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Your big sister loves to torture you with her feet, let us count the ways!

Your big sister loves to torture you with her feet, let us count the ways!

This is an interactive story containing 539 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Restoration complete, all options not taken are now open to all to add as they wish!!

Your mother is planning on taking a week long trip to visit her mother out of state. While she's gone, your older sister is in charge, and she plans to do exactly what she always does when she gets you alone. Forcing you to smell, kiss, lick, and otherwise worship her feet, no matter how much you beg her to stop.

For as long as you can remember, your sister has always been dominating you in one way or another ever since your father left and your mother started putting her in charge while she's away. Your sister abuses her authority at virtually every opportunity, and has framed you for countless misdeeds on the rare occasions you dared to defy her will. This has only reinforced your mother's faith in your sister as the responsible child and you as the "rebellious" troublemaker. While you could almost certainly overpower your sister physically if you wanted to, nearly a decade of abuse at the hands of your older sister has ingrained your submissive attitude toward her in your mind, and the very thought of raising your hand against her simply never arises.

I have merely restored this story (Most of it was copied, some of it is from memory) after it had been deleted/lost for some reason. If the author deleted it intentionally, I'll leave his name out of it. If he contacts me, I'll put him in here to give him the credit he's due. I do take the liberty to revise any grammatical and spelling errors that took place as well as replace any one sentence story entries 'cause those are bullshit if it's not a choice chapter. I also tie up any plot-holes and elaborate on any pertinent information that was otherwise left out. I've also take the time to ensure that all entries are done in the second person as the original author intended. Other than that it's as close to the original as you can get, and you should feel free to add on and keep this story alive and growing.

Main Characters:

Amy- Your older sister, she's 20, about 5' 7", 150lbs, with fairly long black hair, dazzling green eyes, and an hour glass figure that would drive you insane if it were on anyone other than your sister.

Gina- Your mother, she's 44, about 5' 9", 160lbs, with shoulder length brown hair, hazel eyes, and a figure that rivals your sisters, but age is starting to take a toll, albeit slowly, and she's still as ravishing as when she was 30. She has been divorced for about 4 years and you haven't seen your father since.

Erica- Your cousin, she's 21, about 5'4" 135lbs, with long fiery red hair, blue eyes, and a spectacular rack.

Alyson- A friend of Amy's, she's 20, about 5'2", 140lbs, with long dirty blonde hair she often ties up into a ponytail. She has a killer body, baby blue eyes, and you've had a crush on her for years. Too bad she's such a bitch.

Jessica- A friend of Amy's, she's 21, barely 5', 155lbs, with shoulder length dark brown hair and soft brown eyes. She has a lithe athletic build but still has curves in all the right places.

Stan- Our main character and who all this "unfortunate" mess is being inflicted upon. Let's just assume he's of average height, build, and weight. He is 18 years old.


1: No gay or bisexual interaction without including a warning in the choice. All foot fetish content however is to be F/M and F/F only.
2: Keep the focus on feet, the occasional shift in focus to another body part may be ok as long as it's done in moderation.
3: No scat, farting, pissing, lactating, vore, or killing of any characters.
4: Large entries are not only encouraged but preferred. However, please don't make entries that are just one massive block of text, use paragraphs, please!
5: Other than choice chapters, no entry should be less than one paragraph long, with a minimum of three to four sentences.
6: Sexual interaction between Stan and either his sister or mother are acceptable but shouldn't appear until about a dozen or so decent sized chapters in.
7: Stick to second person perspective
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