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Follow Sheriff Texas as she tries to take back her town! Or get squashed in the process.
Chapter 1


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The sun slowly rose over the dusty red mesas, leisurely flooding through the sleepy town of Gold Springs, the old gold mining town nestled snugly at the base of the mountains. At the moment, the town appeared to be perfectly at peace, with nothing breaching the blissful peace save for the gentle twittering of birds.

From this distance, and looking at this serene picture, it would be impossible to tell that this small town was the battleground for a long and hard-fought war. The area in and around Gold Springs was a breeding ground for bandits and thieves, lead by a corrupt and greedy mayor. There was just one obstacles standing in the way of their complete control of the town, and that was the forces of the law, namely Sheriff Texas and her deputy, April, who fought hard to restore the town to its former glory.

As life started to stir around the town, it was time for the sheriff and her deputy to get to work. And who knows what the day would bring...?
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