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A little mishap, and soon swaps will be happening at the Smash tournament grounds.

A little mishap, and soon swaps will be happening at the Smash tournament grounds.

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The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
What is this story?
Fans of swapping fiction may be familiar with a usual technique used to instigate the swaps, being a futuristic remote of sorts. Such a remote is the main plot point of the story, however now this remote is coming to the world of Super Smash Bros for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. How such a remote arrives in this world will be explained in the first chapter.

Please note that this story is based on Super Smash Bros for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, and as such, will not make reference to future installments. For example, although Ridley has become playable in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, he will still be treated as just a boss character in this story.

1. No cursing. This is set in the world of a kids game after all.
2. Sex can be had, but don't describe the intimate details.
3. Please don't use characters who have not yet been confirmed for Super Smash Bros for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. You can use any playable characters, assist trophies, pokeball pokemon, etc. but if it has yet to be confirmed for the latest game in the series, it is treated as not yet having come to the tournament grounds.
4. Do not give the remote new features. Do not make it swap two people who aren't the user. Do not make it swap partially (e.g. lower body instead of full body). Do not make it alter the users personality because of a swap.
5. After the first chapter, please use 2nd person. (e.g. "You aimed the remote at Mario and pressed the button") I will be more lenient with this rule if the chapter is actually good, but please do try to stick to 2nd person.
6. Don't overuse chapters that are merely a "more options" chapter. It is being used at the start to select the main character, and it's fine to use it to select one of the 6 swap options, but don't spend, like, 10 chapters just deciding who's around a corner.
7. Characters may have a slightly different personality to canon for the sake of the story and the setting of Smash Bros, but don't change them drastically (e.g. psycho killer Villager will not be accepted).
8. Follow the continuity. If a character has found the remote and seen their target in a previous chapter, don't make them find the remote and see their target in the next chapter as well. These chapters are supposed to be happening in chronological order. Also take into account not just the previous chapter, but any chapters before that. (E.g. If a chapter claims Fox's roommate is Pit, then don't change who his roommate is later.). That said, because of the branching nature of the story, different branches may have different continuities. Follow the continuity of the branch you are adding to. (E.g. If a chapter claims that Captain Falcon and Samus are dating, but you're adding to a branch where Samus has been stated to be single, then Samus should be single in your chapter.)
If a chapter breaks these rules, I will not hesitate to delete it, and you will be notified as to why your chapter was deleted.

The Remote
The remote is similar in size and shape to an iPhone, but instead of a touch screen it is a grey metal box with buttons on the top. The buttons for swaps are red, while the swap mode buttons are yellow. There is also a secret panel on the back that can be removed to reveal a few extra buttons, but the panel is hidden very well and will most likely not be found unless the remote is carefully analysed with the utmost care. The secrets are not ever mentioned in the instruction booklet, which came in the package with the remote. Regardless of the swap used, the remote will always stay with the user. (e.g. If you use a Life Swap, you'll end up in the targets life exactly where they were, except that you'll still have the remote in your hand.) Regardless of the swap used, it will always be the user and the target that are the swaps, i.e. the remote is incapable of swapping two targets that don't include the user. The user, and the one affected by the swap, is the person who presses the button, but other characters can also be aware of the swaps regardless of the mode if they hold onto the remote while the swap occurs. Swaps will happen almost instantaneously and will give no indication that something is happening, such as a light or sound.

Swap Buttons
Body Swap - Button is labelled by a man's sillouette (similar to what you'd see indicating the men's restroom). This button will swap the physical body of the target with that of the user. The swapees will retain their original lives and clothing, only their bodies will be swapped.
Head Swap - Button is labelled by a side on sillouette of a face. This button will swap the head of the target with that of the user. The swapees will retain their original lives, as well as anything they wore on their head, but anything held with their body such and clothes and weapons will remain with the body, and thus be given to the other person. Unlike most swaps where the swapees stay in place, in this swap the heads travel to their new bodies, and reality will adjust for this provided the right mode is set (e.g. Mario is talking to Peach when Luigi head swaps with Peach. Mario will think he has been having a conversation with Luigi the whole time.). They will also gain any skills that would be required for their new body, such as putting on a bra or walking in heels.
Clothes Swap - Button is labelled by a sillouette of a t-shirt and pants. This button will swap the clothing of the target with that of the user. Swapped clothing includes jewelery, piercings, tattoos (not that I know of any Smash Bros characters who them them), makeup, and weapons. All clothing the character owns will be swapped, not just that which they are wearing. They will also gain any skills that would be required for their new clothing, such as putting on makeup or fighting using a sword.
Life Swap - Button is labelled by a hollow man's sillouette. This button will swap the life of the target with that of the user. While on swap mode 1 or 2, this will cause everyone (or everyone except the target) to believe that the swapees are eachother. They will essentially be the other person only they will retain their own bodies, but no one is aware of that fact. This means that characters will refer to them by the name of the life they currently occupy (although feel free to refer to them as the original character during narration if you don't want it to get too confusing), and they will have will have the clothes, skills, and relationships that match the life they are occupying.. If the swap mode is set to 3, they will gain eachother's clothes and skills, and any physical evidence of their name or relationships will be changed to match the other person. Since everyone is aware of the swap, they will still treat the swapees as if they are themselves, but they may feel weird when treating them by their original names or acting upon original relationships.
Relationship Swap - Button is labelled by the sillouette of two hands holding eachother. This button will swap the relationships of the target with that of the user. Relationships include freindship, romance, rivalry, etc. While on swap mode 1 or 2, people will treat the swapees as they would the other person, but they still know that it's the original person. Any physical evidence of said relationships (e.g. letters from one person to another) will be transfered between the swapees. While on swap mode 3, only physical evidence will be swapped, but people may feel weird when acting upon original relationships. In order to adjust for relationships since most of the characters come from different worlds, if someone swaps relationships with someone from another world (game), adjustments will be made for them to live in that world. (E.g. Link swaps relationships with Mario, Link is now a citizen of the Mushroom Kingdom and uses the mushroom logo in the tournament.)
Gender Swap - Button is labelled by the symbols for male and female interlocking. This button will swap the gender of the target with that of the user. The swapees will keep their original clothing, life, weapons, etc., but everything will adjust as if they were born the opposite gender (provided it is a swap between a male and a female). The level of masculinity or femininity of the swapees will also affect the outcome (For instance, a male would end up as a more feminine female if he swapped with Peach as opposed to if he swapped with Samus.). If the swapees are the same gender, only the level of femininity or masculinity will be swapped.

Mode Buttons
All mode buttons are labelled by their number.
Swap Mode 1 - In this mode, only the user, and anyone else holding the remote will be aware of the swaps. Everyone else, including the target, will treat the swaps as if they are completely normal. This is the mode set by default.
Swap Mode 2 - In this mode, only the user, the target, and anyone else holding the remote will be aware of the swaps. Everyone else will treats the swaps as if they are normal. Targets will only be aware of swaps they are a part of. (e.g. Mario swaps clothes with Peach, then swaps clothes with Luigi. Peach will believe Mario is still wearing her clothes, while Luigi will believe he is now wearing Mario's clothes.)
Swap Mode 3 - In this mode, everyone is completely aware of the swaps. Any swaps that wouldn't make sense with people being aware, such as LIfe and Relationship, are explained withing the description of the swap.

Secret Buttons
These buttons are all hidden under the secret panel, and are not explained within the manual.
Undo - A small blue button that will undo the last swap. Handy if the person you swapped with (and want to swap back with) is not around for you to swap with.
Reset - A small red button. This will reverse all swaps up to the set position. If not position is set, then everything will just return to normal.
Set - A small yellow button. This will set a position for the reset to reverse to. If reset is pressed after set, only swaps that occur after pressing set will be reversed. (e.g. from the Swap Mode 2 example, if Mario pressed set after swapping with Peach, then pressed reset after swapping with Luigi, he would only reverse the swap with Luigi.)
Scramble - A small green button. This will select one type of swap, and then perform that type of swap randomly on everyone in the close vicinity.
Aware - A small orange button. This will cause the person the remote is pointed at to be aware of any swaps that have happened, and any that will happen later. If this feature is used on someone who is set to unaware, they will return to normal awareness dictated by the mode.
Unaware - A small purple button. This will cause the person the remote is pointed at to be unaware of any swaps that have happened, and any that will happen later, regardless of what mode the remote is set to. If this feature is used on someone who is set to aware, they will return to normal awareness dictated by the mode.

The Super Smash Bros tournament is a tournament held by the brothers, Master Hand and Crazy Hand. They gather fighters from all throughout the galaxy, with a few handpicked from outside of their own galaxy. The grounds for the tournament have been built floating in outer space, with a colossal dome over the top to keep the air in. At the moment, the fighters are merely training and preparing for the tournament. Even though they all want to win, most of the competitors have made friends with eachother. Even the villains put aside their differences... to an extent. At the very least, they don't engage the heroes in combat whenever they see them. There are living quarters with each character's room (every room is shared between 2 characters. Olimar will always share a room with someone who doesn't need oxygen so he can have the oxygen drained out of his room. That way he doesn't always have to wear the space suit.), a cafeteria, rooms for leisure activities, and a gym. However most of the tournament grounds is taken up by the large stadiums where the battles will actually take place, and where most of the characters prefer to do their training.

So that's the basics for the story, sorry if it was a bit long. But now, enjoy. Oh, and feel free to add chapters. I won't be writing the whole story myself.
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