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by Yote
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Transformation in a dark world of vice, violence, and villainry.

Transformation in a dark world of vice, violence, and villainry.

This is an interactive story containing 211 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
The TFPD deals with unusual and bizarre cases in all fields of criminal investigation, from situations of identity theft through to assault and murder, drug smuggling and people trafficking, and high tech robbery. Though only a small organization of exceptional officers and operatives, its jurisdiction and budget is extensive, and it has access to the bleeding-edge of top-secret military hardware.


1. Transformation can be fun, though the general tone is intended to be fairly dark. Transformations may be slow, painful experiences, prone to going horrifically awry, leaving users disfigured or dead. Officers may suffer all sorts of long-lasting physical and mental trauma, be killed or worse in the line of duty.

2. Feel free to include magic or supernatural elements. Shows like X-Files or Fringe are good inspiration.

3. As a small force, the TFPD tends to work alongside regular law enforcement as "specialists" for unusual cases.

4. The TFPD is departmentalized - as such members of one department may know little about the work of the other departments. Some departments are more mundane than others, and so a member of Drug Enforcement may have zero knowledge and even contempt for the officers in Animal Control, unaware of the highly dangerous "monster hunts" the latter frequently go on, or even that such legendary beasts exist.

5. Roughly half of the TFPD's manpower works in witness protection. The TFPD now handles all of the country's witness protection programs, providing witnesses with new identities up to and during their day in court, in many cases for the rest of their lives.

6. TFPD officers are not incorruptible, and there will always be cases where information leaks into the wrong hands for the right amount of money. Due to the many ongoing deep-cover missions being undertaken by its officers, as well as its witness protection programs, any information leaks are taken very seriously. Nor are officers above using the department's resources for their own personal ends.

TFPD Staff

Chief Olivia Haywood - the head honcho of the TFPD, Mrs Haywood is a serious, sober official with a distinguished history in both the military and the police force. Commited to doing things "by the book", her stern demeanor and strong sense of civic duty is often the only thing stopping the anarchic department from descending into chaos. She is in her mid-forties but despite many years behind a desk, she keeps herself in peak physical condition.

Doctor Yamato - the world's finest plastic surgeon, Yamato rose to fame after performing the first Species Reassignment Surgery, where he successfully transitioned a dog into a cat. His work is groundbreaking but controversial. It was during an investigation into his sourcing of certain "transplants" from third world countries that he agreed to work alongside the TFPD as a freelance specialist, in exchange for sweeping his many legal indiscretions under the rug. He provides his remarkable services on an irregular basis, though due to frequent trips to his native Japan he is not always readily available. Yamato is a brilliant but unethical surgeon, capable of performing extensive body reconstruction and the intricate microsurgery necessary for face transplants.

Ray Haywood - A rookie on the force, Ray struggles to gain respect from his fellow officers and often worries that he stands in the shadow of his mother, Chief Olivia Haywood. Many of his colleagues question how such a young, unproven agent was selected to undergo amnion implantation. Ray is determined to prove himself, even at the risk of himself or the mission.

Officer Charles Olson - Colleagues who were around when Officer Olson first joined Witness Protection twenty years ago remember him as a squat balding man in his late 50s. He has since matured into a swarthy, statuesque 35-year-old stud, a transition that may have something to do with his close relationship with plastic surgeon Doctor Yamato and the unsolved disappearance of several items from the evidence locker relating to the investigation into Yamato's past misdeeds.
Beneath his handsome exterior, Olson remains a dirty old man rotten to the core, willing to sell out his fellow officers and top secret witness protection details for the right price. He is a slippery character, somehow dodging two investigations into police corruption, as well as retirement.
Has the hots for his partner, Miss Summers.

Officer Jennifer Summers - A well-meaning agent who cares deeply about her work. She has personally rehomed a number of witnesses in her own home, despite her allergies to cat and dog hair.

Professor Frank Heywood - Once a respected lecturer and husband of Olivia Heywood, Frank realised that his considerable genius would be better served in the career of mega-maniacal genius. Using his connections to his wife, he was able to get his hands on a large cache of illegal technology and use it carve out a nice section of the criminal underworld. He is now hunted by his wife and son.

Notable tech

Amnion - recently discovered in the Mariana Trench, the amnion are a rare species of jellyfish that displays remarkable properties. When implanted into a human (a process with only a 40% survival rate), the amnion spreads its many long tentacles through the entirety of the host body, integrating itself so fully that it cant be removed. Though retaining a normal outward appearance, the host's flesh is converted into a gelatinous substance identical to that of the amnion. This flesh can be molded into any shape, and can withstand extensive trauma, piercing, and cutting wounds, though the flexible form comes at the cost of a 20-30% reduction in muscle strength . The blood of the host becomes a clear fluid. Due to the risks of implantation, only special field agents are given the amnion.
The amnion is not without its weaknesses, and is particularly sensitive to even minor changes in its host's blood chemistry. Certain drugs or a high blood alcohol content can temporarily disable the parasite and its shape-shifting abilities.

Synth Skin - Synthetic spray-on flesh, usually used by officers as a field-dressing to patch up wounds. Has a plastic-sheen to it. Veteran officers often show off how much synth skin they have as a badge of honour.

ICE - stands for Interactive Computer Environment. If a criminal is regarded as too dangerous for regular imprisonment, they are submerged in liquid-filled pods and their minds downloaded into a virtual prison, where they can be rehabilitated. ICE is the name of the operating system that runs the virtual environment.


Vice Squad - deals with gambling, narcotics and prostitution. An undesirable department due to the seedy and unpleasant nature of the work, most officers are transferred here as punishment for some misdemeanor.

Witness Protection - responsible for taking care of witnesses thought to be in danger of retribution, usually from organized crime gangs. Here witnesses are given fresh identities and safe accommodation until their time to testify. In cases where their safety is still in question, witnesses may be arranged permanent, new lives even after trials have concluded.

Undercover Operations - has undercover agents placed deep within many criminal organizations. Their work is deeply secretive, their agents highly trained and expertly disguised.

Criminal Investigations -

Animal Control - As well as handling mundane cases of wild, dangerous, and mistreated animal, Animal Control also deals with a significant number of things that can only be termed "monsters", be they ultra-rare species that have fallen into myth, mutant humans, or the creations of mentally unstable scientists. Animal Control Officers are a gung-ho lot, prone to shooting first, decapitating second, burning and salting the corpse third and asking questions fourth.
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