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In the near future, aliens have transformed Planet Earth into “FemFoot World”!
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Chapter 3

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Andrew Vellot: Another young foot fetish enthusiast that has managed to avoid capture. He is 22 years old, seemingly of latino descent, and has joined the human rebellion to try and release his planet from the kyryxian dictatorship one way or another. While being quite capable of defending himself, he is by no means eager to participate in violence, using it only when completely necessary, a condition that has ensured him his position in an infiltration squad among the rebels.

Karla Vellot: Andrew's younger sister. She is only younger than Andrew by 2 years, but tends to behave more like a teenager, always taking any opportunity to tease and bother her brother. While she is indeed thankful that her brother didn't disintegrate like so many other males, she refused to openly admit it and instead opted to pick playfully on her brother about anything, but more recently about his fetish. Other than that she tends to contrast rather well with Andrew, while he is often discreet and meticulous, Karla is more direct and rushed, which is why she was asigned to a strike team after joining the rebels along her brother.

Overseer Dasillia: The keryxian overseer in charge of the U.S. Charming like many of her race but a bit ruthless when it came to decision making. She resembles the keryxian spokeswoman that had shown the world her "Soles of Enlightenment", with the only noticeable differences being her her darkened scleras and her silver hair, the rest, however, was so similar that many believed they were blood related, though in what way they could not say. Ever since the keryxian sole's incident, Dasillia has been supervising the activity in the country and archiving both progresses and failures about their plans... all while enjoying her new and special human foot slave.
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