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You are left home with your sisters when your parents go on a 3 week vacation, be careful.

You are left home with your sisters when your parents go on a 3 week vacation, be careful.

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No scat, death, or vore
Sarah(you)- You are 18 years old and have been raised in a family with many sisters who love to fart. You have been on the receiving end of your sisters gas as well as making them smell yours, you hope to have some fun while your parents are away and have some revenge as well.
Samantha-Age 19. Samantha loves to sit on her sisters faces when they least suspect it. She has gotten all of you when you were at school. Her unexpectedness is one of the many ways she loves to torture her siblings. Her gas isn't the worst of all your siblings, but they still packs a punch
Stacy-Age 21. Stacy is the second oldest and loves to trap her siblings, usually between her big butt and corner. She doesn't like when someone escapes before she's finished with them. She likes to trick people into thinking of tag-teaming someone before she pins them and release horrible gas on them.
Amber-Age 25. The oldest sibling of them and with the biggest butt and the most horrible of gas.There was that one time she sat on your face while you were asleep and wouldn't stop farting till it was sunrise, and you went to sleep at 10:00! She has a mean streak and intends for everyone of her siblings to be her fart slave.
Tiffany-Age 18. Tiffany may be the shyest, but she's proud of having long bubbly farts. She will fart on you till you escape or yield, which will lead to more torture. She loves to fart on anyone she thinks she can take on in a specific situation.
Natalie-Age 18. The youngest sibling, but don't underestimate her. She once had Tiffany strapped to her butt for 2 hours straight after having tacos for dinner. She can make her farts really stink and loves to use tricks and traps to fart on her siblings faces.

Monica-Age 18. Your friend that loves to wear tights and has long bubbly farts. She likes to help you fart on your sisters faces.
April-Age 19. Samantha's friend that is a wrestler that loves burritos. Many times she has pinned you down and forced you to smell her farts.
June-Age 20. Stacy's cheerleader friend who can release a torrent of farts in a couple seconds.
Kim-Age 25. Amber's best friend who's butt is as big as hers and her gas just as bad.
Suki-Age 18. Tiffany's friend who can unleash the most horrible SBD's.
Betty-Age 18. Natalie's friend who loves gassy food and farting on peoples faces.
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