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you are "downsized" while investigating a local farm.

you are "downsized" while investigating a local farm.

This is an interactive story containing 371 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
**for those adding chapters who don't have a basic account, message me if you want a third choice and I'll add it for you. Or, if you want a third option added in an existing chapter, just ask me to add it in.

**Also, if you want me to change an unused chapter option to something of your choice, just tell me which one and what to make it.

This is my first written anything, so bear with me.

To start off, You are a veterinary investigator. You take in calls of potential animal abuse and see if they are severe enough for animal rescue to come in and remove the animal. While investigating a farm with strange nighttime happenings, you find your life taking a sudden and shocking turn.

RULES: I'm going to be a killjoy...
1) be realistic. if youre a speck on the ground, animals aren't going to notice you, and if they do, wont recognize you as human.
*because it's a pain to focus on, we can ignore hunger. If you find something to eat, you can remember how hungry you are blah blah blah. Still need to drink though.

*Animals are animals. they cannot talk, they don't have human personalities and wont hunt the protagonist down because (s)he's there. Dogs might, depending on your size. And animals certainly won't do... Things... With the protagonist if they do manage to find them. Neither will people.

*the main character is not invincible. You cannot survive impossible heights on a whim. You cant just jump off something that's ten feet high when you're an inch tall and walk away without a scratch. If something like this does happen, explain how you're alive or make sure it is explained in an earlier chapter. if you take a hit that would hurt a normal person, you will be hurt, and any injuries should, at least temporarily, affect future decisions.

*Have the proper mindset: you aren't trying to live out any fantasies, but you are scared half to death most of time. its a scary place to be when you're so small and everything is so large in comparison. keep that going.

Ugh... Fine... I suppose, in an adrenaline fueled rush, all the thrill and danger can be exciting and awesome, but don't go pursuing it!

2) Be descriptive. no one sentence chapters when it can be elaborated. preferably, a 6-8 sentence paragraph minimum, but I can't fault anyone for less. The protagonist is you, so there's no need to get specific on gender, age, etc. if you are specifying the outcome, location, etc. of an event, it's okay, but don't turn that into a chain of "no" and "other." furthermore, just be creative. I know it can be hard. If you're stumped, ask yourself "what would that be like?" Three times. Works for me every time.

*I'm big on consistency in stories like this one. Please: I know can be tricky, but try to remain the same size when describing things. If we are one size, then a tooth and a paw cannot both be the size of a house, and people who frequent these kinds of stories know what I mean.

3) punctuation: Funny as it is to read, entire paragraph or more chapters that have no periods, commas, or any kind of punctuation grate against my pride as a human being. If you're going to write something, at least take the care to write it properly. Minor errors don't concern me as long as I'm not gasping for air at the end of a "sentence."

4) update 7/10/16: for those adding chapters if you want to change size after the first option to do so, you have to confront the guys in the stable. Only they can do it. For reference, look at the "you make it into the stable" chapter.

All that being said, I will allow pretty much anything, within reason...

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