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by Yote
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Rubber brush? I hardly know her brush!

Rubber brush? I hardly know her brush!

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The Rubber Brush

The object looks like a normal brush made of dark wood, whose bristles are constantly wet with liquid rubber. The Brush creates its own supply of magical latex which can be brushed onto any part of a person, in any shape and in any colour. The latex can change the body upon which it is painted, making it into solid, inanimate but living rubber, or making it into pure air, leaving the victim a living inflated doll, as well as leaving it as normal flesh underneath.

The full capabilities of the Brush are yet unknown - so far it is known to be able to morph individual body parts or an entire person, can grow or shrink them, transform them into different creatures or change their genders, conjoin two or more different individuals, or even render people into inanimate objects. By painting a person's voice box, the Brush can alter or remove a person's voice. Body parts can be reshaped into new forms, brushed away completely with only a patch of rubber to show where it had once been, or severed. A person who has been taken apart can still feel and control their detached parts, unless the Brush wielder wills it. Severed body parts can be attached

The Brush is very safe, a person with no mouth doesn't need to breathe, and someone painted completely into a rubber form can exist like that indefinably without need for food or water. Rubberised body parts can be dismembered or suffer extensive damage without hurting the person at all, and can be reassembled and restored with just a few licks of paint.

Whatever changes are performed onto a person with this Brush will last until the rubber is peeled away, but only if the latex is peeled away by a person holding the Brush will they be returned to their original form. If the latex is removed by a person not holding the Brush or by any other means, they will fully become the thing they appear to be. If a person is 100% rubber, the rubber cannot be peeled away except by the Brush.

Suits can also be made with the Brush. A human who slides on a naga suit would have their legs meld into a tail and as they slid their arms into the shoulders would feel them disappear too. Alternatively, a person may be made into a skinsuit by painting an opening on them and climbing inside.

The Rubber Brush is an original creation of Naga of Naga's den, and can be found here: http://www.nagasden.com/rubberbrushroot.html
I'm still waiting on Naga's permission to use the concept, so I cannot promise this interactive won't vanish into the ether or undergo significant changes should permission be withheld.
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