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A genius inventor builds a device which lets him take anything or anyone he wants
Chapter 1

The intro

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         Boris was a genius. Some may even call him a mad genius. He thought up a design for a transport device which could open a portal to anywhere he wanted and built his prototype. It only took him months to build it. He had help from the technology he stole from his classified Area 51 job. He stood before the machine the size of a dinner table in his basement and turned it on.

         The machine hummed to life. Boris looked at his creation and hurriedly tapped the GPS controls for a field test. For his first test he tried to steal his neighbor’s new mustang outside. He typed in the coordinates and pressed enter. A portal appeared on the table and inside he could see his street with the car parked on it. “Okay, let’s see if this works” he said to himself. Boris reached in a picked up the car. He cautiously pulled his hand back and out came a cherry red mustang…the size of a model car. Boris looked outside and saw no mustang... “It works! It fuckin’ works!” Boris yelled. He thought about ways to make money off his invention but first he was gonna have fun with it.

         You see Boris is what you would call a macrophile. His fantasy was to shrink and torment a living person. Now his fantasy could become reality. For his first try, he chose…
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