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  1. Good Morning
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You're a human out in the boonies with a monster family. This is your not so normal life.
Chapter #1

Good Morning

    by: Unknown
You wake up one fine morning as the sun shines in through the bedroom window. You let out a yawn and then feel the soft white ground around you. You had been sleeping on your wife’s butt cheek. Even today you find it hard to believe it. Maggie Reaver, the sheriff of Dreadberry was your wife. Of course, she was a 1000ft tall lioness who couldn’t even be hurt by a nuke, but you weren’t complaining. You look up at the mantle and smile. You see your wedding photograph, a photograph of your sister and a photograph of your daughter as a baby. You breath deeply and then you hear a noise that sounds like a thunderstorm.

Well you were close, it was actually Maggie’s snoring. She was still asleep. You however knew of a sure way to wake Wifezila up. You climb up Maggie’s long hair, a journey take takes twenty or so minutes. Not only was Maggie so impossibly huge, but she was a rather fat feline, making her practically a mountain to you, but that meant there was more Maggie for you to love. You make it to your wife’s ear and start to scratch it, turning her thunderous snoring into an even more thunderous purring. Once you have Maggie’s attention, you jump in front of her enormous eye as it opens up. You hang on tight to Maggie’s eyelid as the lioness giantess gets up. Maggie sits up in bed and smiles at you. “Morning Neil.” “Hey Maggie, how’s my queen of beasts doing today?” Maggie lets out a laugh and then brings you down to her level to kiss you. This in turn coats you with a rain of lion drool but after twenty years you’re used to it.

Not long after, your large lioness wife takes you into the shower. For this, she mainly just rubs you with soap and uses you as a sponge to clean herself, not that you particularly mind. Once the shower is over, Maggie has breakfast on the table. She sets down a plate of pancakes and breaks off a piece of one of hers for you to eat. As you and Maggie are eating, you hear tremors and smile. That would be your daughter Sapphire coming down. You must admit, you were surprised you even got Maggie pregnant to begin with. And even more surprised when Sapphire turned out not to be a Nemean lion. She was a mer-lion. Maggie assured you that was due to her own mixed ancestry. Given the original Nemean lion was an offspring of Echidna, you didn’t question it.

“Morning Mom,” says Sapphire as she takes her seat. “Morning Dad.” You see that Sapphire has her math book open and is studying. Your daughter got the best grades in her class and you were so proud of her. But she tended to stress out over tests and you didn’t appreciate it. “Sapphire,” Maggie says. “How many times have I told you not to bring your textbooks to the breakfast table.” “But Mom,” groans Sapphire. “Ms. Tavi’s planning a pop quiz and I’ve got to be ready for everything.” You smile and shake your head as you feel your giantess daughter’s thumb. “Sapphire,” you say. “My cuddly little colossus. Don’t worry. You’re the smartest cat I know, right after your mother of course.” Maggie lets out a laugh before she serves Sapphire her breakfast.

You see both your wife and daughter tearing into the sauropod sausages and shrug your shoulders. Sharing a breakfast table with two giant lionesses with big appetites might seem unnerving to most, but you were used to Sapphire and Maggie. You actually found Maggie’s carnivorous appetite to be part of her charm and it looked like Sapphire was becoming more and more like her mom everyday.

What happens now?
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