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A Phoenix Wright character gets the ability to swap bodies. More organized and more swaps!

A Phoenix Wright character gets the ability to swap bodies. More organized and more swaps!

This is an interactive story containing 1,115 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
There are four functions that can be preformed with the remote; aware swap, unaware swap, possession, and shapeshift, this is how each of those swaps work

The Aware Swap function is a simple body swap. When used, the two targets of the swap will be put into each others bodies and be able to notice. The rest of the world would see them as each other

The Unaware Swap function puts the targets into each others bodies, but only those holding the remote would notice. No one else in the world would be able to tell a swap took place

The Possession function turns the affected party into a ghost-like state. Once in this state, the user can fly into and possess the body of any person. Once they turn into this ghost-like state, their original body act completely normal and will retain no knowledge of the remote

The Shapeshift function can copy someone's shape. If Phoenix were to use the shapeshift function on Maya, then Maya's shape would be saved. If he were to use the shapeshift button on himself, then he be in an exact copy of Maya's body and the world would see him as Maya. This function can also be used to shapeshift others. The remote can save multiple people's shapes and has a 'undo' button to let someone back into their body after they shift.

The Command function is unlike the others in that it is hidden in a compartment on the under side of the remote and it isn't mentioned in the manual. It is used to give orders to whoever the wielder of the remote chooses. The person the button is used on will enter a motionless state until a command is given. Once a command is given, it will take immediate effect. The person being commanded will not remember being given the order, however, they will be fully aware that they are doing something against their will. Commands that result in physical harm will NOT take effect, however commands that result in mental harm will.

If Phoenix were to aware swap two other people then both of those people would be able to notice the swap and everyone would see them as each other

If Phoenix were to do an unaware swap on two other people then they wouldn't know they are swapped however Phoenix would know

If Phoenix were to press the possession button on someone else, then that person would go into ghost form and be able to possess people

You may use characters from any Ace Attorney game.

There is only one remote. Whoever finds it may give it to others, but there is only one

Only Ace Attorney characters

Keep this T rated

No ending the Story! There is always a way it can continue!

Have characters only appear time periods they should be in EX: No Professor Means in the original trilogy

No killing off Ace Attorney characters. If you want to have a murder case then make up a character to die for the case.

No mental changes for aware swaps! characters may like another persons' life more, but not think they are the other person

Please ADD!

If you have any questions about the interactive or these rules, message me

Please ADD! If you know anyone who may like to add, tell them!

NOTE: It is possible that some chapters may include DGS spoilers, read at your own risk
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