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You're a human out in the boonies with a monster family. This is your not so normal life.

You're a human out in the boonies with a monster family. This is your not so normal life.

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(9/21/2016: Under new management. Originally created by RedHurricane)

You are Neil Morpheus Reaver, a human living in the monster town of Dreadberry. You’ve adapted well to the situation and even married a monster native of the town. You’ve been living in Dreadberry for twenty years, but you still get into trouble as with every human who chooses to live in the monster world. Then again, a lot can happen when you live in the monster equivalence of the sticks.

Family Members

Name: Maggie Reaver
Species: Nemean Lion
Height: 1000ft
Appearance: An obese white furred humanoid lioness with light blonde hair and bright green eyes. Mainly wears a green unitard. Maggie’s skin and fur is as hard as steel, not even a nuke could wound her.
Description: Maggie is your wife. Even though lion based monsters prey on humans, Maggie doesn’t have a mean bone in her body and while she has a big appetite, humans are the one thing that she won’t eat. Though she can be ferociously protective of both you and Sapphire and isn’t afraid to roar. Maggie is also Dreadberry’s sheriff and she’s the best they’ve ever had, which makes you feel extremely safe with her.

Name: Sapphire Reaver
Species: Mer-Lion
Height: 900ft
Appearance: A heavyset teenage lioness with cyan scaly skin of a fish, gills on her neck and long blue hair. Despite being half-human, she shares the same species with her great-grandmother and the only thing noticeably human about her is that she has your eyes. Body wise, she resembles a mer-lion version of her mom.
Description: Sapphire is your and Maggie’s daughter that you somehow managed to sire. Despite being much bigger than you, Sapphire has never given you any trouble. In fact, she’s a model daughter who always tries to be as perfect as she can be. But because of this, she is usually stressed out over matters such as schoolwork. While Sapphire loves you, she is somewhat embarrassed by the fact that her father is so tiny.

Name: Cattleya Reaver
Species: Splintercat
Height: 800ft
Appearance: Cattleya resembles a chubby, brown reddish furred lynx with a humanoid face and long brown hair with a white streaked ponytail. Being a Splintercat, Cattleya has a head as hard as a rock and the largest butt you’ve ever seen, even bigger than either of her daughters’.
Description: Cattleya is Maggie’s mother (Maggie gets her species from her late father you never met). While she loves her daughters and granddaughter, Cattleya is a horrible mother-in-law. The woman just plain hates humans, especially you because she thinks Maggie could’ve done better. As a result she’s out to make your life a living nightmare. At one point she even tried to eat you, though she prefers to torture you by trying to crush you.

Name: Fiona Reaver
Species: Manticore
Height: 1000ft
Appearance: A giant green skinned and purple haired monster resembling a lioness with a scorpion’s tail and three sets of sharp teeth. Fiona also has a pair of leather wings that are uncommon in her species. For clothing she wears a white tank top and black gym shorts. Ironically, she used to be very muscular, but ruined her body when she fell into depression and is even fatter than Maggie.
Description: Fiona is Maggie’s older sister and your sister-in-law. She’s not mean like Cattleya but you don’t enjoy her visits because she’s always depressed. Fiona went through a nasty divorce years ago and is still upset about it. What makes her a problem is that she’s overly fond of you and won’t let the fact that you’re married to her sister stop her from coming on to you. Ironically, Fiona works as a physical therapist.

Name: Meryl Morpheus
Species: Skeleton
Height: 650ft
Appearance: A gigantic skeleton with burn marks on her skull resembling makeup but with her eyeballs in tact. She wears no clothes, but painted some of her bones purple. She appears to have long reddish brown hair, but it’s actually a wig resembling her hair from when she was alive.
Description: Meryl is your younger sister and one of your neighbors. She used to be a propane saleswoman but died in an explosion caused by her manager’s carelessness. However, she was buried in cursed ground and came back as a giant skeleton. Despite being undead, Meryl is still the same sister you knew when she was alive and always has your back. In fact, she’s the one who introduced you to Maggie.

Name: Flint Morpheus
Species: Golem
Height: 650ft
Appearance: A giant slightly muscular red golem with beady eyes and no visible mouth. Looks as though he's made out of bricks Wears a blue shirt with an orange jacket, khaki pants and white socks with sandals.
Description: Flint is Meryl’s husband and your brother in law. The golem rarely speaks but the two of you get along well what with him being one of the few male monsters in your life. Part of the reason you get along so well is that Flint is the only in-law you have that doesn’t cause you trouble.

Name: Emerald Morpheus
Species: Ragdoll
Height: 550ft
Appearance: A living green skinned patchwork doll with long blue hair, yellow eyes and a zipper on her mouth. Wears a patchwork dress with oversized black shoes and white mittens.
Description: Emerald is Meryl and Flint’s daughter and your niece. Flint stitched her together while Meryl used a spell book to bring her to life since neither of them had reproductive organs. She doesn’t say much and you can’t remember the last time she actually spoke. Emerald gets along well with Sapphire, but you’re not sure what she thinks of her uncle being so small. She can’t even wrap her head around the fact that her own mother used to be your size.


Name: Meagan Reynard
Species: Werefox
Height: 660ft
Appearance: A giant fat red-orange furred fox with long dark hair and a beauty mark on her lower chin. Wears a pair of skin tight jeans, black earrings and an open yellow jacket without a bra or shirt.
Description: Meagan is an ex-girlfriend of yours. You broke up with her because she was too possessive of you and she’s still bitter that you dumped her and married Maggie. Meagan in fact hates you so much that she told you that if she ever saw you again, she’d gobble you up on the spot. She even snapped her teeth in front of you to show how serious she was. Ever since you dumped her she’s developed a taste for humans. She lives across the street from you and Maggie and glares at you whenever she sees you.

Name: Sierra Cornwall
Species: Capricorn
Height: 500ft
Appearance: A large monster resembling a furry white goat from the wait up, but with scaly purple legs of a fish from the waist down. Has an udder as big as her head and messy hair the same color as her fur.
Description: Sierra is a capricorn who is the town drunk. You can’t remember the last time you saw her when she was sober and you don’t even know if she has a job. Sierra is in fact so drunk most of the time, that the milk in her udder permanently has alcohol in it. Since the spa you work at had a bar put in, you see her almost everyday. Much to Maggie’s annoyance, she tends to lock herself up in the jail cell after getting considerably drunk.

Name: Raven Dark
Species: Banshee
Height: 695ft
Appearance: A pale skinned and voluptuous ghost woman wearing a Victorian era ballroom dress. She has green hair with pink, purple and blue highlights. You don’t know if she has feet because she always hovers in the air.
Description: Raven a neighbor from down the street and a lovestruck banshee sorceress with the power to turn invisible. She moved in from Terrordale a few years back and you showed her around the neighborhood. Unfortunately Raven fell for you immediately and has been plotting to steal you from Maggie ever since. Despite many threats from Maggie, Raven still thinks that she has a chance with you and flirts with you every time she sees you.

Name: Isis
Species: Serpopard
Height: 1000ft
Appearance: A titanic and heavy set leopard with a long serpentine neck. She has bright orange skin with yellow and brown spots over her fat body and long tannish colored hair. Her only article of clothing is an ankh necklace.
Description: Isis is a monster who was born in the human world and moved to Dreadberry. She never speaks to anybody so you don’t know what she thinks of humans. Usually everyone tries to avoid her because she never interacts with anyone. However, Isis has stared at you a few times and you don’t know why. According to Lily, she’s bad news.

Name: Summer Macbeth
Species: Werehyena
Height: 750ft
Appearance: A large and muscular white furred werehyena with black spots all over her body and purplish hair worn in a ponytail.

Description: Despite being a werehyena, Summer is always in a bad mood and rarely ever smiles. Thankfully she’s a vegetarian and doesn’t mind a human in the neighborhood. Summer is the least social monster you know after Isis and prefers not to get involved with anyone, though she’s friendly enough with you. She’s also the younger sister of Cree of Monster Gaol, but she’s mad at her sister for marrying Aurelia, implying she might be prejudiced. Summer lives right next door to your family.

Name: Flora Flanders
Species: Spiggan
Height: 375ft
Appearance: A dark orange and purple split skinned and hourglass shaped fairy with long orange-brown hair and insect like eyes, one of which is bulging out as half of her body looks malformed. Flora has pink wings resembling those of a butterfly and mainly wears a matching shirt and a strawberry print skirt.
Description: Flora is your youngest neighbor that isn’t a child or a teenager and one of those annoyingly chipper types. She sees the bright side of everything and unfortunately for you, she doesn’t understand that Cattleya and Meagan mean you harm. In short, Flora believes there is good in everyone and that everyone should get along. Flora is also neighbors with Summer and doesn’t seem to realize the latter isn’t particularly fond of her.

Name: Lily Oxnard
Species: Minotaur
Height: 800ft
Appearance: An enormous heavy set minotaur with bright red fur and hair as well as an udder even bigger than Sierra’s. Lily mainly wears a crimson jacket, beret and skirt and is usually seen smoking a cigarette.
Description: Lily is one of Maggie’s closest friends, but she’s also somewhat crazy. The woman is a conspiracy theorist who makes the most insane accusations and tend to use pseudonyms when talking to or signing anything for the government. She especially has trouble trusting certain species of monsters. You recently found out Lily’s husband Angus has been cheating on her but you have yet to tell anyone the bad news.

Name: Angus Oxnard
Species: Minotaur
Height: 850ft
Appearance: A large muscular built black minotaur. Mainly wears a tucked in grayish red shirt and jeans.
Description: Angus is Lily’s husband. While he’s friendly with both you and Flint, he isn’t faithful towards Lily and has been cheating on her with another woman for months now and you’re the only one who knows about it.

Name: Barbara Anne Sprinter
Species: Werecheetah
Height: 850ft
Appearance: A fat werecheetah with golden fur, black spots and long black hair reaching down to her large rear. Mainly wears a blue bikini with white stars all over it and a red headband.
Description: Barbara Anne is Maggie’s best friend and the sole sane woman among Maggie’s friends. Of all Maggie’s friends, Barbara Anne is the most friendly towards you. However, she’s also jealous of the fact that she’s the only one between Maggie and her three closest friends who isn’t married. You know for a fact that she’s bisexual and she’s been on dates with dozens of monsters, some of which she brings with her to meet Maggie. Too bad she’s much too picky to decide on a mate.

Name: Penny O’Neil
Species: Wereseal
Height: 850ft
Appearance: A titanic, blubbery and gray furred wereseal with blonde hair. She wears no clothing except for a large blue jacket of fake fur and a pair of headphones.
Description: Penny is a close friend of Maggie, Barbara Anne and Lily. However, she is completely oblivious to humans and still can’t figure out why Maggie married one. Too bad for you that Penny usually has her headphones on and doesn’t usually notice you’re there. Penny is actually the first of the foursome to have been married but you’ve never met her husband and you hear he never leaves the house. All you know for sure is Penny married outside of her species. Penny is also yours and Maggie’s other next door neighbor.

Name: Prima Maston
Species: Woolly Mammoth
Height: 1000ft
Appearance: A titanic mammoth, heavy in body shape with long white hair reaching down to her rear. Prima mainly wears a black cloak with matching skin tight rubber pants.
Description: Prima is your employer at a salon and spa in town where the she-monsters hang out. You mainly act as her assistant. Prima has a neutral attitude when it comes to humans and doesn’t think that your species matters, but there are times when she can get stressed out due to you being her only employee and her business partner getting on her nerves. You find her species odd and wonder how a woolly mammoth counts as a monster but you dare not question it because she’s very touchy about it.

Name: Atlanta Scales
Species: Leviathan
Height: 890ft
Appearance: A large hourglass shaped wingless dragon with webbed feet and hands, a long finned body like a fish and bright pink skin. She sports purple and red hair and wears a pair of thin glasses.
Description: Atlanta is your other boss and Prima’s business partner. However, Atlanta thinks very little of humans and likes to refer to you as hers and Prima’s slave even though they pay you. Atlanta tends to treat you as little more than a slave in contrast to Prima who respects you as an employee and the two of them don’t really get along well.

Name: Doz
Species: War Beast/Chimera
Height: 850ft
Appearance: A strange creature resembling a mix between a wyvern and a Japanese hornet.
Description: An addition from Ultimate Neo and the mother of his character Xyn of Monster Bedlam. She works as a bartender at the salon. Doz mistook it for a saloon because Atlanta made a mistake when she put up a help wanted poster and Prima decided to humor her. Doz is somewhat ditzy but it’s only a cover for a serious personality when dealing with trouble. Doz also works as a manga artist under the pen name “Polly Baker” and her most famous manga is called Masked Hero.

Name: Ibuki Todoroki
Species: Baku
Height: 560ft
Appearance: A giant monster resembling a tapir. She has pink fur with a bob haircut from the waist up and yellow fur from the waste down resembling a pair of pants. Wears nothing but a magenta jacket for clothing.

Description: Ibuki is a reporter for the town newspaper. She comes to the salon both for the spa baths and to find interesting stories but is usually very unsuccessful because nothing really exciting happens in Dreadberry. You heard that Ibuki actually used to work for the Daily Tombstone in Fearfield, but she was fired for unknown reasons and returned to the countryside.

Name: Rachel Tuna

Species: Tanuki
Height: 800ft
Appearance: A middle aged and obese tanuki with white fur and red markings and graying hair in a bob cut. Like many furred animal based monsters in Dreadberry, Rachel doesn’t wear clothes.
Description: Rachel is a customer at the spa who comes in one a week, mostly to have her hair and fur down. However, you consider her to be your least favorite customer. The woman always has her nose where it doesn’t belong and is an incurable gossip. Another reason you don’t like her much is because she’s Cattleya’s best friend, although unlike Cattleya she isn’t outright mean towards you.

Name: Moxie Axelrod
Species: Gremlin
Height: 750ft
Appearance: An abnormally tall and voluptuous gremlin girl with red skin and long pale blonde hair. Mainly wears a pair of overalls with a striped shirt.
Description: Moxie is a mechanic in town that comes in the salon on a regular basis because of the damage her work does to her nails. You know for a fact that Moxie is in a relationship with Lily’s husband Angus but you’re keeping that information to yourself for now. After all, you wouldn’t want to make the gremlin giantess mad at you, even if she is a home wrecker.

Name: Lee Gin
Species: Succubus
Height: 680ft
Appearance: A gigantic and overweight succubus with gray skin and long light blue hair reaching down to her butt. Lee has horns on her forehead with snake like eyes, leather wings, a devil’s tail and hooves for feet. Mainly wears a skimpy leather bra with blue pants bearing bat designs
Description: Lee is another regular at the spa you work at. Lee enjoys having power over tinier humans and whenever she shows up, you never know what she wants you to do. Though, given her job as a singer at a night club she shows up at least once a week. You heard that Lee used to be human but was impregnated with a baby succubus and her body was transmogrified to accommodate her giant offspring and the transformation made her personality a lot more demonic. Lee’s daughter is currently the same age as Sapphire, but you’ve never met her.

Name: Irma Chillton
Species: Frost Giant
Height: 600ft
Appearance: A light skinned frost giantess with long light blonde hair in a braided ponytail. Wears a blue colored Viking like dress and combat boots. Irma’s back is hunched over due to an injury to her spine a long time ago and as such her back is higher in the air than her head.
Description: Irma is one of Maggie’s two deputies. However, Irma is the absolute unluckiest person you know. Something bad is always happening to her and she gets injured on the job very easily. With the exception of Maggie and Jolene, everybody avoids her because of this very reputation as a jinx. As such, she always looks so sad when you see her.

Name: Jolene Piper
Species: Basilisk
Height: 800ft
Appearance: A silver skinned monster resembling a female version of a cross between Godzilla and a snake. She has a red and black striped underbelly, blond hair and spikes covering her back. Mainly wears an open gray jacket and pants.

Description: Jolene is Maggie’s other deputy. Unlike the cynical and cautious Irma, Jolene is scrappy and headstrong and constantly out to prove her worth as Maggie’s deputy. However, she tends to rush in without thinking things through and Maggie has had to get her out of trouble time and time again.

Name: Prussia Kipling
Species: Weretiger
Height: 1000ft
Appearance: An obese blue furred weretigress with long navy colored hair and purple stripes. Prussia mainly wears a black cowgirl’s outfit and a hat with a large blue rose on the side of it.
Description: Prussia is a marshal issued to help Maggie deal with criminals in Dreadberry. Her office is on the opposite side of the street as Maggie’s and the two of them don’t get along well, somewhat rivals who don’t like to work together unless they have to. While you are aware of her existence, Prussia has no idea that Maggie is married to a human and Maggie would prefer for you two not to meet because that tigress considers humans to be a delicacy and thinks Maggie is a fellow predator. Much to your frustration, because Prussia doesn’t know Maggie is married, she has a secret crush on her.

Name: Hailey Yorkshire
Species: Centicore
Height: 750ft
Appearance: A monster resembling a black antelope with white diamond shaped spot and silver hair with long horns. Muscle bound in appearance and wears a white open suit with no shirt or bra.
Description: Hailey is the mayor of Dreadberry and Maggie’s boss. While Hailey is a decent and honest mayor, she’s one of those pessimistic types and always thinks things will turn out badly. Whenever she calls Maggie, it’s usually because something bad is happening. Maggie told you that Hailey outlived her human lover and has been in a bad mood ever since.

Sapphire’s Friends

Name: Ruby Welker
Species: Orthrus
Height: 650ft
Appearance: A heavy set two-headed and gray furred werewolf who mainly dresses in Gothic clothing. The left head has black hair while the right head has white hair.
Description: Ruby is Sapphire’s best friend and an odd monster whose two heads finish each other’s sentences. Oddly her left head is always stoic while her right head is always so excitable. Ruby doesn’t mind that her best friend’s father is a human, but you find her difficult to talk to because of her two heads.

Name: Topaz River
Species: Chinese Dragon
Height: 900ft
Appearance: A yellow scaled Chinese dragoness with long black hair with green highlights. Mainly wears a green Chinese style dress.
Description: Topaz is a transfer student who moved to Dreadberry with her parents years ago. Of all Sapphire’s friends, she’s the calmest and wisest. But she doesn’t like being compared to western dragons who she considers to be barbaric. Topaz is also the granddaughter of Yulong of Monster Tower.

Name: Onyx Doyle

Species: Carbuncle
Height: 765ft
Appearance: A giant heavyset mountain lioness with silver fur and a star shaped gem in the center of her forehead. Only ever wears a black and white checkered jacket and a daisy in her hair.
Description: Onyx is an easily excitable and ditzy Carbuncle, easily the most girly girl out of Sapphire’s friends. However despite being friendly to other monsters, Onyx is highly predatory and your status as Sapphire’s father is the only thing keeping her from eating you. She’s not very bright and doesn’t always think before she speaks.

Name: Pearl Sirtis

Species: Gargoyle
Height: 455ft
Appearance: A short but muscular pitch black skinned gargoyle with pinkish tints in her white hair and eyes that always glow red.. Mainly wears a rose colored shirt and loincloth with a belt.
Description: Pearl is the most athletic and tomboyish of Sapphire’s friends. While you wouldn’t know, she’s shorter than other gargoyles and is very touchy and temperamental about it. Usually Sapphire has to restrain Pearl when some of the more abrasive students try to bully her and make sure the gargoyle doesn’t make the situation worse. Pearl is also the niece of Warden Destiny of Monster Gaol and the younger cousin of Fate of Monster Tower.

Name: Goldie
Species: Leprechaun
Height: 465ft
Appearance: Despite appearing human, Goldie's pointed ears make it clear she's a monster. Being a leprechaun she has curly red hair and freckles and mainly wears a green skirt and shirt.
Description: An addition by Infinitebull. Goldie is a young leprechaun girl who recently befriended you and your family. Like all leprechauns, she has a pot of gold she keeps well hidden. Because she isn't old enough to work at her family's pub, Goldie works at a shoe store under the employ of Cordelia, an elf giantess. Pearl doesn't like being around Goldie, not out of dislike, but out of embarrassment of their height difference.

Name: Jade Matthew Harrette
Species: Cactus Cat
Height: 675 ft.
Appearance: Jade has brown eyes and short, black hair. Her skin is green and she is covered in thron-like fur (hence her species namesake). She has a branching tail. She is somewhat chubby, mostly in her stomach and legs. She is 2 years older that Sapphire.
Description: An OC of the 12th Doctor. Jade is a friendly girl, but incredibly shy. She was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome at a young age, so she has trouble with social situations. She does not understand emotions very well. She has rotating interests. Currently, she is obssessed with abandoned locations.


Name: Uma D. Kay
Species: Zombie
Height: 560ft
Appearance: A giant and obese cyan skinned zombie woman similar in appearance to a Boomer. She has pale blue hair worn in a 50s style. Wears a pair of red horn rimmed glasses along with a red rubber jacket and skirt. Aside from her weight and ability to speak, she looks similar to that famous horror writer Cadence Deadman.
Description: Uma is the home etc. teacher at Nightmare High. She has a mild attitude when it comes to the students, but you usually try to avoid her. Uma always asks Sapphire how you’re doing and seems to have an unhealthy fascination with humans. What you find mostly annoying about Uma is the fact that she doesn’t seem to respect that you’re married as she’s openly flirted with you, even directly in front of Maggie. If she weren’t already dead you’d say she had a death wish.

Name: Mikki T. Tavi
Species: Hydrus
Height: 600ft
Appearance: A giant white furred mongoose with purple highlights in her fur. Pear shaped body wise and like most animal based monsters in Dreadberry, she doesn’t wear clothes.
Description: Mikki is the math teacher and the meanest teacher in the entire school and all the students utterly despise her. She doesn’t allow humans in her class, unless they’re in a monster’s belly. She doesn’t care what said humans mean to the students and if Mikki sees you in her classroom, she’ll either eat you herself or force-feed you to Sapphire. Mikki’s biggest pet peeve is to be confused for a hydra given the similar names of their species.

Name: Taleela Kahmen.
Species: Mummy
Height: 650ft
Appearance: A heavy set mummy girl wrapped up to her waist in bright colored gauze. She has tanned skin and red eyes with bluish black hair reaching down to her ankles. Despite being dead, she doesn’t look half bad and wears a black shirt with a red vest with hieroglyphs tattooed to her arms.
Description: Taleela is the history teacher and the friendliest teacher in the school. She especially adores humans and considers Maggie to be very lucky to have you. There’s a rumor that the mummy giantess was an Egyptian queen back when she was alive but Taleela doesn’t like to talk about her own past. Taleela is also a powerful sorceress, though she rarely uses her powers.

Name: Ophelia Keys
Species: Gryphon
Height: 475ft

Appearance: An obese gryphon woman with white feathers and reddish brown fur. Wears a white lab coat and a pair of rectangular glasses along with a black skirt and pink shirt.
Description: Ophelia is the science teacher of Nightmare High. Unfortunately for you, she’s less of a science teacher and more of a mad scientist in terms of personality. While science is Sapphire’s best subject, you’re scared to death of Ophelia. You’re afraid of what she’d do to you if she saw you because you heard she was even worse towards humans than Mikki.

Name: Aziza Kipplestein
Species: Ziz
Height: 825ft
Appearance: An enormous red and orange feathered bird resembling an ostrich with the wings of an eagle that allow her to fly. She normally wears a small pair of glasses with a blue dress with polka dots.
Description: Aziza is a strange bird that acts as the literature teacher in the school. As far as teachers go, Aziza is somewhat absentminded and neurotic. Whenever she’s caught by surprise, she has to panic. According to Atlanta, this is because Aziza is an old friend of hers and she was always caught between the arguments of Atlanta and a behemoth acquaintance of there’s. Aziza is harmless to humans though and is actually quite friendly towards you.

Name: Colleen Howler
Species: Werewolf
Height: 760ft
Appearance: A large and fat red and white furred werewolf resembling a collie. Colleen never wears clothes but her fur is often stained with paint.
Description: Colleen is the art teacher of Nightmare High and one of Lupa’s many cousins. Unlike the rest of her family (minus April), Colleen considers humans to be inedible and disgusting and they serve no interest to her. Because of this, she’s actually the most harmless teacher in the school towards you and most of the time doesn’t want anything to do with you.

Name: Nellie Hugo
Species: Carcolh
Height: 850ft
Appearance: A giant bright red snail with a dragon’s head, a white underbelly and a giant shell on her back covered in spikes. She has shaggy black hair and doesn’t wear anything but a purple bra and pair of gym shorts.
Description: Nellie is the gym teacher and a rival of Meryl’s. She despises your sister for marrying Flint, despite the fact that Flint never met the snail giantess. Nellie’s jealousy is so strong that she hates you and Sapphire by proxy of being related to Meryl. Nellie is hard and often cruel to your daughter which you don’t appreciate, but you’re afraid of what the dragon slug would do if she got her hands on you.

Name: Morgan Wayne
Species: Mutated Werebat
Height: 1700ft
Appearance: An abnormally large monster resembling a fruit bat with long purple-red hair and purple fur. Muscular in appearance with veins all over her body and bright red eyes. She also has abnormally long claws and teeth. Goes around naked because no clothes would fit her.
Description: Morgan is the headmistress of Nightmare High. She also holds the record of being the largest monster in the world. You heard that she was experimented on by humans when she was a baby and there’s another rumor that she’s still getting bigger. Because of her massive size, Morgan’s office is underneath Nightmare HIgh. Thankfully Morgan only eats fruit, but she’s not above using her towering height to be frightening and students and staff alike are utterly terrified of her. Despite her intimidating appearance, Sapphire has assured you Morgan isn’t mean. Though this may be because Sapphire has never done anything to warrant the werebat’s wrath.


Name: Fang Grunewald (Formerly Reaver)
Species: Saber-Tooth Tiger
Height: 765ft
Appearance: A giant and skinny saber-toothed tiger with dark brown fur and long fangs. You haven't seen him in years but you remember him wearing a purple tank-top and jean shorts.
Description: Fang is Fiona's ex-husband. You never were particularly fond of him or his sarcastic jokes but he earned Cattleya and Maggie's hatred eleven years ago by outright cheating on Fiona and then leaving her on Valentines's Day. He hasn't been in Dreadberry since.

Name: Specter
Species: Ghost
Height: ?
Appearance: ?
Description: An addition by Anonymous One. Specter is a bank robber that has been terrorizing Dreadberry for six months now. Maggie hasn't had much luck catching this criminal because there's no evidence of his/her identity. Even specter's gender is uncertain.

Name: Olafy
Species: Snowman
Height: 300ft
Appearance: An 18 year old cartoonish looking snow girl with a carrot for a nose and hockey pucks for belly buttons. See Olaf from Frozen.
Description: An addition by UltraGTS in one of his final chapters. Olaf is a new girl working at Doz's bar. She's very excitable around humans and somewhat overly friendly, once again, see her design inspiration for context.

Name: Michelle (last name unknown)
Species: Mngwa
Height: 850 ft
Appearance: Michelle is a feline monster covered in dark-grey fur with some patches missing. She has red hair tied in a bun and gold eyes hidden behind sunglasses. She has an athletic body, with decent-sized breasts, slim arms and legs, a small waist, and decent hips. But, due to the way her body distributes fat, she has an ENORMOUS butt, possibly bigger that Cattleya's. She prefers to wear a specially tailored black suit with black heels.
Description: An OC of the 12th Doctor. Michelle is a long term FBI agent in town looking for a convicted robber. She takes her job VERY seriously. Once she starts an investigation, she barely registers anything that doesn't involve it. Despite this, she takes care not to eat or sit on humans, since anyone, even humans, could help in her case. She tries not to break anything with her gargantuan rear.

Name: Sasha Svetlana Rasto
Species: Saber-Tooth Tiger
Height: 1000 Ft.
Apperance: Sasha is of Russian descent. She has orange and black fur all over her body. She has long, black hair dyed silver and in a ponytail reaching her lower back. She has grey eyes behind cat-eye glasses. She is incredibly fat from her life of luxary, bigger than Maggie but smaller than Fiona. Her most notable features are her two front fangs, which are rather long (reaching her chin) and pointy. She wear a grey suit. She speaks in a Russian Accent.
Personality: Another OC of the 12th Doctor. Sasha is a woman of chance and games. Nothing makes her happier than gambling. From Craps to Poker to the Roulette Wheel, if it involves chance and money, she's there. It's a good thing she's good at gambling, being so rich she owns her own casino business. She is incredibly greedy, only caring about getting rich and adding to her opulent lifestyle (the reason for her weight). She's in Dreadberry hoping to convince the mayor to build one of her casino's.

Name: Delia Quinn O'Shay
Species: Anthro Bee
Height: 925 ft.
Appearance: Delia is covered in yellow-and-black striped fuzz, has compound black eyes and short, red hair with two antenna's sticking out and a bee like mandible for a mouth. Due to her role as queen, she is constantly pregnant, sporting a massive belly with equally large breasts and butt. She has a small stinger above her butt and a pair of large wings. She usually wears a tight, black robe with black underwear underneath.
Description: An addition from the 12th Doctor. Hailing from Scotland, Delia is the queen of a travelling bee colony. Though her main job is to produce more drones, she has other duties, including public relations and managing finances. She is the very definition of tomboy, having a love for sports (her favorite being football) and gaming (with fighting games as her favorite), though she does take her job as queen seriously. She only dates one type of person: women with Lactose Overload Syndrome. She speaks in a thick Scottish accent.

Name: Natasha Lake / The Amazing Lakeinski
Species: Vampire
Height: 950 ft.
Story: Monster
Appearance: Natasha has cement grey skin, red eyes, and short, naturally grey hair. She has pronounced fangs. Her upper body is slim, but she has enormously muscular legs, rivaling even the best bodybuilders. She wears various magicians outfits, but tailored to show of her legs.
Description: An O.C. of the 12th Doctor. Natasha, or "The Amazing Lakeinski", is a very famous Russian stage magician. She took up stage magic to make up for the fact that she has no actual vampire powers apart from immortality. She loves to astound and confuse the audience with her tricks. Her specialty is "The Coffin of Confusion" where she enters the coffin, and switches places with an audience member. She truly loves to entertain people, and is one of the most social people out there. She does drink blood, but does not eat humans.


All Monsters are giants 300ft is the minimum height
Fantasy Only. No Mecha or Mutates (Morgan is an exception because she was already a giant monster)
No human giants
Avoid Extreme Sexual Content. Please.
No Nightmare giantesses please.
Only female monsters can harm Neil.
No toilet stuff
Neil would never willingly cheat on Maggie.
Keep personalities consistent.
Except for option chapters, all chapters must be at least 2-3 paragraphs long
Don’t end the story too soon
Please no Male Preds or any interaction with Male Giant privates! I thought I didn't have to say it!
Neil is in his 40s so don’t try to hook him up with any underage or underage looking giantesses.
Have Fun
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