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Chapter 15

More possibilities

    by: PrincessKooh   More by this author
Lucy was nearly speechless.
It was her mother that broke
down first.

Lucy became aware of her audience
now because of it.

“Tom… He’s gone… he’s really gone!
Lucy and I are finally free!
No more abuse and no need to
worry about a divorce”

The woman feel on her knees so

There was a mix of emotions.
Finally it set in for Lucy too.

“He’s gone! Daddy… no the bully!
He’s gone… Finally no one can hurt
me anymore”

Lucy drops the remains of the man.

“No more beatings!
No more name calling!
No more me or mommy getting hurt”

Now with her abusive father gone a
world of possibilities opened up
to the Giant child and her mother

They quickly switch to pondering!
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