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Adventures with a reality altering remote. Point rewards! 1,500 to 7,500. Check details.

Adventures with a reality altering remote. Point rewards! 1,500 to 7,500. Check details.

This is an interactive story. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Changing the World: A Perverse Universal Remote Story

Point awards for chapters are back!
While this IF has never had a ton of activity, additions did seem to drop off eventually after the point awards were removed, so they're back! Time to discover if they really do encourage participation!
Trying a higher point reward this time. Too much success would require me scaling back the rewards I'm offering.

Welcome to Changing the World. This interactive fiction uses a reality altering remote that may have too many functions.

The remotes many functions and powers:
- The result of the remote is based on the intent of the user. Although the user should have a result in mind. If not, the result will either be random, or based on the users subconscious desires.
- The remote can only work on two things at a time. It really isn't that limiting as it can just be used again and again to achieve a desired result.
- It's very rare anyone will notice the user using the remote.
- It can swap or copy physical, mental, and abstract attributes of people, animals, and objects. The entire body, life, personality, memories, or bits and pieces of them. This includes interest, name, memories, relationships, and how people react to them.
- The remote can even work on locations.
- The remote can merge its two targets. This can include people with body-parts, inanimate objects, and people with animals to create anthropomorphic and furry beings. Mergers can be highly varied. If the merger has one head, the result can be one of the original minds in charge, the other present or stuck as a passenger, shared control of the merger, or full mental fusion of the targets.
- The copy feature can be used to cause a merger style result in the target.
- The remote can grow and shrink things. I like some large and hyper sexual attributes, but the function can shrink and grow people and objects in their entirety.
- The remote has a memory function and can store target. This lets the holder easily select one person and go to find the second target of the function. There is a digital display will give some information to allow recalling the specific target the user wants.
- The remote is not limited to creating a normal human body. It can switch or copy things to abnormal places. For example, arms and legs switching, adding more breasts or sexual organs to someone or something. Weird forms are enjoyed.
- The remote has an undo button, undoing one change to the target per click.
- The remote alters reality so the results are the way things have always been to not cause any chaos, leaving only the wielder aware the world has changed. Not completely obvious is a cover on the side of the remote. It can slide open and adjust its reality altering functionality in regards to the targets. These can be in regards to the changes to themselves, or awareness of any changes the remote makes to anything. By default, it makes them think their changes are the way things have always been. It can also make them aware of their changes, but accept them with little fuss, or leave them fully aware of the changes with no mental adjustments. These can be a one time function to a change, or a targets perception can be set to a default mode.

I am again offering points for decent chapters.
- Currently offering up to 7,500 points for a decent chapter.
- Current minimum length is five sentences to receive any points.
- Up to 1,500 for good grammar, spelling, punctuation and formatting
- Up to 3,000 for creating chapters with content I enjoy, as detailed below.
- Up to 3,000 dependent on the length of the entry if the content is listed on interests or is notably well done if in the disinterested list. (A short chapter with good writing might reward 4,500 points, a longer one could reward 7,500)
- English chapters only.
- Use the maximum number of choices possible in your chapter. Do not use the end story option.
- No rewards for long cascade of question chapters with no story. Keeping options open is good, but seeing nothing but 8-20 new chapters in a row of questions leading to nothing is frustrating. Continuing the story is preferred. Chains are at the most acceptable if you're going to add a story section yourself at the end of the question chain.
- You chapters may be reformatted with edits to match the grammatical style and to clean up the presentation.

While the remote is pretty powerful, there are a few things I rather like and a few that will not be accepted.
No's will almost always be subject to removal and rewarded no points.
Dislikes may be removed and will likely not be rewarded points.
Disinterested will be rewarded the base 1,500 points and may be rewarded extra for quality, length of writing, or being surprisingly sexy to me.
No's and dislikes:
- No death, slob, filth, or waste play.
- Serious discouragement of a remote wielder being focused on cruelty.
- Serious discouragement of weight gain.

Not Interested:

Content I'm not interested in can be included or even become it's own thing in the later 2 and 3 branch portions of the story. There will likely be little or no interest points for chapters and stories focusing on this content.
- I am not interested in full body shrunk or giant stories.
- I am not interested in male/male content.
- I am not interested in anal sex or transformations.
- I am not interested in endless changes of random characters. A few chapters in a row may be enjoyed, but I will prefer exploring the new forms of the characters in some fashion.

- Attractive female form. Fully female, hermaphrodite, and shemale. Not so much male head on female body.
- Growth of sexual characteristics and multiple sexual characteristics.
- Intense sexual pleasure, including such things as orgasmic body-parts.
- Physically and or mentally shared pleasure.
- Physical mergers and fusions.
- Mentally shared sensations.
- Strange and intensely sexual forms.
- Eroticisizing the world.

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