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What if you could transform into characters? What if they lived your life instead of you?

What if you could transform into characters? What if they lived your life instead of you?

This is an interactive story containing 84 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Fictional Character Transformations Begin with a Twist!

One day you find a magical ring. This ring let's you create costumes and appearances for yourself, only it becomes real! With limitless transformational power in your hand, your imagination can go wild now! Better yet, it can work on other people too. All the characters you wanted to be or thought of being, how exciting!

If only it worked quite that way.

Little do you know, the ring has a catch. 'You' won't just be becoming those characters, they'll be becoming you! Once you put on the ring and start to change into a character, your everyday life and personality will take over their character and body, remaining 'you' in some way, while still being drastically different.

For example, if some fanciful character were accessed, it would just become them as some silly kid. If a talking cartoon animal or anime were to be made from your mom, they'd suddenly think they were your mom, while becoming a subdued version of themselves. If the hero of a Novel or Show is created around your little sister, that's who they'll think the are while trying to adjust. The new character retains slights of their personality and behavior, while still trying to fulfill the new role they've been cast in.

Basically, think of it like that character is forced to try to "Act" like they're in a movie, with the "Role" being whoever they've replaced themselves as. Often to hilarious or ridiculous results.

Once changed, a person-turned-character can only be reverted back with the Ring. They won't be able to properly react or realize it before than.

For even further effect, the ring can work multiple times on a single person, meaning you can make a Character think they're another character thinking they're the transformed person they replaced!

I set up some basic characters and hopefully utilized the concept right, so any other new characters or fictions you want to use are perfectly open and on the table, so long as it goes with the Interactive's premise. I'm not going to nitpick or hound anyone that "Doesn't Get it right" or insist you understand perfectly, just try your best and have fun, and I'll make sure to help anyone along if they feel they need or want it!

Some basic rules:
1.Try the best you can, I know the concept is a little confusing but if you get the hang of it can be a lot of fun!
2.No gratuitous Violence or Sex please, try to keep it clean.
3.Use proper grammar and spelling, and add chapters that are acceptable and advance the story
4.Don't be afraid to experiment and have fun with it!
5.Be respectful and mindful of other people and their contributions, go with the flow ya know?
6.And lastly, biggest pet peeve of mine, you have to add actual story. No chains of long options past the beginning portion (first 10 chapters), no "Should X or Y" request, and if I see just entire branches of dead storylines that go nowhere or no one wants to take up and write I'm just going to delete them. Even 'Option' chapters should have atleast 100-300 words minimum.

I'm stating this as a major beef because I'm allowing fictional characters in this, and that's something that rarely goes well in these types of stories. If you make a suggestion for a series or character, you better be prepared to use it or waddle your way towards what you need to use. Don't just offer options and expect other people to write them out for you, don't offer suggestions you know won't be written. Basically I'm just trying to avoid the '1000 chapters of Character Possibilities but no real story' scenario
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