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by Doom
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You decide to shrink yourself super tiny and survive, nobody aware of your existence.

You decide to shrink yourself super tiny and survive, nobody aware of your existence.

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You are you.

Always being a fan of shrinking, survival shows, survival stories/scenarios, being a huge environmental conservationist and you being tired of the world. You decide to put all of your money into shrinking yourself and surviving off your surroundings. You told your family and anyone else who care for you in your life that you are traveling the world and will be banning the use of any phones but will leave emails. These emails that you are sending are already made and being automated to send regularly so no one will worry about you.

Now you just need to decide what environment you want to shrink yourself in and consider it's dangers and advantages...

Backyard survival: You will shrink yourself in your parents' and neighbors' backyard. It will be a grassy jungle where you will truly have to fend for yourself for the most part. In your backyard is the danger of your two parents and 2 younger sisters, in the other backyard is your 47 year old single woman who loves to garden. You will have to watch out for the occasional lawnmower from your dad and be very wary of being in the neighbor's garden for too long. Some miscellaneous dangers with humans but your biggest threat will be insects and the occasional animal. You will almost exclusively be on your own and have to use the maximum of your survival skills as leftover food from humans may be scarce.

Indoor survival: Quite the opposite as you shrink yourself in the neighbor's home (Neighbors before you moved out for your life change). A strange environment that ranges from a weird jungle of carpet strands to a desert of hardfloor, sources of food and drink can be available in abundance for great risk and limited time. The 39 year olds Rachel and Dan are parents still well into their sexual peak to an 18 year old girl and two younger children. You will have to be careful for the whims of humans that will be like gods to you. The occasional bug may be a threat but the family is by far the greatest. There is also the safety blanket of them finding you in case things get bad.

Urban survival: Shrunk in the city. You will be in a bumpy mess of concrete, living almost exclusively off of the giants above. The environment will consist of dark corridors to massive amounts of hard ground where giants commute. The danger is being super tiny while thousands of people, rich and poor walk to their destinations, not giving a care for the tiny person they may almost step on. Food will be of abundance but competition with insects and animals may force quick acquisition of weapons and craftiness.

Beach survival: Shrunk at the beach, you stare at one horizon being blue and one being tan. The environment will be either a hot desert speckled with various people depending on the day or a deceptively dangerous sea filled with some waves over thousands of feet tall. Food will be available in the form of human leftovers or sea creatures. Humans are always a threat but the sea life and animals have a new member of their foodchain, depending on how smart and strong you get.

Restaurant survival: Surviving at the burger fast food place should've been easy but you wonder just how easy it is. Your environment will be a hard floor with many different weird shaped buildings that are actually seats. Be careful the giant customers and workers. Leftover food will only be available for limited time due to the worker's cleaning and eating fresh food is a huge risk. How long can you survive in this death trap?

Rules: The only rule is no underage sexual scenes, kids can be in the story for realistic situations but please no sexual tones with them.

More on the unaware side with this story but you can be found. Try to stick with the survival environment but if you are found and taken elsewhere, well these things happen although with a creative mind you can always find a way to end up getting stuck back to surviving*Wink* but it's up to you.

Thanks to orr4eva for creating this world, and for the trust and honour I feel at having it transferred into my care. This wouldn't be here without them.
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