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Everyone always bullied you for wearing Diapers, now its there turn.

Everyone always bullied you for wearing Diapers, now its there turn.

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The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
(This story is solely the idea of the user MANatee, who asked me to create it for them as they were unable. All credit goes to them.)

Up to now your life hasn't been easy. Due to a condition you still have accidents, as such you've been forced to spend your life in either Diapers or Pull ups (which one is up to you). And believe me, no ones made it easy for you, not your peers, not your family, no one. Everyone's bullied you, teased you, laughed at you, humiliated and embarrassed you, time and time again, without a single break.

But perhaps there is some justice in this universe. Perhaps someone has been watching your plight and wants to help. For now you have the power to get the justice you deserve. Where it came from? You have idea. How it works? You don't know. But regardless you now have it. What are these great powers you know possess? Well:

You can control others Age's, able to make them either older or younger at will.
You can control there level Continence ranging from absolute, to the occasional accident, to completely incontinent and anything in between.
You can also control people's Perception's of others and yourself. You can for example make an adult appear a tiny baby. And once you've altered this perception, reality will alter around them, to make it seem this new perception is real. For instance if you made a son appear to be a baby his mother, then his mother would be able to carry him as if he was a baby and easily force him into things that only a baby could fit into.
You can also make any of your changes reality, so it seems its always been that way, with only yourself and anyone you chose, remembering the truth.
You can also undo any changes you make, nothing you can do is irreversible.

They all thought it was funny to humiliate you, now lets see how funny they think it is when the roles are swapped.

Here are the rules:
no swearing.
no killing off the characters.
characters have sex (does not extend to minors), but not to extremes.
keep the language PG13.
spell out everything (no saying "u" instead of "you").
no one-choice only chapters.
no unbirthing or ageing people to dust, no using age modifications to make them die, whether it be directly or indirectly.
no sudden plot changing (if you must change the plot, then change it over a minimum of 10 chapters, none of which can be 'option' chapters).
the only short chapters (3 or less sentences) I will allow are 'option' Chapters.
only the transformations described in the introduction (Age Regression, Age progression, Continence Change, and Perception) are allowed, all others aren't.
no 'reader's choice' chapters.
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And have fun!
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