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Rated: ASR · Interactive · Action/Adventure · #2052189
Idea from a game! Size changing adventures galore read more inside

Idea from a game! Size changing adventures galore read more inside

This is an interactive story containing 88 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Warning: Contains Size changing content
Recommended for folks into size or macro content tho

Based on the old Sega/ Sega Genesis Game
"Taz Escape From Mars"

Story Does NOT have Taz just basing this on a portion of the game

Game info here



Much like the premise of the Game

An Alien in this case a gigantic Alien so large most planets are bug size is searching for creatures for its Zoo. The zoo in question consists of dozens of exhibits each exhibit given its own planet for other gigantic Aliens of various sizes to observe and enjoy.

The Alien in this story whom is mostly unseen sets its sights on Earth and Abducts an Earthling/Human teen or Child preferably female and transports them to a replica of Mars but modified to be like Eart buildings cities and all

The only thing missing? Other humans! Instead Alien Caretakers the average size of adult humans enslaved are forced to tend to the exhibits.

The other thing about this planet
For some stupid reason or other there are Rays ALL Over the planet that ONLY Work on the Human

***Edit 9/19/2017 - Now introducing another idea
The Mega-Verse ( yes kinda stolen from Sailor Moon but much different idea ) it'll be explained inside ***

Like in the game there are

Growth Rays

And Shrink Rays

Plus cloning rays that will make clones of the kidnapped human

ALL Rays will always have a sign/label like so


To keep things interesting the rays unlike the fan will have more variety

Size Rays can last anywhere from
1 minute to No Limit until another Ray is encountered

Also there will be different "Grow Rays"
As follows:

Standard Grow Ray
Will be labeled "Grow Ray" and make the target 50 Feet tall

Other signs/labels/effects are
"Grow Ray 2X"

Target becomes 100 Feet Tall

"Grow Ray 3X"
Target becomes 200 Feet Tall

"Super Grow Ray"
Target becomes 500 Feet Tall

"Ultra Grow Ray"
1000 Feet Tall

"Mega Grow Ray"
3000 Feet Tall

"Mega Mega Grow Ray"
10,000 Feet Tall

"Supreme Grow Ray"
30x the size of Earth

Shrink Ray only has 1 size
And that is 2 1/2 inches tall

So have fun enjoy the adventure and have fun escaping or not escaping New Mars

Note: Growth/Shrinking may be slow, fast or instant


1- ONLY 1 Earthling ( Human ) may change sizes

2: Stick to the sizes above

3 - NO Scat , potty stuff etc.

4 - unlike in the game the Shrunken or Enlarged person becomes invulnerable

5 - keep blood and guts talk to a bare minimum

6 - decent grammar/spelling please

7 - try to keep the story going as long as possible or if the person escapes back to Earth have the alien get a new person for the size changing Earthling exhibit

8 - Have Fun

9 - as always I reserve the right to edit or delete chapters for various reasons

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