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Where there's a Size Ray there's adventure and mishaps waiting to be had!
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Chapter 17

Following both sisters

    by: Thomas Regel   More by this author
Emily didn't mind the chopper that was following her. It seemed like a tiny little bug. She imagined a ladybug that was near her shoulders.

After just a few steps - which caused more earthquakes around the area - she arrived at the mountains. As she looked up, she laughed. "They seems even smaller! What do you say, Tom? Shall we climb this thing?"

"Oh yeah!" cheered the little boy near her cave sized ear. Emily nodded, and she placed a foot on the rocks. Despite her much larger weight, the rocks broke only a little. Emily grabbed a cliff, and started to climb higher.

Meanwhile, back at their original hometown, not-so-little 3-year old Sara wandered around. To her it was more difficult to comprehend her size change. She thought that everything around her was nothing more than toys. A few minutes later her 20 feet of height doubled to 40 feet. She picked up a car and made brrrr noises while holding it up in the air, much to the driver's surprise and awe that rendered him speechless.

The giant toddler released the car on top of a garbage pile, and followed the road. After a few steps, she started to grow bigger again, reaching 50 feet in a second, then 60 feet, then she blew up to 80... Under her bare feet bigger cracks appeared on the pavement. People fled from the sight of the even bigger giant.

"Booo!" she said as she trample her way through the main street. The news quickly spread, and people made the connection between the gigantic siblings... Although still no one knew what caused them to increase in size, and how big they can grow.
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