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Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Erotica · #1991902
A guy with a foot fetish keeps ending up at women's feet...what could be the problem?

A guy with a foot fetish keeps ending up at women's feet...what could be the problem?

This is an interactive story containing 987 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
*Update 11.07.2019! Hey there! As it happens I ended up as the new owner of the interactive! As you might remember the storylines were already mostly closed, but I plan to open up a few in the future(Like... I think Valerie has no happy ending, only overly sadistic ones, which don't worry y'all I will keep majority of them even though heart attacks and treating people as rugs for rest of their life isn't my thing at all XD)

*Update 06.11.2019! So... it took me a while to get around to it, but I think I'm gonna start slowly opening up chapters to continue! HOWEVER, this might mean I will have to delete some of the ending chapters, or chapters that I genuinely think actually turned characters into psychopaths for no reason(Since I don't feel too comfortable having a story with those, and people thinking I'm into stuff like stabbing a guy with high heels until bleeding and such XD). THEREFORE YOU MIGHT WANT TO SAVE SOME OF THE MORE HARDCORE CHAPTERS YOU WANT TO KEEP. I don't think I will be deleting too much though.

*Update 25.11.2019! Okaaaay, I know I said I wouldn't be deleting too much... but I clearly underestimated how many random fatalities, and characters randomly turning completely psychotic were added to this story. Hence, I am adding two new rules, I will be a bit lax on the "legacy" chapters, since I don't want to ruin the interactive, but any new chapters that have random fatality of main character, or turning the girls into psychopaths who murder him while smiling wickedly are gonna get deleted(I mean none of the girls is meant to be a goddamn psycho, femdom is nice and all, but there have to be some limits! Geez...).

Interactive Originally Created by RoganJoshg

If you want to continue from some chapter, but there is no free option to pick, feel free to ask me to add that possibility for you!

Is having a foot fetish a blessing or a curse?

Things have been pretty good for you recently. You have a cute girlfriend, decent income and no major worries or concerns.

Except for your foot fetish of course!

Some guys would embrace this, but not you. You've always been determined to maintain a "normal" image - playing it safe has been your motto. However, all this is about to change...

Your ex girlfriend, Tora, seems to know about your foot fetish! Even though you haven't seen her for over a year, she somehow has discovered your secret and will no doubt attempt to exploit this as much as possible!

This isn't the only trouble you're going to face; with various women in your life - some of which you'll encounter for the first time - you're bound to end up being taken advantage of. How much humiliation will you be able to take? Will you be able to keep your current girlfriend, Lizzie, from finding out your secret?!

Deep down, you feel like you're destined to be dominated by female feet. However, what price are you willing to pay for this?

Main characters:

You are a 22 year old computer programmer. You are fairly intelligent but usually quite risk-averse. Some would call this cowardly! Around women, you tend to get overawed and can be easily manipulated. Caucasian, 5' 10", short brown hair and blue eyes. You have a foot fetish but haven't allowed yourself to explore it (except for in private), afraid of what the consequences could be!

The ex girlfriend! Tora is also 22 years old. She is Caucasian, drop-dead-gorgeous, average height at 5' 7", and has wavy, strawberry-blonde hair. The last time you were dating was just over a year ago. Domineering and charismatic, you always felt inferior to her. Admittedly, you still regret never exploring your foot fetish with her properly....She has extremely pretty, well-cared for feet, size 7 (US).

Your current girlfriend. She is 23 years old, pretty, Caucasian, 5' 5", and is a sweet, kind person. She has dark brown hair and eyes, and is very funny and caring. Even though she's a lovely girl, you don't have the same lustful feelings towards her as you did (and still do, deep down) for Tora! She has small feet (size 4, US) with very short toes - they're not particularly attractive, especially compared to Tora's!

Other characters have been gradually added to the story. Any more characters that you want to introduce are welcome! Their bios, additional characters and character map links are below:

"Who else is involved in this story?; "Continue; "Additional characters

"Character Map


1. Focus on Ross' interaction with women.
2. Story is told in 2nd person and present tense (e.g. You hear a knock at the door)
3. No vore, scat, toilet or shrinking!
4. No explicitly sexual stuff with underage characters
5. Please use correct grammar, spelling and punctuation
6. NO CHARACTER DEATHS(Chapters that contain it will be deleted)
7. Please try to remain loyal to characters' personalities... most are somewhat dominating, and some have a bit violent temper, but NONE is a murderous psychopath who would kill a guy over perving at her feet!(Can't believe I have to write that...)

Please rate and review!

Have fun! *Wink*
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