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by Chozo
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A unique interactive story where your shrunken wife ends up used and abused by others.

A unique interactive story where your shrunken wife ends up used and abused by others.

This is an interactive story containing 66 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
This is a completely unique interactive that has probably never been attempted before, so there is no telling how successful this may be. This story takes place entirely in the 3rd person perspective, which means that the narrator is not actually a character in the story, but is just some omniscient voice describing all that is going on whether you are at the scene to witness it or not.

Although "you" may interact in the story or be interacted with by the other characters (for example: you try to rescue your wife; or you get shrunken and abused along with her) this is not necessary, and is not the focus of the story. The main focus is on "your wife" and the trials and tribulations she endures at the hands of others. Therefore, you are a non-essential character to the story, and the story will continue whether you are present, or whether you are hundreds of miles away. You may also even die in the story, but the story will continue just so long as your wife remains alive, because the story is all about her.

If you do not have a wife, you may substitute your girlfriend or you may invent someone. You may of course also simply write as one of the "bad guys" who torture and abuse the reader's wife, but remember not to break from the story's 3rd person perspective. "Your husband" can also be substituted in place of "your wife", but only along the specified branch.

8 Simple Rules:

1) Try to keep your chapter at a reasonable level of quality and a decent length. Follow common sense.

2) No sexual interactions involving characters under the age of 18. Also, no major (ie: "your wife") characters under 18 period. However, minor characters under 18 are otherwise permitted and allowed to abuse the main character, but not in a sexual manner. Also, no nudity involving them either.

3) You can base characters off the people you know in real life, or they can be completely fictional. But if you do use real life characters, make sure you change their names to avoid any potential problems from arising.

4) "You" can die at any time in the story and the story will continue, but when "your wife" dies that marks the end of the storyline. That said, your wife must not die before at least 7 chapters in so that there is time for some sort of story to happen. "Your wife" doesn't need to ever die and you can just drag things on indefinitely, but when she does die, that's the end.

5) You can introduce additional characters either as "bad guys" or as other shrunken victims. Your wife can even become a bad guy to one of these other shrunken victims; either by her own choice, or by being forced to.

6) You yourself can take part in the story directly either as a "bad guy" to your wife; a hero that tries to save her; or as just another shrunken victim who is forced to endure the same abuse.

7) Shrinking is permanent and irreversible. Once a person has been shrunk, they remain that height for the remainder of their lives. Any sort of growing is strictly forbidden -- including returning them to their normal height; however, there is no limit to how much or how often a person can be shrunken, just remember that the only direction is down. Do not shrink someone unless you intend for it to be permanent, so consider this carefully.

8) Although shrinking is permitted and even encouraged, it is not a requirement. "Your wife" can be abducted, used, and abused at her normal height, if you prefer.

With that being said, this is a story designed for everyone. How extreme things go is left entirely to the reader. Like I said, I don't believe anything quite like this has ever been attempted before, so this is an experiment. Whether it succeeds or fails is entirely up to you...
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