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by Wassel
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Experimental brain transplant surgery saves either your life, or someone very close.

Experimental brain transplant surgery saves either your life, or someone very close.

This is an interactive story containing 3,755 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
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Tim Connors is an ordinary 16 year old high school student, who, along with his family and friends, finds himself involved in a car accident on the way home from a football game. As one of them lays dying in the emergency room, the surgeon decides that the only way to save his patients life is to attempt a newly developed, experimental medical procedure. Transplanting the victims higher brain functions into another patient at the hospital. A patient who was pronounced clinically dead of a brain aneurysm.

Amazingly the procedure works and the victim wakes up to find themselves inside a completely different body. Perhaps belonging to someone they knew... or perhaps not. Either way, as the surgery was not strictly legal and carried out in secret, the surgeon convinces the families to keep quiet in order to avoid any legal ramifications, as well as the never ending media attention it would no doubt bring. Meaning that publicly, the patient now has to assume the identity of the donor.

What will this mean for you? For your family and friends? Who else will you tell? How will this alter your relationship to the patient? And most importantly, how will he or she adapt to having an entirely new identity? Or was the person that received the transplant in fact...you?

Main Characters:

You (Tim Connors): A normal 16 year old high school student, just starting your junior year. While not considered to be one of the super popular kids, your not unpopular either. Walking a fine line between cool and nerd. Gaming and ogling girls being about your two favorite pastimes. Average height and a slim build, with light brown, slightly shaggy hair and green eyes.

Jennifer Connors, your Mom: A 41 year old housewife and mother. She is kind, caring, but can also be stern when she needs to be. Considered to be somewhat of a MILF by your best friend due to her voluptuous curves. Short, with shoulder length blonde hair and green eyes.

Donald Connors, your Dad: 44 year old office worker and former college football player. The head of the household. Only person he answers to is your mother. The two of them having been together for twenty plus years. Tall, with short, dark brown hair, gray eyes. Broad, muscular physique.

David Connors, your little brother: 14 years old. The two of you used to be inseparable growing up, but recently he has began to go his own way. His first ever girlfriend, Claire, having led him into the Emo scene. Takes after your father, in terms of being the strong, silent type. Slim, with dyed black hair, a long fringe and gray eyes.

Tabitha Connors, your little sister: 13 years old. Can be a real pest at times, but for the most part you get on well (when you're not teasing each other that is). Looks a lot like a younger version of your mom. Short and still developing figure, with shoulder length blonde hair and green eyes like her mother.

Randall Davis, your best friend: 16 years old. Your closest friend for the last thirteen years. More like a brother to you at times. With an incredibly goofy and mischievous personality, he sometimes rubs people up the wrong way. Especially girls. Having even more of an interest in them than you. Tall and gangly, with curly red hair and blue eyes.

Allison Lowry, your crush/girlfriend: 16 years old. Fun and friendly, and very attractive, in a 'cute' sort of way. Slim and athletic figure, with long blonde hair and blue eyes.

Miss. Laura Card, your history teacher: 29 years old. A recent addition to your school, and without a doubt the hottest most desirable teacher there. You can't think of any straight guy there who doesn't have a crush on your kind and incredibly large breasted teacher. Extreme hourglass figure, with long auburn hair and brown eyes.

Dr. Kerry, the surgeon who performed the transplant: 50 years old. A brilliant and gifted surgeon, who's bedside manner is at times a little lacking. Extremely passionate about his work. Relatively short and stout, with dark black hair (balding), thick glasses and a mustache.

Dr. Saunders, his colleague: 62 years old. A much calmer, sympathetic and softer spoken doctor than Kerry, specializing in the exact same field. Initially against the transplant procedure, but was eventually talked around. Tall with gray hair and a pale face.

-Try to keep names, character descriptions and events consistent.
- Try to keep additions to an appropriate length. At least 3,000 characters (unless it really can't be helped. i.e. Character options). Short chapters that add nothing to the story WILL BE DELETED.
- Glaring spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and continuity errors may be edited to keep the story as concise and as cohesive as possible.
- Family dynamics can be altered early on, as long as it doesn't contradict any other chapters (i.e. not every family member always has to be included).
- Main character point of view can be changed, as long as it is done in a chapter choice and is stated as such.
- When adding a new character option, always put the 2nd or 3rd choice as 'Someone else' (and please DON'T ADD one unless you intend to write it).
- Choices marked as [RESERVED] are for the author of the interactive to add to. Please do not add your own reserved option as it makes things confusing.
- Character choice options that are added without one of these options being explored WILL BE DELETED. Need to add some actual story to the story guys. Not just a collection of choices.
- Please don't lift character's, situations and storylines from other interactives.

This is an off-shoot and revision of material and story threads that I originally contributed to the interactive story 'The Ultimate Transplant'   by fantaghiro. Full credit goes to him for the initial idea and for allowing me to branch off on my own so that I can take more creative control. With the being said, it should be noted that most of the story added by myself will (initially at least) be made up of chapters that also appear in 'The Ultimate Transplant', and some early chapters may reflect or reference content originally written by other Writing.com authors.

Thank you to fantaghiro, enigma, JR and Suenos for allowing full use of their chapters.
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