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Petite frail futas share worlds with giant muscular dominant futas

Petite frail futas share worlds with giant muscular dominant futas

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In this world, small almost human sized girls have to live in constant fear of giant girls 3 times there size and girls on this planet have penises. the small people are way smarter than giantesses but they are way more small and weak against giantesses. giants often use there shear size to humiliate, torture, rape, and kill smaller girls. small girls are very durable and can take alot before dying.

Small girls (being smarter) wear hide clothing to cover themselves, while giants wear nothing at all, being way to big to wear clothing. Ounce a year, tons of giants go into mating season and have to find a mate (all girls on this planet have penises and vaginas) and the way giants show their dominance is to find the smallest inferior girl (non-giantess) and wear them as a cock co-bob. small girls digestive systems are way more allieghnt that giants so they can slide there dicks into a tiny girls ass and it would come out on the other end out her mouth so they would look as if they were being impaled by a giant dick. Giants keep these tiny helpless girls like that for about a week, force feeding them endless amounts of semen to stay just alive, and when 2 giants finally find each other they fuck with the tiny girl still attached, ounce done, the giant will simply pull the tiny girl off her dick and let them be on there way but not without leaving a massive gaping hole where the dick entered to remind them that they were used as sex toys.

Petite Female: maximum 3 feet tall, weak, wear close to nothing , is inferior race, smart, commonly used as cock decorations for giantesses looking to mate, fast, no hair except on head, they are also sort of stretchy (for you know what)
Giantess:maximum 20 feet, thicc, huge, muscles, no clothing, dominant race, slow, dumb, very horny, sex hungry, uses tinies for fun, no body hair, only on head

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