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Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Erotica · #2017146
Super powered multi-fetish work. Enter at your own risk, add if it's your thing.

Super powered multi-fetish work. Enter at your own risk, add if it's your thing.

This is an interactive story containing 89 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:

Two years from now, the government of the United States of America will have established what it refers to as the "Emergency super human strike force", a team of super powered humans designed to do battle with threats that are too large for conventional special forces units, too dangerous for standard military, or too volatile for official US governmental intervention. Persons proven to have super human capabilities will have been rounded up and indoctrinated into the program, given training and equipment designed to boost the effectiveness of their powers and their functionality as a unit.

After four long years, the program has yet to churn out even a single usable operative. As it turns out, kidnapping people and forcing them into the military isn't conducive to morale and obedience, so now the US has a stockpile of super humans who just sort of... hang out. They refuse to be useful, are too powerful to defeat without massive casualties, and have had too much money sunk into them to just "dispose of", so now tax payer dollars are hard at work keeping these super powered schlubs alive, entertained, and securely held in an underground facility simply known as "facility 2" on an otherwise uninhabited island in the middle of the Caribbean.


Dr. Cecile: A woman in her early forties who is the current chief of research and training in facility 2. The best in modern medicine has kept her looking as youthful as she did when she was twenty, though a rather sedentary lifestyle leaves her out of shape. She is five feet and four inches tall, with fair complexion. She has a round bespectacled head topped with short black hair which always has a blue bow in it. Cecile has a pear shaped body and wider hips, though her frame does draw attention to her rather impressively sized chest. Cecile is a calm and level headed individual who is almost like a mother to the people under her supervision, though she is known to have a rage like none other when pushed too far, and has the tools and authority at her disposal to make whoever incites her wrath pay dearly.

Mr. Lionel: A man in his mid forties who runs security and safety in facility two. Little is known about Lionel, and little needs to be known to figure out that he became head of security for good reason. Standing 6'2 and built like a tank, Lionel knows a wide array of fighting styles and can devastate opponents both armed and barehanded. More than one super human has tried to pick a fight with him only to end up face down on the floor. Despite his hardened nature, he is known to be light in character and has a wide sense of humor.

Maria (codename: Mirror)- Just over five feet tall with a petite figure and long blond hair reaching down to the small of her back. One of the first super humans to be brought into the program and one of the most troublesome, twenty two year old Maria causes as much mischief as she can get away with. Maria has the power to clone herself, with each clone having a mind of its own. Maria can clone herself as many times as she likes and is able to set a timer on each clone before it dissolves lasting from one minute to one week, but only the original can make clones. It is unknown which Maria currently running about the facility it the original, as she likes to keep a dozen or so around at any given time. Of special note is that Maria can only clone her physical person, not her clothes, so she and all of her copies tend to run around in their birthday suits.

Garrett (codename: Shadow)- A fresh recruit just out of boyhood, the eighteen year old Garrett is often mistaken for a teen two years younger. Only five feet and seven inches with a lean build, Garrett is nonetheless a very bold person with a big mouth and a short temper, making his power somewhat dubious. Garret is able to turn himself and anything in direct contact with his skin invisible for as long as his concentration holds. Garrett tends to stalk people around and get himself into trouble with his quick fuse, but is generally liked by his fellow freaks. Generally.

Olivia (codename: Queen)- Olivia, twenty six, is a woman of average height with far greater than average physique and beauty. Long jet black hair, a face seemingly sculpted personally by the gods, and a curvaceous body to die for hide a very powerful person not to be trifled with, both in spirit and in ability. Olivia is able to generate and control a rubbery material known as "tar", which sticks to anything it touches and can be hardened or returned to liquid in the blink of an eye. Tar is nearly unbreakable in its hardened state, and Queen uses it to restrain and constrict people at will, releasing them only when she sees fit. Olivia generally keeps to herself or spends time with Brad, the only person she considers her equal.

Brad (codename: Trickster)- Twenty five and having been in the program almost since day one, Brad is a cocky and somewhat cynical person. Exactly six feet tall, rather boxy and muscular in build, and blessed with snow blonde hair and tanned skin, Brad is considered quite attractive to the opposite sex and select members of the same sex. Brad has the power to take over anyone's mind from distances of up to four hundred feet, and can control them for as long as he wishes. This power does have its drawbacks though, as Brad cannot move his actual body while controlling someone else, and if his original body is subjected to increased stimuli or if he loses focus he will also lose control of whoever he was commanding. Lastly, while he may control a person, he will not immediately adopt their mannerisms or speaking patterns, and may be given away by acting suspiciously. To compensate, he has been studying the other inmates to impersonate them all near flawlessly.

Ginny (codename: Putty)- Seventeen and moderately new to the program, Ginny has a preferred height of five feet and eight inches and likes to be thin and dainty. Ginny has an angular face complimented by straight hazel hair and soft blue eyes. Ginny has the power to grow, stretch, shrink, and retract any and all of her body parts, as well as any organic matter that she has skin to skin contact with. Ginny is a meek and rather quiet girl, constantly being bossed around for both her freshness and her submissiveness. She is known even to change her shape and proportions to satisfy her peers, though she reverts back to her desired dimensions whenever she is able.

Roy (codename: Hopper)- Having been with the program for two years, the nineteen year old Roy is still just as immature and childish as he was at seventeen. While standing at an average five feet and ten inches, with no prominent fat or muscles on his brown haired and completely average Caucasian body, Roy is considered one of the more powerful of the subjects. Roy is capable of opening and closing portals from an atom thick to the size of Manhattan anywhere that he can imagine, only able to be held in the base with an explosive hidden in his brain. While his power has near limitless tactical and strategic possibilities, Roy generally uses it to be a dick. He enjoyed opening portals in other people adjacent to one another to split them into pieces harmlessly, only allowing the portals and by extension the parts to reconnect when he's bored.

June (codename: Ragdoll)- A twenty year old woman with tanned skin and short cut dirty blond hair, June has the build of a professional athlete and is naturally the tallest of the girls at an inch below six feet tall. June is essentially immortal, and all tests to date have found no ways to cause her permanent damage. This is due to her regenerative abilities, which allow her to body to repair any and all damage up to and including being atomized. June is able to internally control her own healing rate, and can heal wounds in thirty seconds at her quickest to twelve hours at her longest. This ability, in conjunction with June's inability to feel pain, has made her a natural thrill seeker willing to perform even the stupidest or most dangerous of acts free of consequences.

Lee (codename: Clay)- A little overweight and not particularly handsome in his natural form, twenty one year old Lee can best be described as distant. His body is composed entirely of a clay-like substance that he can change the texture, density, shape, and consistency of at will, making him capable of morphing into anyone he can think of and many inanimate objects. Lee tends to change his appearance daily, either into the appearance of someone else in the facility, celebrities, or unique people of his own choosing although he reverts back to his standard self if tired or completely asleep. Lee likes to take on different roles and enjoys a good game.

Sam (codename: Switch)- Androgynous and of technically no definable gender, the teenager Sam was almost not taken in due to the... nature of her power. Sam can change the gender of anyone at will, including his own which she does regularly (though it often goes unnoticed). Sam can choose the severity of the change, ranging from a simple genital conversion to complete chemical and physical rewrites of someone's DNA and can even make in between modification or change someone's gender to none. Apart from providing modest distractions, there isn't really much tactical value in her power, so Sam has been trained extensively in hand to hand combat to make up for his shortcomings in that field.

Felicia (codename: Copy Cat)- This short, sleek, ebony woman is the youngest and newest of the recruits, only sixteen and having been put into the facility a mere two months ago. Felicia is conniving and subtle, preferring mind games and power plays unlike Maria's more more zany pranks. Felicia has the ability to take on the powers of whichever super human she last touched, and keeps their power for twenty four hours or until she touches another super and willingly chooses to switch out her power. There are two primary catches to this. First, while she has the power the original owner loses it (save for June, who remains immortal but can no longer regenerate). Second, the more she uses the power she has taken, the quicker it returns to the original owner, meaning that Felicia must be careful not to leave herself vulnerable.

Newly added Characters:

Jake Monroe - sporting jetblack hair, slightly shorter than average height, and with an average build Jake Monroe is the newest starry eyed inductee that has just been entered into the program. Jake has the power to mentally generate a construct that physically manifests in the form of an anthropomorphic snake woman known as "Lyra". Lyra possesses limbs like a human and a rather curvy figure but is clad in orange scales and is of sizeable height (6'6") making her rather distinct from a true person. Lyra has a somewhat defensive personality toward her master though he does not have total control over her and she tends to act without his consent.

Jason Alvarez- Eighteen years old and previously the star if his high school football team, the muscular and tanned Jason had some rather bright prospects in life. All of this changed however when the government caught wind of his power and conscripted him into the program. Embittered and resentful of his capture Jason is rather abrasive and cold. Jason has the ability to transfer mass from place to place within fifty feet of himself, essentially allowing himself to proportionately grow and shrink anything within range while obeying the conservation of matter.


1. Try to use all options available to you. I will update all chapters posted without 5 branches to have 5 branches. If you have specific ideas for what you want the extra branches to be, please email me with a link to the chapter you posted and the options you would like added. If you do not do this within 24 hours, I will create the options myself. If you do not like the options I created, email me what changes you'd like me to make at any time and I will update the choices, assuming they haven't been taken.

2. I may edit chapters for grammar, spelling, or continuity, but will usually inform you via PM before doing so.

3. Try not to end the story. You can end it, I'd just prefer that you avoid it.

4. Just have fun, and please, get creative!

5. Smut is encouraged but not required.
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