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by Rita
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Someone who isn't Pete gains incredible life changing powers.

Someone who isn't Pete gains incredible life changing powers.

This is an interactive story containing 92 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
         Follow Pete in different stories as he tries to cope with different people getting different powers.

         Peter (Pete) Connors: An 18 year old senior in high school. Although not exactly shy, Pete tends to keep to himself. He's not unpopular by any means, but he would only say about three people in his school are his genuine friends. Ever since his fathers death when Pete was eight, he's had trouble connecting with new people. With his father gone, he now lives with his mother, his older sister, and his grandmother. Pete will often leave his crowded house to hang out with his best friend Jack. Pete enjoys heavy metal, retro video games, and awful movies.

         Jane Connors: Pete's 45 year old mom. Ever since her husbands death, she has had trouble connecting with Pete. They used to be very close but for the last ten years Pete has wanted more and more space. Jane's friends assure her it's just how teenagers act, but that hasn't stopped Jane so far. She would do anything to bring them close together again. She works as a secretary at a local law firm, but Pete has started to wonder how she supports two children and his grandmother on just one salary. He suspects she has a second, secret job she doesn't want the rest of the family to know. Jane enjoys going to the beach, romantic comedies, and reruns of sitcoms.

         Emily Connors: Pete's 21 year old sister. Pete loves his sister, they've always gotten along with each other. Ever since he was born, Emily looked after him, feeling some sisterly instinct of protection. And as Pete got older, he felt the same way towards her. They always had each others back no matter what. Emily has currently moved back at home because she caught her roommate sleeping with her now ex-boyfriend. She's been at the house for the last couple months trying to find a new place to stay. She's currently studying to become veterinarian. Emily enjoys horror movies, bird watching, and surfing.

         Ellen (Nana) Connors: Pete's 70 grandmother. Ellen moved into the house after she divorced Pete's grandfather. No one in the family was really surprised at an old woman like Ellen getting divorced, they were more surprised how long she stayed with Pete's awful Grandfather. Ellen has always been more a free spirit, while her husband was a close minded fool his whole life. She only stayed with him because she assumed that was her only option. When she learned otherwise, she left him immediately. Now she's living with her daughter, going on dating sites, and playing cards with her Grand kids. Pete doesn't spend much time with Ellen, but he thinks she's the coolest elderly woman in the world. Ellen likes jazz, flowing gowns, and poker.

         Jack Wakahisa: Pete's 18 year old friend. Jack is a Japanese immigrant and came to America when he was 4. His parents both work full time at the local hospital, so a majority of his childhood was spent at the Connors household being babysat by either Jane or Emily. Now that Pete and Jack are older, it's the complete opposite. Ever since Jack's parents have decided he's old enough to be by himself in the house, Jack has invited Pete to come over nearly every day. They play video games together, watch anime together, and lately drink together. Jack's parents see no problem in letting him drink and Jack has been sharing alcohol with Pete for the last couple months. Jack likes cartoons, difficult videogames, and girls who wear knee high socks.

         IMPORTANT NOTICE, SORT OF: I feel the need to make it known that each story branch is completely independent of each other. So basically, if one person gets powers, then no other person Pete knows gets powers. For example: If Jack eats a magical Japanese candy, then Pete's Mother doesn't get magical jewelry. Now this only applies to people Pete is friendly with. Other people in Pete's world can have powers, like Pete's mom's friend Cassandra, or other witches at Emily's school, just as long as they are mentioned in those arcs. I hope that makes sense, just didn't want any readers to get confused.

         I will write down descriptions for more characters as they are added. Now read, add, and enjoy.
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