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by Lucian
Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Other · #2067015
Someone becomes capable of swapping and morphing body parts.

Someone becomes capable of swapping and morphing body parts.

This is an interactive story containing 84 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Someone becomes capable of swapping body parts as well as morphing them. There are a number of means for this such some form of magic, new technology, or a combination of both.

Here are a few rules to get started:

Please, no chapters that are only a sentence or two long, excepting chapters that are being used to expand options for the story.

No killing off characters unless it is to progress the narrative of a story. I implore you to use your best judgement on whether or not a death is acceptable in a specific instance, but if you need input I will gladly read the chapter to make a judgement.

Please no rape or excessively gruesome scenes, except in the case that these things are used as a plot device, a plot point to an ongoing story, or to give exposition to the story.

No prejudice or discrimination. Writing is meant to be inclusive and that extends to all people. You may have a character that has some form of bias or prejudice towards certain things but those traits should not be seen in your writing outside of reference to that character.

Other than that most things should be fine! If you have any other questions feel free to message me!

Here are a few characters to start off, please feel free to add more characters!

Kylie: 19 years old, close friends with Josh, she is described as effervescent hardworking, intelligent, and a little weird. She is obsessed with cute things and is considered to be bubbly and "adorkable" by many. She is very curious about new things and this can lead her to get into trouble at times. Pretty and well liked but not necessarily popular. Long dirty blonde hair, b cup breasts, and a decently big butt. Average build, a little on the short side being 5'4".

Josh: 21 years old, kind, charismatic, quick-witted, funny, and intelligent but lacking in motivation. Commonly talks his way out of doing work so that he can spend more time looking for something worthwhile. When he does have the motivation however, he is incredibly resourceful but single-minded in his endeavor. After a series of events in high school he went from being known as a good looking yet awkward nerd into a casanova who loves the attention of others. Has feelings for Kylie, but is hindered by his addiction to the affection of as many people as possible. Black, decently muscular with six pack abs, short hair, slightly above average height of 5' 11". Rumored to be quite well hung.

Michael: 22 years old, intelligent, although he spends many nights drinking away his problems or meeting girls. One of Josh's bestfriends, they get along really well except when Michael is drunk. He's a paramedic and he really cares for other people but because of a troubled family life he tends to blow off steam with alcohol and women. He was romantically involved with Brittany a year prior to Josh and the two eventually bonded over the experience. He has his eyes set on dating Connie and is willing to go to great lengths to impress her. Blonde, a little chubby but he is very comfortable with it, he draws in women with his handsome face. He's an average height of 5'9".

Ryan: 21 years old. He is intelligent and witty, but can be very crude and defensive with most people. He cares but will rarely show it to anyone besides his closest friends or those in need. Best friends with Michael and Josh, and good friends with Joseph. He doesn't get along with Kylie or most girls that are friends with his friends but he tries not to be as argumentative with them. He and Josh have always been considered the smartest of their friends and the two used to debate who was smarter but later agreed that it doesn't matter. He's not quite sure what to do with his life but is happy whether he has a job or not as long as he can hang out with friends. Like many of their friends he used to be considered a nerd until becoming better looking and more open in the later years of high school and college. He has feelings for Alexis but she thinks he hates her because of how argumentative he is. He is rumored to be well hung. Brown hair, brown eyes, and muscular build. He's decently tall at 6'1".

Joseph: 21 years old. He is very tech savvy and is quick to spend any extra money he earns on the latest trends. He is friends with Josh, Ryan, Connie, and Michael although he and Michael are at odds with each other often. He works with computers so he makes decent money. Connie brings her things to him every week so he can "fix it" but usually she just doesn't know how various programs work. Funny and relatively nice, he is well liked by most people. Brown hair, green eyes, mostly muscular build. He is very tall at 6'3".

Brittany: 22 years old, kind of a queen bee, can be pretty mean but when it comes to people she likes she is a very different person. Got along well with Josh and used to tease him a lot in high school because of his crush on her. Absolutely despised his friends though and treated them rather cruelly. Because of her affiliation and friendship with many less popular or attractive students in high school is a major factor in many less popular peers becoming confident earlier in life than expected. Long brunette hair, c cup breasts, average sized well-toned butt. Slightly above average height for women at 5'10".

Alexis: 21 years old. Smart and a little goofy, considered by most to simultaneously be the smartest girl in the group and the dumbest. Good friends with Josh but thinks his best friend Ryan hates her when in actuality he has feelings for her. Generally considered to be the most well liked amongst the group by outsiders, especially by guys looking for a girlfriend. Because of this she sometimes is shunned by the rest of the girls but she is still a close friend. She's a dancer and is quite flexible and athletic, and while most of the group is generally fit she is more so than most of you. Brunette hair, brown eyes, c cup breasts, well toned butt, and long legs. She is around average height for a woman at 5' 8".

Emily: Recently turned 20, she is the youngest of the group as well as the smallest at 5' 2". Was the last in the group to meet Josh and Kylie, but became very close to Josh over the course of a few months. The most energetic, optimistic, and outgoing member of the group. She is known to be friendly but fierce, and makes friends easily. She is very open about her intentions and desires, and can be quite forward about what (or who) she wants. The most athletic of the group but this is commonly undermined by her small stature. Long blonde hair, green eyes, a cup breasts, bubble butt, toned legs that some people call "thick" although she doesn't like people to say that.

Jessica: 21 years old. Known to be funny, ditzy, and goofy. She is a dancer like Alexis as well as a gymnast, which many of the girls in the group were but did not continue doing. Considered by most to be the most fit of the girls because of her stature, despite the most fit actually being Emily. If something is wrong she can be a little less tolerable than the rest of the girls but usually nice. She has openly stated that she was curious of having a penis of her own. Long blonde hair, blue eyes, small b cup breasts, small butt, and long legs. The tallest girl in the group at 6'.

Madison: 21 years old. Smart and kind, although she can be shallow and absentminded at times. She used to be a cheerleader but now focuses less on doing things to be popular or get attention. She is prone to panicking in unusual situations and does little to pretend that she's calm or in control. She has a penchant for understanding law and is training to become a lawyer. She thinks Josh has feelings for Alexis. Long brown hair, green eyes, a slender build, and c cup breasts. She is an about average height of 5'6".

Derek: 23, can be a jerk but has become less cruel with time. Most of the time women are the first thing on his mind, but he is willing to extend courtesies to his friends, or anyone who happens to be friends with a woman he's interested in if it will get him on her good side. He has an on again off again relationship with Brittany but is quick to find someone else when they're off. Athletic and handsome, he has always been quite popular and generally is well liked despite his sometimes demeaning behavior. Dirty blonde hair, green eyes, muscular and tall at 6'2".

Constance: 22 years old. Constance is commonly referred to by her friends and family as Connie. She is airheaded and naive but can be surprisingly insightful if she really thinks things through. She has waves of guys who try to get in her pants, including Michael. Her beautiful hair, bodacious body, and friendly face have made her popular with guys for years. She is friends with Josh, Michael, and Joseph but she rarely gets along well with most girls because they don't like how she is constantly the center of attention. Long blonde hair, green eyes, D cup breasts, a large butt, with a toned and fit build.

Karina: 23 years old. She is quick witted and caring. She is studying to become a doctor but sometimes dreams of being a singer. She is effervescent and has a bubbly personality. She is friends with Josh and the two of them have briefly pursued a relationship but Josh's desire to garner admiration from others ended that rather quickly. Hispanic with long brown hair, and green eyes. She has D cup breasts and a huge butt.
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