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Kate Colins is an eccentric scientist, and definitely not your average mom.

Kate Colins is an eccentric scientist, and definitely not your average mom.

This is an interactive story containing 455 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
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Message to all readers: I just want to thank Lucytgwriter for giving me this story! I have been enjoying it for awhile now and I am truly honored to keep it going for her. Please feel free to add to the story as you see fit. Also check out my Original story that I wrote called Son gets a new take on life. Please add to that story as well and if you have any suggestions please feel free to message me.


-Kate Colins [36]:The mother of the family. Is a scientist [duh], and also very eccentric, which contrasts with the rest of her family. Usually optimistic and happy. She makes and does some pretty weird stuff. May sometimes experiment on herself, but thinks it's more fun to experiment with her family.

-Chris Colins [38]:The father of the family. Is a fairly normal father, usually seen with a newspaper. Childhood friend of Kate's. Will usually agree to his wife's experiments.

-Mike Colins [16]:The oldest child of the family, a regular teenage boy who is into hot girls, video games, and movies. Usually not willing to get involved in Kate's experiments.

-Mary Colins [14]:The middle child, and only female child. A nerd-ish introvert who is into anime. Usually in her room on the internet. Half of the time willing to take part in an experiment.

-Jake Colins [10]:The youngest child. Is your standard 10-year old boy, a bit annoying at times, and watches cartoons. Sometimes willing to his mom's experiments.

-Snow [7]:The family cat. She's a normal cat. Not much else to say. Kate may experiment on her.


-No death.

-Don't make any changes [transformations or body swaps or anything] permanent [e.g. having the plot device break]. Though you don't necessarily have to change anybody back to normal, just don't make it permanent in the universe of the story.

-Try not to make the story dark, as this is meant to be a simple, fun interactive.

-No ending the story. [May have to delete chapters for this one.]

-Try to use your best spelling/grammar. While I [mostly] won't delete chapters, I will edit to make the spelling/grammar better.

-Please try not to link to images. A lot of chapters that do usually have the links broken a few years after upload.

-Adding new characters is allowed, but if they're in the Colins family, I'd suggest making them grandparents or cousins or uncles/aunts or something like that.

-Try to include a "something else"/"reader's choice"/"more choices" option wherever possible. I won't delete chapters for this one, but it's a nice thing to do. I know I'm risking a long chain of "no" chapters, but hey, the more choice, the better!

Feel free to add anything you want!
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