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What if the big bad wolf was female?

What if the big bad wolf was female?

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The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
This is Second Person P.O.V.

Okay, so we all heard the nursery rhyme about Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. But what if the story had a female wolf instead of a male wolf? How would things turn out? Would the wolfess still swallow the little hooded human like her alternate self of the opposite gender? Might she get a little seductive and pleasure both of them? Might her maternal instincts kick in to protect the little hooded human? Might she even hold a secret hidden from the child? This will have both child and teen storylines.

A surprise storyline is added.

Rules for the story: (Changes have been made)
1. No death of the mane characters, mainly Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolfess, oh, and the Grandma. Deaths of minor characters are okay, but do not go into detail or description on how they die.
2. Nothing gory or graphic.
3. An anthro version of the Big Bad Wolfess is allowed, whether she remains bare naked with fur or wears clothing is up to you.
4. This story may contain oral vore or unbirth. (no other vore is allowed.)
5. Sex is allowed for the story, but don't go too in depth about it.
6. Little Red can either be male or female.
7. Little Red can become the Big Bad Wolfess' pup. (if unbirthed, or through magic or a potion, or something of that nature, bitten, if werewolf is your thing.)
8. Little Red can also become the Big Bad Wolfess' slave, mate or still be food, depending on what you choose to happen.
9. Breastfeeding is allowed.
10. I will allow Little Red to be babied for age regression fetish viewers if Red Riding Hood becomes the Big Bad Wolfess' pup.
11. The hunters will not be in this story. The Grandma can be included, but the main focus is Red Riding Hood and the Wolfess.
12. No diapers in this story and that includes any age regression additions. (Previous additions made it to uncomfortable for me to allow it now.)
11. I will allow a lesbian relationship, but no male x male, since the wolf is female. There will be no gender change of the The Big Bad Wolfess. She stays female. (chapters that violate this rule will be deleted.)
12. Gender change of Little Red is allowed if he or she undergoes becoming a wolf.
13. No short chapters like, "The wolfess followed Little Red Riding hood, and.....", and then stopping it there. (This will be deleted.)

If there are options I have not listed or things that you may have questions on, email me on site and I will answer your questions. Rules may change as story progresses. Hope you enjoy reading and writing the story. Have fun. Please add to this interactive story. Help me to get at least 60 chapters.
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