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Story about a strange family with psychic powers. Incest and diapers are involved.

Story about a strange family with psychic powers. Incest and diapers are involved.

This is an interactive story containing 182 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Nudity, vaguely incestuous relationships, and psychic powers (telekinesis, mind reading, mind control, etc.) are the main themes of this story.

A couple rules first:
1. Brandon and Sollos (the psychic unborn fetus) are the only male characters allowed in the story
2. Even though one of the characters (Aunt Tina) is perpetually pregnant, she can't give birth. Ever.
3. The dad (James) is dead. Mom is the only one who can see spirits, so she's the only one who can talk to him.
4. If I don't like a chapter I'll ask you if I can change it.
5. Try to have fun.

Family- They are the Longs. They all have tan-ish skin and dark black hair. All the kids are home-schooled, and most of the characters go around the house wearing very little clothing. They all have psychic powers of varying strengths. Most of them either have, or have thought about getting frisky with another member of the family. They all live in the same house together, and although they usually get along, conflicts are typically settled with psychic powers. The general public is vaguely aware of their abilities and sees them as a bunch of weird freaks.


1. Brandon. 13 years old, youngest child. Short, skinny, looks weak but has decent leg muscle strength. His psychic powers are weak, he only has weak Clairvoyance that lets him see a couple minutes into the future at critical moments. He's in an amateur wrestling league, but aside from him, it's an all-girls league, and the girls he fights are usually twice his size. He doesn't win very often but he enjoys it. Typically wears a loincloth or tighty-whities around the house, wears a special "wrestling thong" that he made himself when fighting. It's easy for him to get an erection, and when he does everyone can see it, but his penis is very small, even for his age. He's sensitive about it.

2. Jenny. 14 years old, middle child, only slightly older than Bandon, they were born exactly 10 months apart. Like Brandon she is short, skinny and weak looking. Her breasts are small and probably will never develop fully, since misusing her psychic powers as a child messed up her body. She has the second strongest powers in the house, including Weak Mind Control (strong powers of suggestion, but not outright control), Strong Telekinesis (able to lift heavy objects like beds and dressers with her mind), and Telepathy (Reading people's minds). This comes at a price, however. Jenny's growth is stunted (she'll never grow up all the way) and she is left totally incontinent and needs to wear diapers. Jenny typically wears a diaper and nothing else around the house.

3. Lucy. 18 Years old, oldest child. Very tall, taller than her mother, and has normal sized breasts, a bit on the athletic side. She's a bit on the awkward and nerdy side and definitely a creep. She likes fondling and caressing her younger brother and sister, especially Brandon. Horniest and creepiest of the bunch by a wide margin. Her psychic power is Weak Telekinesis (can only lift small objects like coins and pencils), no other powers. She's very envious of Jenny and her powers, and mocks her for needing diapers. She helps Brandon practice for wrestling a lot and used to wrestle in the same league as him. Typically wears either panties or a thong around the house, sometimes a bra too.

4. Mom. 41 years old, her real name is Rebecca. Her husband (James) died a few years ago, but she can talk to spirits. By the way, James is A-OK with all the weird incest stuff going on, in fact, he supports it. Mom is aging but still keeps herself looking fit. She exercises both her body and mind every day. Her psychic powers include Strong Telekinesis (move large objects), Strong Clairvoyance (Visions of the future when she wants, and the ability to change it) that she doesn't use very often, and Talking to Spirits. Fond of touching her kids and likes to cuddle with them. Wears the most clothing out of anyone, typically wears sweat pants and a sports bra, but sometimes walks around in just her panties.

5. Aunt Tina. 29 years old, she's Mom's younger sister. She's pregnant with her unborn son, Sollos, who often uses her like a puppet. Sollos is the product of rape, by the way. Yeah, Aunt Tina got raped a little while back. Sollos doesn't want to be born and uses his powers to keep himself from growing too large and to keep his mother from giving birth. She lives in a constant dream-like state, acting strange and fearful of weird things, she is mostly insane but harmless. Aside from being pregnant, she would be a little on the skinny side, but the long pregnancy has left her with large breasts that don't stop lactating. Her psychic powers are Weak Telekinesis (move small objects) and Telepathy (read people's minds). Tina's mind and body are slightly messed up from getting controlled by Sollos all the time. Like Jenny, Sollos' abusing his psychic powers on her has left her incontinent and she requires a diaper at all times. The rest of the family feels sorry for her and cares for her. Tina typically wears nothing more than a diaper around the house and rarely leaves her bedroom for anything other than eating.

6. Sollos. 0 years old, unborn fetus. Lives inside his Aunt Tina. Doesn't know who his father is, only that he was a rapist, and has no further interest. Sollos has the strongest psychic powers of the family by far. He has Strongest Telekinesis (Able to move huge objects and knock down buildings), Strong Mind Control (able to hijack any person's brain if he knows they're there), Telepathy (able to read anyone's mind), and Strong Clairvoyance (see as far into the future as he wants, able to take actions to change it). He wishes to live inside his mother's womb and use her as his puppet for as long as possible, despite the fact that this traumatizes and cripples his mother. Highly intelligent, but often acts selfish, cold, and distant to the rest of the family.
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