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While your parents are away, your siblings will be looking for revenge...

While your parents are away, your siblings will be looking for revenge...

This is an interactive story. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Your parents are away for a 3-week vacation. Meanwhile, anything cold happen!
The Rules:
No death, sex, or vore, except anal vore.
You can introduce new characters, but you must email their profile to me.
That's it! Enjoy!
The family:
You (Maya)- You are a 17-year old girl. You are the oldest one in the family. You have always been picking on your younger siblings, and now they wants revenge. You are short, and you have black hair. You are as strong as any of any of your siblings.
Trudy - Your younger sister, 15-years-old. She is a short brown haired-girl, and she has been looking forward to "liberating" her younger siblings for a long time. She is very persuasive, and she could ask anyone to do almost anything for her.
Kevin - Your younger brother, 13-years-old. He has black hair, and the smartest one in the family, and he has hundreds of traps planned for you. He is also the only one in the family that can put up a fight with you, because he is around your size. His farts are wet and loud, which he is a bit shy about to most people but his family. He is probably the gassiest in the family before you.
Pearl - Your younger sister, 8-years-old. She has brown hair, and she is sweet, kind, and lovely to the eyes of everyone. However, she has a deadly butt. Her farts can clear out a room, and everyone has to wait at least half an hour to go in the bathroom after her, unless you want to suffocate, that is.
Cody - The youngest brother, 7-years-old. He has black hair, and surprisingly strong for his size. He is the "Boss" of the bully gang at school, and he had 2 lackeys. They make the other kids smell their butt and farts. He is also the only one brave enough to try to take you down; there was one night where he sat bare-bottomed on your face, farted on you and tried to make you his slave. But, he failed and received a lungful of your gas later. However, he has since been trying to get stronger, even winning fights against kids above his age.
Your friends:
Emma: Your best friend, 16-years-old. She is a short brown-haired girl. She is very scientific and she invents many inventions, including the shrink ray...
Trudy's friends:
Ciel - Trudy's best friend, 14-years-old. She has brown hair. She is really nice, and would do almost anything anyone asked her.
Kevin's friends:
Norman - Kevin's best friend, 13-years-old. He is a short black haired boy. He has been Kevin's best friend for 3 years. He's a bit fat for his size, and no one can carry him ever. Period. He also has a crush on Kevin, so he will do almost anything he asks.
Grace - Your cousin, 12-years-old. She is a short, black-haired girl. She has been good friends with Kevin since the day they met, and she shares Kevin's view of you. She is a tomboy, and she takes pride in her long, bubbly farts.
Pearl's friends:
Mia - Pearl's best and only friend at school. She has brown hair. She is the only one that is alright with Pearl's farting, because she actually likes farting. One look at her and you could see a tomboy in the making. She also likes everything gross from the human body, from poop to pee to burps. She also likes to do it in public, so her parents make her wear diapers, to avoid messing her undies everyday.
Cody's friends:
Billy - One of Cody's lackeys, 7-years-old. He has black hair. He is the "Assassin" in Cody's gang. He is very quiet; you swear have never seen him talk. But, he is deadly when it comes to farting. He jumps over his target's head, hits them in the face bottom-first, then subdue them with a barrage of farts. You have no idea how he does that, but it IS pretty cool. Rumors say that he practiced this move with his older siblings at home, to survive from older siblings like you. Billy is actually more suited to be the "Boss" more than Cody in your opinion.
Alex: - The other lackey, 6-years-old. He has blonde hair, and he's that kid who's always carrying his blanket. Yes, that's acceptable in grade school, not because everyone's nice, but he is a killer at farting. He is the "Captor" in Cody's gang. His technique is to somehow make the target fall, then, he sits on their face, and ties the blanket so that his target would be trapped with his farts.
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