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  1. A Start Of Another Wonderful Year.
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by Derpus
Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Adult · #2022711
A small squishy boy attempts to survive as a high school theater student.
Chapter 1

A Start Of Another Wonderful Year.

    by: Moby mick   More by this author
It was the first month of school and everything had been going great for you. It early October and you had just started your sophomore year of High school at Crelon High. It was Friday and you were looking forward to your weekend, you were also excited because the cast list for the fall show was being posted today. They were doing Beauty And The Beast and you almost knew you were getting some role. At the auditions you didn't see many strong male singers so you knew you would fill in for some kid that couldn't sing. You wish that you could be on stage as the person, but due to being born at only 3 inches tall at the director has never let you have a chance onstage. You usually were set up backstage with a microphone and just say what you were suppose to.

You were sitting in your biology class counting down the minuets as you were to excited. Time was moving slower you thought as all you were doing in class was taking a test. You sat in your small desk thinking about your weekend plans. You then remember that your girlfriend Abbie said she had a surprise for you later and you started to wonder about that. Abbie was a sweet girl and she loved you even though you were different. You started dating at the end of last year during the spring show. Your part had been over and you were relaxing in the dressing room until one of the girls passing through accidentally stepped on you and you were stuck to her boot. You were left stuck to her boot in the girls dressing room, until Abbie had come in and found you. She peeled you off and that's when it all began.

Finally the moment you had been waiting for had come, because of your size the school aloud you to leave five minuets early to avoid being "accidentally" kidnapped for the day. You gathered your things and rushed through the school as fast as you could to the theatre. The list was up and you were so happy as you looked it over. Abbie had gotten Belle, you couldn't believe it, you were so happy for her as you looked for your name. You finally saw that you got to voice the Beast. This was the best opportunity you'd ever gotten and you were so glad that this happened.

As you cheerfully walked to your locker you heard something coming behind you and quick. You turn around to see...
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