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Rated: ASR · Interactive · Action/Adventure · #1998066
Alice In Wonderland with an Anime Twist *More Description inside * ALSO IT NEVER ENDS!

Alice In Wonderland with an Anime Twist *More Description inside * ALSO IT NEVER ENDS!

This is an interactive story containing 516 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Who doesnt love Alice In Wonderland? And its MANY Interpretations? We've surely seen some adaption or another especially in Anime or Manga so I figured Why not do an interactive take on that?

I'm pretty open on this but airing on the side of caution the ASR rating is for Anime characters that can get a bit non PG/E

Rules as Follows:

1: NO ENDING OF THE STORY PERIOD!! Personally I find the original and it's adaptions far too short so keep things going as long as possible please.

2: Growing and Shrinking ( Size Change ) scenes are highly encouraged! The more the merrier! Frankly I feel some adaptations don't have enough or rush the story. Heck even the original sadly only had around 4 of each. So have fun just dont go overkill on huge ( Planet sized ) or Tiny ( Microscopic and such )

3: NO American McGee, Tim Burton or the like incarnation I didn't care for those! Likewise NO Creepy Pasta! Shrinking or out growing of clothes is permissible other than that the rest is a no go

4: NO Death, No Scat or the like
5: Please try to use decent spelling and grammar. I'm not a Grammar Nazi but at least make it readable! This includes spacing of Paragraphs. Reading entries that are a Wall-O-Text is a pet peeve

6: After a certain point please try to minimize short chapters unless it's for adding choices.

7: I reserve the right to Edit, modify, delete chapters for ANY Reasons but usually only for rule breaking.

8: in case I didn't say it aside from American McGee, Tim Burton or creepy stuff ANY Alice In Wonderland incarnation including books, films, specials, movies, Anime, manga, fan art, fan fiction ,or even something completely different as long as the story is kept going sticks to Alice In Wonderland in some manner and size changes occur to whoever is playing the part of "Alice" it's fine

So go have fun peeps

** 4/13/2015 7:05pm EST
Update + New rule since I've apparently had to make it a rule on account of 3 people ***

Rule # 9 if you Insist on choosing a Male to play Alice HE MUST Either be turned Female at some point or at least be a "TRAP" ( I.E. Can crossdress and pass as female because after all Alice always wears some kind of dress or Skirt and by pass as female I actually mean you look at them and could almost never guess they were cross dressing )

I'm all for "Gender Equality" however male size change is NOT Really my cup of tea and there are a bunch of interactive a that openly allow makes with little to no restriction. Sorry for this but please respect the wishes of the story moderators

*** 5/12/2015 Update

New Rule

Rule #10 Since someone didn't find it self explanatory or obvious please Limit the Number of Non Human characters. This isn't Charmy Kitty, Cats or Animals in wonderland. I'll settle for what was already added recently but please stick to the main focus/idea

Rule 10 A: I Will allow Anthros leaning towards mostly human appearence. ( Neko/Catgirls, Mousegirls, Fox Girls, Some Dog/Wolfgirls but thats it )

***12/5/15 update

Again people please STOP TRYING TO HAVE/ADD Size changing males in here! There are plenty of stories with that in elsewhere! Chapters containing or leading to that WILL Continue to be deleted!

Also please no "insert yourself" type options unless you're playing the role of a female! The ONLY Exceptions are those granted by the authoress or story mods or if a male gets turned female and put in female dress prior to their 1st intended size change please and thank you

~Kind regards and happy holidays
PK and the story mods of this story ~

**7/5/2019 Update
Some extra exceptions have been added
Tittle updated and now cartoons and other
stuff is allowed ( see new chapters for details )
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