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A pornographic studio that caters exclusively to the TG, TF, shrinking fetish crowd

A pornographic studio that caters exclusively to the TG, TF, shrinking fetish crowd

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TFetish Studios is a producer of pornographic material that caters to a specific niche within the competitive porno business, that of extreme body modification, gender alteration, and transformation.

Originally established to produce transgender content, its initial gimmick was that it would pay for gender reassignment and cosmetic surgery in exchange for contracts of "employment" requiring that the individuals work for them as porn actors. Over time, the studio has incorporated advancements in technology and even magic, and though TG still makes up the bulk of its content, it has expanding its remit substantially, incorporating such fetishism as shrinking and breast expansion, through animal and anthropomorphic modifications, all the way through to inanimate transformations. It produces anything it thinks will sell, ranging from softcore erotica to hardcore, borderline-snuff films. It employs a small number of pornographic actors and actresses full-time, as well as promoting and purchasing large amount of amateur content, all of which is sold through its website, TFetish.com.

Though the small studio has many competitors, the recent acquisition of the Wand of Change (a relic of almost unmatched transformative power) promises lucrative times ahead.

Nathan Huggins (36) - One of the original co-founders and studio executive. To say that show business has changed him would be an understatement. He has become self-obsessed, amoral, and cares only about making money and advancing the profile of the studio. He constantly demands more and more extreme content, regardless of the well-being of his actors.

Emma (35) - Another of the founders, Emma is now creative director of much of the inanimate and anthro content the business produces. She cares deeply about the safety of her actors and actresses, and is often at odds with her superior, Nathan. She often becomes involved in shoots, starring herself is one of the roles or -occasionally - one of the props.
         Champion - Emma's pet dalmatian and occasional lover.

John "Macro" MacReady (57) - A gregarious, fat, retired porn actor with receding hair and a stache that only a forty-year veteran of the industry could possibly get away with. MacReady has seen everything and knows everybody. Approaching retirement, he has setted comfortably into the small studio to focus the niche fetishes that interest him the most, those being shrinking, growth, and macro.

Mike/Michele Anderson (36) - One of the co-founders, Mike lost more than just his share of the company in a hostile takeover, becoming trapped in a female body and an inescapable contract that requires him to perform any role asked of him. He is now an aging, hard-smoking MILF with massive, fake breasts, two kids, and many regrets.
         Adam Anderson - Michele's eldest son, has recently expressed interest in her line of work.

Tina "Gelatina" Jameson - A porn actress, Tina's "thing" is that she is a goo-girl. With a body of translucent goop, she can be (and frequently is) pounded, punched and pulverised to a pulp, and generally suffers the sorts of abuse that would kill a non-augmented actress. Even still, she loves her job.
         Will - Tina's loving, sensitive boyfriend. The two have a healthy relationship. Due to Will's slim build, he is capable of fitting inside his goo-girlfriend and wearing her.

Vanessa Vixen - A porn actress and ex-playmate, Vanessa has fallen on hard times since being kicked out of the playboy mansion, but she still maintains her spoilt, bitchy, prima donna personality. Since most people regard her as a terrible human being, she is often given the role and form of animals or anthros, and frequently gagged, much to her annoyance.

"Make-up department"
Plastic Surgeon -
Costume department (bodysuits) -
Technician - The technician handles the more advanced gadgets used to prep the actors, from shrink rays to conversion booths and mind-swappers.
Magic technician
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