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  1. Introducing the prison
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Some famous cartoon characters are tickle punished in a special tickle prison
Chapter 1

Introducing the prison

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Cartoon Tickle Prison is full of the most ticklish cartoon stars ever seen. You take the roll of a tickle warden that has to tickle the cartoon stars.

You are armed with a feather duster, claw gloves, various brushes and an assortment of oils, lotions and powders.

There are 4 sections to the prison.

Section one: the cells.
Prisoners are not usually tickled in this section

Section two: punishment rooms.
Prisoners are tickled here daily

Section three: Cortyard/Tickle Stocks
When a prisoner is placed inside the stocks they get their feet licked by goats. Most prisoners fear this section

Section four: Wash Station.
The prisoners are restrained, washed and baby oil

Who are the prisoners?.
Where will this interactive story go?

You have the following choices:

1.   Jeanette Miller (chipette)

2.   Buster Baxter (from aurther)

3.   Timmy Turner

4.   Gumball Watterson (Amazing World Of Gumball)

5.   Other

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