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Being adopted is hard. Being shrunk down and abused by your new family... Is even better.

Being adopted is hard. Being shrunk down and abused by your new family... Is even better.

This is an interactive story containing 25 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
(( As of 3/12/17. For every good Chapter added, I will give 200 points to who ever makes it! :) Maybe even more if you do even better. Requirements for a good chapter are... At least 1500 Characters, Minimal spelling errors or typos, Neat and clean writing. and the better you do, the more points I give. ;) ))

Hello everyone! It's been a long time sense I've been back, and now that I am I'm ready to put my nose to the grind stone to make more stories for everyone! But it turns out doing this is not cheep, and being honest, I'm often broke. So if you find you enjoy this story, or just want to help out, Donations are welcome. :) And don't worry, if you're broke too or don't want to give, this story is still free to enjoy. So kick off your shoes, put your feet up, sit back, and enjoy. ;)

Guess I better put down the rules now. Please follow the rules as best you can. These are here to keep this friendly and fun for everyone. ;)


Rule 1 - There is a main story section, these are for me. Please do not add to these. Any additions not by me will be removed. No warning.

Rule 2 - Please keeps Typo's and errors to a minimum. I'm not going to complain about any you make. ;) All I'm saying is do your best to keep it neat and have fun.

Rule 3 - No bullying. Do not be mean to other players here. I don't want anyone to get in trouble with this one.

Rule 4 - No endings... Not for a long while anyway. Chapter 50 onward, I guess it's fine to end the story. But I'd rather it keep going as long as you guys can. ;)

Rule 5 - Speaking of no Endings. Let's avoid death as a ending. We can keep it rough, and tough. You'll be smooshed and smothered and swallowed and all kinds of stuff, but let's avoid something dark and scary as not everyone likes it.

Rule 6 - Of course... HAVE FUN! XD There really is no limits here to that one. Go out, and enjoy yourself so long as it follows the above rules.


Characters now! Here's the real fun. :3 Finding out who will abuse you. ;) Short description below of everyone you'll need to know.

Blake - The male of the story you can be. Blake is 16, tall, thin, rather plain, but very cute. He's shy around his new sisters, and his smocking hot new mom. They all seem to be all over him. He has short blond hair, and tan, toned skin. Speaking of toned, he's very fit. Having a thin runners body, and his blue eyes are to die for.

Sarah - Sarah is girl you can be if you don't like Blake. She's very cute, but is short at about 4 feet 2 inches tall. Making her a bit of a runt. She 14, and has a very fit runners body as well. A sweet little backside, and growing breast, B cup, but when she gets older they'll be twice that. Her hair is also long and black, white sexy blue eyes.

(NOTE! If you pick Blake, or Sarah, the other will not be in the story. Just remember that. ;) One or the other, not both.)

Lora - You're hot new older sister... 20 years old, a massive E cup breast, that can easily stand without even a bra. She always seems interested in you, and loves to tease you in naughty ways. Her hair is long and black, smooth as silk too... Her eyes a piercing dark color as well. With a smile that could kill, and often a deviant look on her face. She could get any one she wanted, but seems to enjoy being single. On top of that, she's very smart. Maybe she even knows why you're so small? Her room is large, with science stuff all in it, and a large tank she keeps her pet snake in... She loves to watch it eat her lab rats. Almost like she's aroused by it...

Tabby - the little sister of the family, she 13, but hardly looks it. She's very endowed for her age, with C cups, and still growing, and a ass that's so tight and round you wouldn't believe! She seems to love to play with dolls, and seems to love school too. She has many friends and is very bubbly. She Also loves to play outside, even once finding a frog out there so big she could barely hold it with 2 hands. She now keeps it as a pet in her room, and named it prince charming... Even though it's a girl frog. She's still sometimes wears diapers too... But just because she likes them. And who could say no to this blond, blue eyed cutie about how she dresses.

Ms. Trisha - Or Trisha for short. She's your new 42 year old mom... But she could pass for 25. Which she often lies to people about. She's a real go getter, and seems to love sex. She tries to keep it on the down low, but her room is full of sex toys. Her chest is a very perky C cup, almost Ds. And she loves to smother everyone with her chest. She's always dressing sexy, like a call girl or something, and best of all, she seems to have a thing for vore... She love dominating. Which is easy with her bondage gear as well... Black is her favorite color. Just like her hair, and her sexy dark brow eyes...

-----Non Family-----

The people you won't be seeing in the house a lot, but still.

Beth - Lora's friend. same age as her, and the neighbor girl. She's shy, with a perky, cute body. But not as over the top as your family is, sense most of them are like goddesses. Still, she's sweet, and seems to like you. Her hair is blond, her eyes brown, and she thinks small animals are cute. If she finds you, she'll be keeping you as a pet.

Terra - A friend of Tabby, with a very similar body type. She's amazingly cute, but not as busty as your little sister. She also seems to like to die her hair weird colors, like blue, pink, orange, red, so on... But her blue eyes always stay the same. She's very cute, and full of energy.

Megan and Jackie - Beth's two twin little sisters. They are twins, so it's easier to add them both at once here... Both have blond hair, and are 18. Blue eyes for Megan, and brown for Jackie. They are always together. And amazingly cute, With Massive breast, and legs for days! They love stealing things to tease Beth, and seem to be more than just close like sisters... More like close like lovers... They are in a secret relationship. Where they end up doing naughty things to one another every night... Should they get you... Things could get lewd fast...

Heather - You're moms... Lady friend... She seems to come over and spend only a few hours at your place with your mom... Or your mom goes out to meet her for a bit. It's clear she's selling sex to this girl. Who is a young 22 year old model. She's a little chubby, but not bad. She's got G cup breast, and loves to use them. She also seems to be rather wealthy, and because of this, pays her friend very well. She seems into bondage, and smothering. But above all is spoiled... If she gets you. you'll likely not be coming home anytime soon...


I hope you all have fun. These are just the main characters. You can add your own, so on, and enjoy them as much as you want. ;) I hope you all have fun, and keep writing. And don't forget about the Donations. It will really help me make more stories, chapters, and keep around this site as long as I can. ;) OH! And don't forget to take a look at my other older works. ;)
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