking for, is that the hero (or heroine) doesn't know what powers he or she has until they surface, and he or she has to learn how to use them once he discovers what his powers are. Give him (or her) as many powers as you wish; you can practically make him omnipotent as long as he (or she) becomes a super hero and not a villain. The whole idea is that you create an "origin" story for a superhero here. I would love to see the "hero" as a character who is shy, timid, humble, and maybe even a little scared of all the powers he suddenly comes to possess. You can give him (or her) the ability to become invisible, to grow into a giant, to fire lasers from his fists, to teleport, to have telekinesis, or even to control other people's minds. How would he or she deal with all those powers, at home, at school, or when he's with his friends or his relatives?

***I will award 500 Gift Points to complete, acceptable, and well-written chapters of 300 words or longer.***

Have fun!!!!

Scriptboy scriptboy

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UPDATE OCT 2023: New threads have been added for new superhero characters! Come and create your new hero!
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