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A shrinking story set in the Star Wars universe.

A shrinking story set in the Star Wars universe.

This is an interactive story. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
A long time ago in a galaxy far,
far away...

Star Wars
Shrinking Story

Somewhere away from the wars and battles
that plague the galaxy a group of scientist
led by GYANA FENROOK are trying develop
considered too unstable for human testing,
is about to be scrapped as a failure. In an
attempt to save his mother’s work, her son
TYNE WERNIM tries to prove the machine's
capabilities, by using it without supervision.
As expected, machine teleports him, but with
a side effect. TYNE is now shrunken to the size
of an inch in an unfamiliar place.

All types of giantess content
(Even scat and other bathroom content, but put a warning at the start of your chapter, and leave options to avoid it.)
Humanoid Alien Women
Death scenes
(These are encouraged, but leave options to avoid it.)
Short Chapters
(You’re allowed to make short chapters, even ones only a few sentences long, if it’s meant to be a transitional chapter. But one sentence death scenes and clear low effort content will be removed.)

Not Allowed
(Important) No characters below 18
(If the character is younger in Star Wars lore, just age them up to 18 for the sake of this story.)
No invincibility
(Vore and crushing weights should result in death)
No Languages Other Than English
(Unless a character is speaking a different language in dialogue.)
No Growing
No Male Giants
No Diapers

Note: all these rules (Except the age rule!) can be ignored in the "Sandbox", which can be found on the second character select page.

Add Choices You Don't Like
(I doubt you will write all the chapters you’ll leave choices for, so add a choice for something you’re not into every now and then, so people with different tastes can add the story too.)

Explanation of Changes
I've been given the story to manage something that seemed unmanageable to the original owner.

First big change is a rule barring interactions with characters below 18. I will edit the chapters containing characters like Ahsoka, and age them up to 18. I know this might not fit the lore, but it's better to keep things safe. If you find any chapters I have failed to edit on this front, I hope you'll send me a message about it.

Other than that, I might edit (or hell, even translate) some chapters to improve readability.

The original owner has given me permission to rewrite his chapters as I see fit, so the introduction to some stories might change a bit soon.

Editors Log
January 1st: All branches under 'Ahsoka' have been edited, some more than others. German chapters have been translated, badly written ones fixed, and good ones received a small structure touch up. She is still referred to as teenager, but one of 18 years old. This might be a good moment to revisit her chapters now.
January 2nd: All German chapters by Kylo have been translated. I don't know how this was even a thing, but please report to me if you find any more chapters that need translation.
January 10th: The intro to Qi'ra has been changed, and all chapters following it have been edited massively.
January 19th: Forgot to mention I added Enfys Nest before. Today I've also added Bo-Katan and Fennic, who were recently featured in Mandalorian season 2.

(Send me your requests for new characters.)
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