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Can you survive a ski resort for giant monsters? Winter sequel to Monster Shores

Can you survive a ski resort for giant monsters? Winter sequel to Monster Shores

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(9/21/2016: Under new management. Originally created by RedHurricane)

You are Stephen from Monster Shores. Summer has ended and Gravefield Beach is closed for the season. What are you to do? Thankfully, your partner Roxy hooked you up with a winter job at the snowy mountainside near Terrordale. Until it gets warm enough for swimming again, you’ll be working as a ski-instructor at Grimmsly Lodge. But by the sea or in the mountains, you’ll still be getting into plenty of mischief.

         Slope Staff

Name: Roxy Maza
Species: Gargoyle
Height: 750ft
Appearance: A tall yellow skinned gargoyle girl with long black hair. Very beautiful despite being on the fat side. She’s traded her lifeguard’s outfit in for a blue snow jacket and a pair of earmuffs. Indoors, she wears a nurse’s outfit.

Description: As with Monster Shores, Roxy is your loyal partner and best friend. You mainly stand on her shoulder to act as a second pair of eyes to the gargoyle giantess. While very friendly, Roxy can lose her temper when either you’re being antagonized by bullying monsters or when someone makes fun of her weight. In the winter time, Roxy acts as a nurse at the lodge, applying her lifeguard knowledge to monsters injured around the general area. Half the time, you’re helping Roxy out.

Name: Azure Skinwalker
Species: Werecoyote
Height: 700ft
Appearance: A giant silver furred coyote woman, heavyset in body shape but surprisingly attractive for her age. Is easily recognizable by the white crescent moon shaped birthmark in the center of her face. Due to her fur protecting her from the cold, she wears little more than an indigo shirt with gray pants.

Description: Azure is your supervisor and the manager of Grimmsly Lodge, playing a similar role to Fran. Azure has a mild attitude towards you and is usually carefree. Even though she’s a type of monster that normally eats humans, she’s perfectly harmless and even allows humans in the lodge and warns them about the carnivorous guests. Azure also has a human husband named Vernon that acts as her assistant.

Name: Vernon Skinwalker
Species: Human
Height: 5ft
Appearance: A middle aged man with graying hair and a well built body that puts even your frame to shame. Usually seen wearing a red lumberjack's shirt and snow pants.
Description: Vernon is Azure's human husband and assistant. Nothing fazes this man and he and Azure have been married for 25 years. You still don't know how that works. Vernon is usually seen on Azure's shoulder but Azure has a tendency to kept him in her pants.

Name: Elisa Starking
Species: Bahamut
Height: 950ft
Appearance: A brown skinned monster resembling a hippopotamus with dragon’s wings, gills on her neck and the scales of a fish. Sports long blue hair that reaches down to her enormous rear. Elisa always wears a bright red scarf that along with her black snow suit.

Description: Elisa is Roxy’s other best friend that you only see in the winter time. During the winter time, you spend half your time helping Roxy treat injured visitors and half with Elisa teaching visitors how to ski or snowboard. Fortunately for you Elisa is very friendly around humans and especially likes men. It takes a lot to get her angry but when this does happen, she can be the scariest monster you’ve ever seen. When enraged just enough, she breathes fire. Her favorite food is the dinosaurs that roam the mountainside.

Name: Connie Andrews
Species: Naga
Height: 400ft
Length: 600ft
Appearance: From the waist up, Connie resembles an overweight dark skinned goth girl with long black hair with indigo highlights. From the waist down she had the tail of a purple anaconda in place of her legs. Connie mainly wears black makeup with a black pearl piercing on her navel. Wears an indigo colored snowsuit with a hat.

Description: As she is in Monster Shores, Connie is the one monster you have a crush on. While most nagas wouldn’t think twice about eating humans, Connie is unable to eat you without suffering an allergic reaction. During the Summer, she’s a surfer, but to your delight, she works as a tour guide in the mountain area during the winter on certain days. This gives you another chance to try and win her over.

Name: Ripple World
Species: Cerberus
Height: 650ft
Appearance: A hulking three headed and brown furred werewolf who is the most muscular monster you’ve ever seen. All three of her necks wear spiked chokers. Her left head has a yellow highlight in her hair, the center has a red highlight and the right has a blue highlight. All three of Ripple’s heads have ginger colored hair worn in ponytails. All she wears for clothes is a bikini and an apron since her fur protects her from the cold.
Description: Ripple is the chef at the cafe built into the Grimmsly Lodge. You have to be careful around her because her three heads have different personalities. Her center head is an angry brute, her right head is a constantly depressed crybaby and her left head is a hyperactive optimist. While the left and right heads are harmless, Ripple’s center head eats humans and what’s worse is that it’s not easy to tell which head is in control of the body at any given time.

         Waitresses- There’s a cafe built into the Grimmsly Lodge where Ripple works and you know the five waitresses personally. All of them wear maid’s outfits with fishnet stockings and bow ties.

Name: Felicia Skinwalker
Species: Werejaguar
Height: 600ft
Appearance: A chubby black furred jaguar girl with spots visible on her back. Looks around 18 years old or the monster equivalent of it. Felicia has long black hair and bright green eyes. Wears a gold-yellow maid’s outfit.

Description: Felicia is the head waitress of the lodge and Azure’s adoptive daughter. Despite being a predatory species and being somewhat hyperactive, Felicia is very fond of humans, mostly because her adoptive father is a human. However, she is also really playful in regards to humans, like a cat with a ball of yarn. Thankfully for you, she’s also very careful not to hurt humans and in fact is extremely hostile towards monsters that do eat humans.

Name: Camille Longneck
Species: Weregiraffe
Height: 1500ft
Appearance: A large green weregiraffe with a pear shaped body and long yellow green hair. Her neck alone is 600 feet long, making her even taller than Roxy’s sister Petra. Wears a green maid’s outfit.

Description: You’re scared to death of Camille. She may not be a human eater, but she has weird psychic abilities such as telekinesis and can read minds. Camille has a morbid habit of asking you if you’d like to know how you’ll die that you find creepy of her. Camille mainly has a cruel sense of humor regarding humans, albeit not outright malicious.

Name: Victoria Marian
Species: Frankenstein
Height: 500ft
Appearance: An hourglass shaped Frankenstein with long black and white striped hair worn in a ponytail. Victoria’s right side is organic and made up of different patchwork corpses of different colors while the left side of her body is completely made of metal with a mechanical eye. Wears a black maid’s outfit.
Description: While Victoria means well, the Frankenstein giantess is an incurable klutz. She was improperly put together by a second rate scientist and tends to fall apart easily. You’re afraid that Victoria’s clumsiness going to get you killed one of these days.

Name: Dinah Vile
Species: Werecroc
Height: 900ft
Appearance: An enormous hourglass shaped werecrocodile with blue scales with a yellow underbelly and blonde hair reaching down to her butt. Wears a blue maid’s outfit.

Description: Dinah is the winter equivalent of April and stalks you in a manner that would make the werewolf girl jealous. Dinah purposely wears the skimpiest maid’s outfit so she can flirt with you and sometimes gives you free service. Sometimes if you’re not careful she’ll even snatch you up. Doesn’t like other monsters to get near you, not even Roxy, Elisa or Azure and can get insanely jealous if she thinks another monster has the hots for you.

Name: Elektra Von Richter
Species: Loxodon
Height: 1000ft
Appearance: An enormous humanoid Asian elephant, really large in body shape but still beautiful. Has long black hair with two red highlights and wears a red maid’s outfit.
Description: Elektra is the best waitress in the Lodge after Felicia and provides the fastest service. Mostly because she has a photographic memory regarding orders. Unfortunately for you, Elektra is the land equivalent of your mermaid nemesis Paisley. She loves to eat humans and has made it perfectly clear that she wants you in her belly.

         Mountain Regulars

Name: Sora Hofferson
Species: Wyvern
Height: 750ft
Appearance: A pear shaped gray skinned dragoness with her purple pterodactyl like wings attached to her arms. She has a human looking face but with the muzzle of a dragon full of sharp teeth. Sora also has white hair and two horns on top of her head. For clothing, she wears an orange snow jacket and black shorts.

Description: Sora is a photographer and artist who mainly comes to the mountainside to get images for collages she works on. She has a reputation as a serial dater and she’s somewhat interested in you but you’re intimidated by the fact that she’s a carnivorous monster. Sora has an odd habit of lightly sitting on humans and she’s used you as a seat cushion a few times. Sora is a friend of Connie, but the other monsters don’t like her much because she doesn’t ask permission when she takes pictures.

Name: Hippolyta Grimwald
Species: Hippogriff
Height: 600ft
Appearance: A large hippogriff with bright silver feathers and wings on her back with talons for hands. From the waist down she has the lower body of a gray furred horse. Hippolyta only wears a white A-shirt.

Description: Hippolyta thinks of herself as a treasure hunter and comes to the mountainside every year because there’s supposedly a pirate’s treasure worth millions in skulls (monster currency) hidden somewhere in the mountains. So far she hasn’t been successful finding it. She’s invited you to accompany you several times, offering you a share of the treasure, but you have yet to take the hippogriff giantess up on that offer.

Name: Zoe Joss
Species: Landshark
Height: 575ft
Appearance: A giant hourglass shaped humanoid hammerhead shark. Middle aged but still attractive looking. She is bald and has a large chip taken out of the side of her dorsal fin. For clothing, she wears a gray snow parka and a pair of boots as well as gloves that fit over her webbed hands. Zoe also wears a pair of spiked sunglasses that somehow fit on her abnormally shaped head.

Description: Normally Zoe would be carnivorous towards humans, if she knew you were a human. Zoe is blind and convinced that you’re a fairy, she went senile when she was 30. You hate to be mistaken for the same species as your hated enemy Stella but you have to pretend to be a fairy or Zoe will eat you alive. For some reason her blindness hasn’t effected her ability to snowboard. She's also the mother of Avery from Monster Shores according to UltimateNeo.

Name: Blair Stallion
Species: Pegasus
Height: 675ft
Appearance: A giant and heavy set yellow anthro horse with golden wings on her back and long orange hair and mane. Wears a red snow dress with a flower in her hair and usually a pair of ice skates.

Description: Blair is an arrogant ice skater that visits every winter to get in some practice. She looks down on most other monsters and takes great pride in her species. Blair has a low opinion of humans and tends to speak down to you as if you were a child. It doesn’t help that she thinks Azure keeps you around the lodge as a slave and has been known to order you around like the time she made you paint her hooves.

Name: Comet Bovine
Species: Minotaur
Height: 700ft
Appearance: A giant black and white spotted holstein cow minotaur with brown hair tied in a bun and a large pink udder as big as her head. Comet is somewhat fat in the stomach but with muscular arms and legs. Wears a purple snow jacket and pants with a cowgirl’s hat.

Description: Comet is the niece of Mesa from Monster Shores. The minotaur giantess mainly comes up to the mountain for skiing. Mesa warned you that Comet used to have a human boyfriend but she caught him cheating on her with a salamander from Horrorville and as a result, she loathes humans to the point of squishing them on sight. Unfortunately for you, her ex-boyfriend looked a lot like you do and the resemblance fills her with great anger to the point of trying to kill you sooner than looking at you. Comet has a burning hatred of dragons and similar monsters because of the salamander that stole her boyfriend and gets along poorly with Elisa and Sora.

Name: Drew
Species: Frilled Shark
Height: 800ft
Appearance: A 31 year old land shark with a serpentine lower body and the upper body of a shark woman with red eyes, serrated teeth and webbed fingers.
Description: An addition by Ultimate Neo. Drew is Zoe's niece and Avery's cousin. She's somewhat odd and comes off as a stalker but it's mainly because she's mute. She has a job as a jack-of-all-trades woman due to her cousin going crazy and her aunt going senile early. But she still speaks highly of them and is very friendly towards humans.

Name: Alexis
Species: Neko
Height: 350ft
Appearance: A black furred werecat with white tips on her ears, paws and tail. She wears little more than a skimpy black bikini over her petite form and has one yellow eye and one blue eye, the former appears to be magical.
Description: An addition by Oregulus. Alexis is a guest learning how to ski at the lodge because she moved to Terrordale too late for Summer, but she's already planning to learn how to surf. You don't know how she feels about humans though.

Name: Kari and Sonia
Species: Driders
Height: 500ft (Kari) 300ft (Sonia)
Appearance: Kari is a giant 18 year old red haired girl with purple eyes and the lower body of an enormous spider while her sister Sonia is a 10 year old drider with blue hair and blue eyes. Sonia wears a shirt while Kari wears a black bikini that somehow fits around her eight legs and enormous abdomen.
Description: Additions by UltraGTS Kari and her little sister Sonia came to the lodge to learn to ski and snowboard. They're both friendly and are very close to each other and love humans, Sonia especially. Sonia is one of the very few children at the lodge.

Name: Ivy Noroi
Species: Slime Creature
Height: 950 ft.
Appearance: Ivy's entire body is made of up of purple slime. Even her eyes are solid purple. She uses her slime to give herself short, spikey hair. Her default appearance is that of an pear shaped woman, with modest breasts and a medium waist.
Description: An O.C. of the 12th Doctor. If one word could describe Ivy, it's "Dreamer". She's loves to dream, and come up with fantastic worlds and amazing characters. So it's fitting that she is a novelist. Her most famous series is the "Zyzoranda Dimension" series, about an amazon who saves the dimension of Zyzoranda from an evil werecat sorceress. When not writing, she's either brainstorming for her next book, or admiring her crush, Elisa Starking. If it isn't Elisa, then she's admiring her dream type of woman: women with enormous rears.

Name: Breccia Marie Stone
Species: Gargoyle
Height: 1300 ft.
Appearance: Breccia has violet skin with similarly colored eyes and hair, which is short and spikey. She has an average build, but due to having Lactose Overload Syndrome, her breasts are gargantuan, obscuring her torso, and full of milk that she can't lactate. She has medium sized wings on her back. She wears a specially tailored grey business suit that shows of her cleavage and high heels.
Personality: An addition by the 12th Doctor. Breccia is the CEO of Stone Inc., a massive company with many branches, including medical and travel. She is a cold and calculating woman, always putting business in front of everything else. However, she is friendly towards humans and truly loves her gorgon girlfriend, who is also her secretary. She's visiting Grimmly Lodge in hopes that she can purchase it. Part of her business has a charity/home to help women with LOS, which she has.

Name: Shelby Pogovodon
Species: Ogopogo
Height: 735 ft.
Appearance: Shelby has a long snout, green scales, a bright red mohawk, black eyes, and a long tail. Like a number of Stephen's suitors, Shelby is obese, being fatter then Dinah. Shelby only has one arm, her other one having been eaten. She has no prosthetic arm, instead having a stump.
Description: An addition by the 12th Doctor. Shelby is a wannabe BBW model and another in Stephen's long line of suitors. She became attracted to him after watching him save a dronwing human at the beach. She plans to get much fatter to get his attention. Outside of trying to get Stephen, she likes to practice modeling and watch crappy horror movies.

Name: Tamera Croaker
Species: Werefrog
Height: 900 ft.
Appearance: Tamera has shiny purple skin, red hair in a ponytail, and green eyes. Like most frogs, she has a super long tongue, three webbed fingers, and three webbed toes. Due to a curse from Raven Eckerton, Tamera's breasts, belly, and butt are extremely large and full of water she can't get rid of.
Description: An O.C. of the 12th Doctor. Tamera used to be extremely angry. She would always blow up at the slightest thing and attack others. This, unfortunately, got her on the bad side of Raven Eckerton. She snapped at Raven for bumping into her, and Raven put a curse on her. Now, every time she gets angry or attacks someone, her body bloats up with more water. Now she is trying to change, but finds that her temper is too great.

Name: Maddie/Edith/Sarah Marlok
Species: Gorgon/Cerberus hybrid
Height: 930 ft.
Appearance: Due to being a Gorgon/Cerberus hybrid, these three have one body, but three heads. Their body is obese with orange scales. Sarah, the left head, has red, black, and yellow scales, yellow eyes, and king cobra snakes for hair. Edith, the middle head, has light brown scales, green eyes, and Egyptian cobras for hair. Maddie, the right head, has green scales, red eyes, and boa constrictors for hair. How they dress depends on who controls the body.
Personality: Another OC of the 12th Doctor. These three women are a rarity: as the daughters of a gorgon and a Cerberus, the sisters are three heads on one body. Each head has it's own personality, though they all get along fairly well. The left head, named Sarah, suffers from horrible confidence and esteem issues. She is quick to apologize and feels useless at times. Edith, the middle head, is a musician, mostly favoring punk rock. She's loud and demanding. Maddie, the right head, is a flirt with a particular taste: she loves extremely fat woman.

         Boarders- There are two monsters that rent out a couple of rooms underneath the lodge. Unfortunately, neither of them like each other and are always feuding. Azure mainly sends you down to check on them or settle whatever petty squabble they have going on.

Name: Helga Cisco
Species: Troll
Height: 500ft
Appearance: An hourglass shaped blue skinned troll with pointed ears, spikes running down her back and sharp fangs sticking out the sides of her mouth. Somewhat scrawny compared to other trolls and wears a pair of thin glasses.

Description: Helga is the daughter of Fran (Your supervisor at Gravefield Beach in the Summer). Unlike her dimwitted mother, Helga is very intelligent and specializes in gadgetry. She has a workshop underneath the lodge where she builds all sorts of her inventions and has welcomed you to come in anytime. While Helga respects her mother, she is embarrassed at the low intelligence of their race and how she’s not as strong as all the other trolls.

Name: Helena Greer Krofft
Species: Weretiger
Height: 875 ft.
Story: Monster
Appearance: Helena has a surprising resemblance to Marvel comics character Tigra. She has orange fur with black stripes and green eyes like Tigra, but she has long, silver hair in a ponytail and cat eye glasses. Helena is morbidly obese, to the point of needing a motorized wheelchair to move, and is still getting fatter.
Personality: An OC of the 12th Doctor. Helena is a virologist (scientist who studies viruses) who is completely obsessed with the nebutori virus. She wants to understand what it is and how it works for infections and weight gain. But she has no desire to cure it. Rather, she wants to make a strain that is completely incurable. Her first attempt at this was tested on herself, and resulted in never ending weight gain. People often call her Tigra, due to her resemblance to the Marvel comics character. She loves that name and is proud of it.

Name: Serena Ennick
Species: Orc
Height: 800 ft.
Appearance: Serena has green skin, black eyes, and brown hair in a buzz cut. She has two large, sharp tusks in her mouth. Unlike Helena, Serena is incredibly muscular and still getting bigger.
Description: An O.C. of the 12th Doctor Serena is Helena's assistant, and is completely obsessed with her. She seems to practically worship Helena, constantly praising her and treating her like a queen or goddess. Some think Serena is just kissing up to Helena to get a better social standing, while others think Serena is relying on Helena to have an identity. During one of Helena's test, Serena was injected with a virus that caused muscle growth. She is still growing

Name: Lydia Kama
Species: Kamaitachi
Height: 300ft
Appearance: A giant teal furred weasel girl with short black hair and pink ears. Very fat in the stomach, resulting in her wearing a black bikini and sorceress’s cape. Has sharp sickle like claws for fingers and toes. You swear you’ve seen those claws cut through steel. Lydia also mainly carries around a giant wand with a sphere at the end.

Description: Lydia is a sorceress who lives in a lab underneath the lodge where she works on spells and potions that she sells. She’s somewhat condescending when it comes to humans and hates Helga with a passion. Sort of a magic vs. science debate. You don’t like visiting her lair because you heard Lydia keeps humans in cages for unknown purposes. Though this may just be a rumor

Name: Raven Pandora Eckerton
Species: Werecat
Height: 900 ft.
Appearance: Raven has long, silver hair, silver eyes, and silver fur. Raven's body is a serious hourglass shape, with huge breasts, a narrow waist, and a large butt. Usually wears clothing that is typical of a sorceress.
Description: An O.C. of the 12th Doctor. Raven is a sorceress who is the very definition of vain. She is truly obsessed with her beauty, determined to be the most beautiful creature in the known universe. She believes that she'll become more powerful the more beautiful she is. Befitting of someone with her vanity, she used her black magic to make herself immortal and eternally young (somewhere in her mid 20's), with the side effect of her hair, fur, and eyes turning silver. Being called ugly or even average sends her into a rage. She also hates anyone she thinks is prettier than her. Her beauty has given her admirers, but her vanity and short temper means she has no friends or lovers.


Name: Fatima Knight
Species: Wraith
Height: 450ft
Appearance: A pitch black ghost resembling a living shadow with a glowing light in the center of her chest and a pair of glowing white eyes shaped like glasses.

Description: Fatima is the ghost of the last human they hired to work at Grimmsly Lodge and Elisa’s previous partner. She was lost in a snowstorm and Azure, Elisa and Roxy were unable to find her in time. Fatima gets her revenge by haunting the lodge and playing mean spirited pranks on everybody. That woman is the winter equivalent of Stella because she enjoys tormenting you most of all and hates living humans.

Name: Corey Argo
Species: Yeti
Height: 800ft
Appearance: An hourglass shaped and light blue skinned yeti girl with white fur and long pink hair. For clothing, she mainly wears a black cape and red domino mask along with a black and white striped unitard.
Description: Corey is one of the yetis that live in the area near the lodge. She's an inspector that comes to the lodge on a regular basis to make sure it's up to code. Despite her job, Corey hates skiers and snowboarders because of the racket they cause and because she lives at the bottom of the cliff where the lodge was build and would like nothing better than to see the Grimmsly Lodge destroyed or shut down. Although you don't know what she thinks of humans.

Name: Selene Howler
Species: Werewolf
Height: 700ft
Appearance: A fat gray furred werewolf girl with a reddish tint in her fur. Wears a tight sweater that hugs her entire body.
Description: An addition by InfiniteBull Selene is a cousin of your werewolf friend April from the beach. She lives in a cabin near the mountainside and is a sculptor who has surrounded her cabin with numerous ice sculptors. Unfortunately, unlike April, Selene is one of those werewolves that sees humans as food and even if she knows about you from April, it might not save you from being eaten.

Name: Karen Shade
Species: Aumbra
Height: Varies, but usually stays around 900 ft.
Appearance: Karen has no hair or obvious facial features beyond glowing green eyes. Meaning she lacks a nose and mouth. Her body resembles a living shadow, pitch black and transparent. She has a huge hourglass figure. She has no clothes, but has a Barbie Doll Anatomy.
Description: An addition by the 12th Doctor. Living in an old, decrepit ski lodge a mile away from Grimmsly Lodge, Karen is a cruel person. She loves stealing the life force of anyone stupid enough to cross her path. She prefers to do so slowly, enjoying the fear and torment her victims feel. If her target is injured, she pretends to be nice, luring them into a false sense of security. She has very limited shape-shifting abilities, but never uses them, preferring her true form. She is weakened by the light.

Name: Umbra
Species: Boogeyman
Height: Varies, but is usually 900 ft.
Appearance: Umbra has pale blue skin, short black hair, blood red eyes, and sharp teeth. She has long claws for fingernails. She has a Glasgow Grin, a scar that goes from ear to ear, looking like a horrific smile. Her body depends on what the person or monster fears.
Description: An O.C. of the 12th Doctor. Umbra is "The Thing in the Closet", "The Monster Under the Bed", and "The Figure Just Out of the Corner of your Eye". As the living embodiment of fear, she delights in terrorizing others, using their fears against them. In her world, she rules all, but in the normal world, her power depends on how much a person is afraid. If they aren't, she's powerless. She also cannot go out in the daylight.

Please keep this a fantasy. No mecha, mutate or human giantesses. Frankensteins exist in folklore so they don’t count as mecha.
No toilet stuff. I hate it.
Try not to end the story too soon.
Keep interaction with male monsters to a minimum.
All monsters are giants at all times. Minimum is 300ft.
Try not to take anything sexual too far. I like my stories focused on plot instead.
Characters from Monster Shores can appear because both stories take place in the same city. In fact it's encouraged.
There are dinosaurs in the mountains that often give Stephen trouble but none of them are as big as the monsters. If anything they’re canon fodder.
No crossovers with Ryzanyes. In fact, I better not see that word mentioned anywhere in the story. They don't take place in the same universe.
If you create a new character don't give them the same name as an existing character. It's lazy and it causes confusion.
Please no Male Preds! I thought I didn't have to say it!
Have Fun

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