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The fourth swapping saga with the intrepid Wilko employees.

The fourth swapping saga with the intrepid Wilko employees.

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Wilko is a discount hardware store in a small English town, situated in a town center and surrounded by other businesses. Among these other businesses is a beauty salon named Beautylicious, a small cafe, a florists called The Rose Garden, a clothing store, Internacionale and an office supply store, W.H Smiths

Most of the details of this story are the same as the other three. There will not be quite as many characters, but a couple of new protagonists will be introduced in the list below. Plots can be set outside of Wilkos if you like, but please no straying from the character list too much. The story can contain any kind of swaps, transformations and morphs.

Wilko Employees:

Elizabeth, 30, the acting manager of the store. She has short blonde hair and is of petite build, standing about 5'5" without her heels on. At work always wears a trouser suit (sometimes a skirt suit), and high heels, her large B-Cup breasts are a "nice handful".

Liz, 33, is the store's staff supervisor. She is only 5'4" tall... but she makes her presence known. Her blondish-brown hair is long, past her shoulders and she wears it in a ponytail. She has size 30H-cup breasts. She is a bit of a tomboy regarding clothes, never seen wearing a skirt, even out of work hours. While at work she wears a red, company polo shirt, black, boot-cut trousers, socks and a pair of flat, black leather, lace-up shoes or sneakers. Liz is now married to her husband Eric, who has two kids from a previous marriage, Reece, 23 and Courtney, 17.

Caroline, 41 years old, is also a supervisor, but subordinate to Liz, She has shoulder length, straight hair that is a dusty blonde color. She has a voice that is slightly 'graty' but not annoying. She is also 5'5" tall and has C-cup breasts. She wears her red Wilko blouse, a pair of comfortable trousers, socks and a pair of sensible black shoes.

Steven, 36 years old, he is 6'0" tall, he wears glasses and is 'average' looking. He isn't one for going out and enjoying himself with others, preferring to stay indoors. He nonetheless likes and gets along with his co-workers and friends. Steven is good friends with Liz, Andrea and Rebekah, and also with Andrea's daughter Carly and her best friend Zoe.

Natalie, 29, another of the female employees, an attractive woman with shoulder-length, straight brown hair with blonde highlights, she stands 5'6" tall and is very slender, has a modest backside and breasts that are almost into a C-Cup...but not quite. Not overly curvy, she is still very pleasing to the eye. She is due to be married to her long-term fiance Mike.

Rebekah, 20, one of the youngest staff members, very cute girl, about 5'5" tall, long blonde hair, B-Cup breasts, has a gap between her front teeth that makes her look even cuter. Very warm personality.

Aaron, 28, he is about 5'10" tall, quite fit physically. He is a heavy smoker, and not just of cigarettes, he finds it hard not to include foul language in normal conversation. Known for his temper, he sometimes refrains from speaking to anyone if he is in a bad mood, much like Steven.

Helen, 45, standing about 5'7" tall, she is a very pleasant and likeable woman, with shoulder length, wavy black hair. She is very quiet and has a very girlish giggle when laughing, she is also a smoker, and she's married, like a lot of her colleagues. She has D-Cup breasts and is not what people would call 'slender', but neither is she a large woman.

Becca, 25, is the chattiest worker in the store, standing about 5'5", she LOVES to talk to anyone about anything, she has perky, B-Cup breasts and has a large sexy ass. She is always changing her hair color (currently blood red) and has a slightly gothic appearance, but she's slowly growing out of that phase. She is an easy person to talk to, but sometimes she doesn't know when to stop. She is currently single, looking for a boyfriend. She wears tight black jeans and pink & black hi-top sneakers with her red polo shirt.

Tracey, 40, (know as "Waggy" by her friends, is a bubbly blonde woman, about 5'5" tall, always in a good mood and knows how to have a laugh, bit of a party girl. She's the mother of two small children, she has a slender build and 36B breasts. At work she wears black trousers and black, slip-on shoes as well as her red company top. "Waggy" is Tracey's nickname to all her friends.

Nicola, 44, one of the shortest employees (about 5'0" high), mother of eight children. She is very out-going and polite, wears her dyed blonde hair up in a bun most of the time, but occasionally she lets it down. Clothing style (at work) is usually a compulsory red company polo shirt, black pants/trousers and a pair of comfortable black flats. Nicola has 36C breasts.

Luke, 22, a tall individual at 6'2" in height, has a short, crew cut hairstyle and is quite handsome. Not been working at the store for as long as others, is popular and easy going, always one to have a laugh with his friends. He wears a red company shirt, black pants and smart, dress shoes.

Laura, 19, another 'newbie', a shy, quiet girl (except when she's with her boyfriend out of work). Standing about 5'5" tall, she also wears her dark blonde hair in a pigtail at work, and wears the trademark company polo shirt, black, boot-cut trousers, black tights underneath and a pair of sensible black flats with a single strap across the top of each foot. This delightful individual has perky B-Cup breasts.

Mona, 20, a pretty Iranian-born Muslim girl, about 5'4" in height, black hair (she does not wear a headscarf, unlike her mother), she wears contacts, has pert breasts and as well as the usual company top, she wears trousers and either a pair of ballet flats or dark hi-top sneakers. She also has braces on her teeth like Becky. Wears a necklace and a bracelet, both with an Islamic symbol hanging from them.

Charlotte, a 20-year old girl, very loud and 'rude' sometimes, she isn't one for keeping her opinion to herself regardless how offensive it might be deemed to others. She is the tallest girl at 5'9" tall, wears her dark hair in a bun most time, and occasionally in a ponytail or down, she also has B-Cup breasts.

Josh, 32, 5'10", moved to England from the U.S. because his wife accepted a job at the local university. He had got himself a part-time job at Wilkos while he searched for something better. Always looking to try something new and ready for an adventure. Short brown hair with brilliant blue eyes

Mark, 24, standing 6'1" tall, he is gangly and has short black hair, spiked on top. He's not the sharpest knife in the drawer and has average looks, but is good natured and surprisingly has an attractive girlfriend named Vicky, who is 20 years old. The usual red company shirt is accompanied by Mark's black trousers and his black sneakers.

Shaun, a 44-year old employee who was transferred after the closure of another store. Shaun is about 5'10" and fairly well built, keep his hair close shaved. He's got a great sense of humor and is a good worker. Shaun is in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend Samantha and has two kids. He wears the usual Wilko shirt and black trousers and steel toe-capped boots like Steven.

Sukhi, a 21-year old Indian-born girl with a full head of black hair which reached halfway down her back. Suki is quite a skinny little thing. She is only 5'4" tall and has small B-cup breasts. She wears her Wilko polo shirt, a Wilko fleece jacket, a pair of of tight black trousers that emphasize her thin legs, and she wears black sneaker socks and black, lace-up shoes.

Jade, 20 years old, she has long red hair with dark streaks in it, and it's usually in a unique 'messy' style. A bun on the top and the rest hangs loose around her shoulders. Jade is about 5'7" and is also on the slender side, but what sticks out about Jade most is not her breasts, which are barely into a C-cup, but the several piercings that adorn her body. She is dressed in a similar style to Suki.

Phoebe, 20, another of the younger female employees. She is 5'3" tall, has B-cup breasts, and she wears glasses. Her notable features are her hair, which is dyed purple and pink, and usually worn in two small pigtails. She had a total of 19 tattoos adorning her body. She's a polite, outgoing individual with an open mind, much like most of her other co-workers. She also loves her make-up.

Rob, 19, a slender teenager with short black hair, 5'9" tall, decent looks. He knows how to have a laugh and is a decent worker. Though he is known to slack off if those around him are doing the same. Wears black trousers and sneakers of any color as well as his Wilko polo shirt.

Liam, 18, pretty much the worst employee at Wilko as far as work rate is concerned. Liam is 5'8" and has long brown hair in a messy ponytail. Certainly not ugly but not male model material either. Works at his own pace, despite the best efforts of the senior staff to improve his performance. He's not very popular with the other staff because of his lax attitude.

Jessica, 23, an attractive, slender red-head, she is about 5'5" and has C-cup breasts. She is 'on loan' from another store to help out. She's outgoing, polite and with her Wilko blouse and black trousers she also wears a pair of black leather high heeled ankle boots. She wears her hair in a ponytail off to one side.

Kiran, 17, another employee 'on loan' from the same store as Jessica. Kiran is a petite girl, about 5ft tall (the shortest employee), and has long dark brown hair normally worn in a ponytail. She's cute and has a nice figure, along with B-cup breasts. She also has an outgoing personality. Kiran likes to wear high waist black trousers and a pair of black ballet flats when she's working.

Melissa, 21, also known as Mel, is yet another employee brought over from the store at Parkgate to help with the work load. She's about 5'4" and has brunette hair, usually in a bun style. She's average looking, has a decent figure and has B-cup breasts. She wears black socks and flats with her usual Wilko uniform.

Naomi, 22, a Japanese-born woman who usually works at another Wilko store. She is on transfer to the Rotherham branch, just like Kiran, Jessica and Melissa, from the Parkgate store. Naomi has a nice figure, is a shade over 5'1" tall, has long, straight black hair with a cute fringe, perky C-cup breasts, and she always wears a black knee-length skirt, tights and ballet flats along with her Wilko shirt.

Beautylicious Salon Employees:

Carly, 33, daughter of ex-employee Andrea, she has short, stylish blonde hair, she is married but awaiting a divorce from her cheating husband Simon. Very attractive, Carly stands at just 5'2" tall and has impressive C-Cup breasts to go with her curvy figure. She's very careful to keep her body in shape through strict dieting and is a very polite, outgoing girl who likes to party. She is a self-employed beautician and she knows Steven and Liz personally.

Zoe, 32, Carly's best friend who works with her at her beauty salon, 5'10" tall, large D-cup breasts, and she has long, dark brown hair that she normally wears up in a ponytail. She wears designer glasses and is very attractive and out-going, loves her 'girly' clothes...much like Carly does. Zoe and her husband Chris have a four-year old daughter named Arissia.

Kay, 31, another of Carly's friends who works at her salon. She is a woman of short stature, standing roughly 5'1" tall, her shoulder-length light brown hair, average looks and breasts into a small C-cup. She has a 'full figure' and a pleasant personality. Kay is usually relegated to secondary duties in the salon, and she has a nerdy boyfriend called Gareth, 32.
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