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by Derpus
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A teenage girl inherits her father's unfortunate condition.

A teenage girl inherits her father's unfortunate condition.

This is an interactive story containing 341 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
This is an idea by Kentwolf. The story takes place twenty five years after his story, A Squishy Teen ( http://www.writing.com/main/interact/item_id/1975029-A-Squishy-Teen ), which, in turn, takes place five years after one of my stories.
By now, Jack and Mary have gotten married and are currently raising two teenage daughters together. While Jack is away most of the time to run his family's specialized clothing factory.

You are 17 year-old Jillian Harper, a small, squishy girl.
You inherited your fathers condition, which means you're quite small for your age and extremely malleable, in addition to looking like an adorable little kid. One thing that's different about you, though, is that you're VERY small (about one foot tall, to be exact). Your parents attributed this to your father's odd DNA. All of this would make you look like a little doll, if you didn't go to such lengths to make yourself look more mature (though, you make sure you stay super cute).
You aren't all that interested in boys, focusing mostly on your school work, wanting to work for your father's clothing company as a fashion designer as soon as possible. Some of your designs are already being used, though you have to give them to other employees, as your dad doesn't want you working for him until you've graduated, meaning that someone else is always taking credit for your work. You don't mind too much, though, since your work is being used anyway.

Marilynn "Mary" Harper
Age: 38
Your mother. She's chosen to stay home and care for you and your sister while your father runs their company. While your grandmother would be overprotective of your dad and keep him coddled and sheltered, your own mom wants you to branch out, interact with other people, and try new things. "If your father stayed by grandma's side, we never would have met", she'd always tell you before scooting you out of the door. She's very outgoing, often hosting various parties at your house several times a month and is often seen with her friends or some of your dad's more trusted employees. She makes it a point to have you do things on your own and tries to help as little as possible. As your dad can attest, she's a bit too trusting at times.

Jack Harper
Age: 39
Your father. Even though he's much bigger than you, he's still dwarfed by your mother and sister and... well, everyone else around him. Because you share a condition, he also looks much younger than he actually is, appearing to be a small boy when he's in casual clothes and. However, he makes it a point to look more mature. Being the head of a clothing company and working late hours, you don't see him all that often. Despite this, you've always had a special connection to him, as he's shared some of his more embarrassing stories to help you feel better. Though you feel rather inspired by where he ended up, owning a very successful clothing line. Maybe you'll follow in his footsteps?

Patricia "Patty" Harper
Age: 17
Your twin sister. While you ended up being small and squishy, your twin sister took after your mom, though she took her jet black hair from your dad while you had your mother's blonde locks. When the two of you were younger, she'd always make you be her dolly when your dad wasn't around, seeing you as nothing but a living toy. Now that you're older, she tries to find other uses for her squishy sister-doll. Tall, athletic, popular, and a body to die for, Patty is everything you wish you could be. Well, almost everything. While she took your mom's looks, she didn't have your father's book smarts like you did. That doesn't bother her, though. She can just squish her whimpy little sister until her homework is done for her. Granted, she doesn't mess with you all the time, just when she's too lazy to do something for herself... or when one of her friends asks her to... or just when she's bored.

Ana and Kat
Age: both 17
The sort-of-twin daughters of your parents' friends, Stacy and Emma. They've been your best friends for as long as you can remember, and have a somewhat decent relationship with your sister. While the two are very close, they both have vastly different personalities.
Kat is rather toned and is extremely athletic, signing up for any sporting event that the school may have going on. She's also the more vocal and outgoing of the two sisters. She's apparently being trained by your dad's cousin (who shares her name) to become a wrestler. She tends to tease both you and her sister pretty often, but she's never actually mean to you.
Ana, meanwhile, is the polar opposite. She's a bit of a nerd, preferring to spend most of her time indoors playing video games, watching anime, or reading old comic books that used to belong to your dad. Because she doesn't go outside as often as her sister, her skin is much more pale and she's a bit chubbier (though certainly not fat). Ana is much more soft-spoken than Kat, sometimes barely speaking above a whisper if at all, and is more careless around you than you'd like to admit. Kat often joked that you were better acquainted with her butt or stomach than her face.

Kara Campbell
Age: 16
A mean girl from school. You've had a problem with Kara ever since Elementary School, when she tried to take the cute squishy dolly home with her. Ever since then, you've known that she was going to be the bane of your existence (and you were right). She's on the top rung of the social ladder at high school and makes sure you don't forget it. She's even gotten you on the cheer squad, which you were psyched about at first... that is, until you found out that you were to represent the rival team during the routines, showing how badly your school was going to squash the competition.


1) Jillian cannot die, so don't do it.

2) Be sure to use proper grammar and spelling.

3) Make chapters more than one sentence.

4) Limit the choices. After things get to two paths, it's decision time.


6) (06/08/2015) If a there's a sudden development that doesn't make any damn sense, or if a chapter is nothing but a sentence long, I will delete the chapter without hesitation. HOWEVER if it's clear that some effort is put into it, I'll simply email you before going over and fixing grammatical or continuity errors.

7) (edit: 08/23/15) I'm pretty wishy washy about things involving adult or teenage dudes and gas/toilet stuff, so email me your idea if you plan on adding something along those lines.

Have fun!
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