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  1. The remote enters the world.
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Adventures with a reality altering remote. Point rewards! 1,500 to 7,500. Check details.
Chapter 1

The remote enters the world.

    by: Terranvoid   More by this author
A small white box makes its way through the mail towards a very lucky recipient unaware of the wondrous device they're about to receive. A gray-scale image laid out on each side advertises the box along with the text “The Universal Remote: The Most Powerful Remote You Will Ever Own!”

With no return address, no company label, it's the only one this world will ever see, placed in front of the door of its new owner, nestled in the box next to the rather crucial instruction manual.

Now where does the remote wind up?
Where will this interactive story go?

You have the following choices:

1.   With some guy.

2.   Or a girl.

3.   Perhaps it shows up in a show or setting.

4.   Or in an original setting.

5.   It could be something different altogether happens.

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